Octavo, 7s. Od. each.


Lucretius. By W. Y. Sellab, late Fellow of

Oriel College. On Teaching English History. By J. A.

Fhoude, late Fellow of Exeter. Alfred De Mutset. By F. T. Palgbave,

Fellow of Exeter College. The Plurality of Worlds. By HENRY J. S.

Smith, Fellow of Balliol College. Persian Literature. By E. B. CoWELL,

Magdalen Hall. Crime and its Excuses. By the Bev. W.

Thomson, Provost of Queen's College. Oxford and its Geology. By John Phillips,

F.R.S., F.G.S., Deputy Bcader of Geology. Hegel's Philosophy of Bight. By T. C.

Sand Abb, late Fellow of Oriel College. Oxford Studies. By the Bev. M. Pattisox,

Fellow of Lincoln College.


Comparative Mythology. By Max Muller,

MA., Christ Church; Taylorean Professor. The Growth of Laws and Usages of War.

By Montagu Bernard, B.C.L., Trinity. The Raphael Drawings in the University

Galleries. By Geobge Butler, MA. The Land System of Ireland. By W.

O'connor Morris, BA., Oriel. National Education. By Fredebick

Temple, M.A., Head Master of Bugby

School. Carloringian Romance. By Bichaed John

King, M.A., Exeter. Review of Mr. Congrcve's 'Roman Empire of

the West.' By Goldwin Smith, M.A.


The Place of Homer in Education and in

History. By the Eight Honourable W. E.

Gladstone, M.A., M.P., Christchurch. Sicily. By M. E. Grant Dupf, M.A., M.P.,

Balliol College. Schemes of Christian Comprehension. Bv

H. B. Wilson, B.D., late Fellow of St.

John's. Ancient Greece and Mediaval Italy. By E.

A. Freeman, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity. The Burnett Prizes. By Baden Powell,

M.A.,F.R.S.,Savilian Professor of Geometry. The Jews of Europe in the Middle Ages. By

J. H. Bridges, B.A., Fellow of Oriel. Montaigne's Essays. By the Rev. B. W.

Church, M.A., late Fellow of Oriel. Characteristics of Thucudides. By W. Y.

Sellab, M.A., late Fellow of Oriel.

Octavo, 7s. Cd. each.


The Life ami Genius of Molitre. By C. K.

Watson, M.A. The English Language in America. By C.

A. Bribted, B.A. Notes on Modern Geography. By FRANCIS

Galton, M.A., F.G.S. Limitations to Severity in War. By Charles

Buxton, M.P., M.A. On the Transmutation of Matter. By G. D.

Liveing, M.A. The Relations of Novels to Life. By Fitz

James Stephen, B.A. Prospects of the British Navy. By B. E.

Hughes, M.A. Tennyson's Poems. By George Bbimlet,

M.A. General Education and Classical Studies.

By W. G. Clabe, MA.


Roman Law and Legal Education. By H. J.

S. Maine, LL.D., late Queen's Professor of

Civil Law, Trinity Hall. On English Ethnography. By J. W.

Donaldson, D.D., late Fellow of Trinity

College. Old Studies and New. By John Gbotb,

B.D., Professor of Moral Philosophy. Taste for the Picturesque among the Greeks.

By E. M. Cope, M.A., Fellow of Trinity. The Apocryphal Gospels. By C. J. Ellicott,

M.A., late Fellow of St. John's College. TJie Protestant Church and Religious Liberty

is France. By W. H. Waddington, M.A. The Fly-Fisher and his Library. By H. K.

Fbancis, MA., St. John's CoUege. The Text of Shakspeare. By CHABXBS

Badhak, D.D., St. Peter's College. Coleridge. By F. J. A. Host, M.A., Fellow

of Trinity College.


Me Characteristics of English Criminal

Law. By Fitzjames Stephen, LL.B. Modern Agriculture in Britain. By Andrew

Steuart, M.A., M.P. Telegraphic Communication with India. By

Fbancis Gibbobne, MA. Parson. By H. B. Luabd, MA. Geology. By William Hopkins, MA.,

F.R.S. The Questions raised by the Mutiny. By

Charles Buxton, M.A., M.P.


For and Against; or, Queen Margaret's Badge.

By Prances M. Wilbraham.

Two Volumes, Foolscap Octavo, 10s. 6d.

Likes and Dislikes; or some Passages in the Life of Emily Marsden.

Foolscap Octavo, 6s.

What You Will. An Irregular Romance.

Post Octavo, 5s.

Guy Livingstone; or, Thorough.

Second Edition, One Volume, Post Octavo, 9s.

The Interpreter: a Tale of the War.

By G. J. Whyte Melville, Author of 'Digby Grand.'

Originally published in 'Fraser's Magazine.' One Volume, Post Octavo, 10s. 64.


By the Author of 'Revelations of a Commonplace Man.'

Two Volumes, Foolscap Octavo, 8s.

Uncle Ralph. By the Author of 'Dorothy/

Foolscap Octavo, 4s. 6d.

Hassan. An Egyptian Tale.

By the Hon. C. A. Murray, C.B.

Author of 'The Prairie Bird,' 'Travels in North America,' &c.
Two Volumes, Post Octavo, 21s.

Dynevor Terrace; or, the Clue of Life.

By the Author of 'The Heir of Redclyffe.'

Cheap Edition, One Volume, 6s. Also, Two Volumes, Foolscap Octavo, 12s.

Hypatia. By the Rev. C. Kingsley.

Third Edition, One Volume, Crown Octavo, 6s

Digby Grand; an Autobiography.

By G. J. Whyte Melville.
Cheap Edition, One Volume, Crown Octavo, 5s.

The Myrtle and the Heather.

By A. M. Goodrich, Author of 'Gwen.*

Two Volumes, Foolscap Octavo, 9s.



Two Volumes, Foolscap Octavo, 9a.

The Wedding Guests; or, the Happiness of Life.

By Mary C. Hume.
Two Volumes, Post Octavo, 16s.

Still Waters.

By the Author of 'Dorothy.'
Two Volumes, Foolscap Octavo, 9s.

De Cressy. A Tale.

By the Author of 'Dorothy.'

Foolscap Octavo, 4s. 6d.

The Daisy Chain; or, Aspirations.

By the Author of' The Heir of Redclyffe.'

Second EditioD, Two Volumes, 10s. 6d.

New Friends.

By the Author of ' Julian and his Playfellows.'

Square Royal, 2s. Oil.


The Destiny of the Creature; and other Sermons.

Preached before the University of Cambridge.

By Charles J. Ellicott, B.D.

Late Fellow of St. John's College ; one of the Select Preachers for 1858. Octavo, 5s.

"Spiritual Songs" for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the Year.

By John S. B. MonseU, LL.D.
Vicar of Egham, and Rural Dean, Anther of 'Parish Musings.'
Foolscap Octavo, with red edges, 4s. 6d.

Thoughts for the Holy Week for Young Persons.

By the Author of ■ Amy Herbert.'
Foolscap Octavo, 2s.

The Angel in the House.


By Coventry Patmore.

Cheaper Edition. One Volume, 7s. 6d.

On the Study of Words.

By Richard Chenevix Trench, D.D.

Dean of Westminster.
The Eighth Edition, 3s. 6d.

Woman's Mission.

Fourteenth Edition. Foolscap Octavo, gilt edges, 2s. 6d.

Aladdin. A Dramatic Poem.

By Adam Oehlenschlaeger. Translated by Theodore Martin.

Foolscap Octavo, 5s.

The Young Officer's Companion.

By Lord De Bos.

Second and Cheaper Edition, 8s.

Principles of Mechanism.

By K. Willis, M.A., F.H.S.

Jacksonian Professor in the University of Cambridge.
Second Edition. Preparing for the Prea.

The British Palaeozoic Rocks and Fossils.

By the Eev. Professor Sedgwick and Professor M'Coy.

Quarto, with a Volume of Plates, 42s.

The Mediterranean; a Memoir; Physical,
Historical, and Nautical.

By Admiral W. H. Smyth, D.C.L., F.B.S.

Octavo, 16s.

Elements of Chemistry.

By William Allen Miller, M.D., P.B.S.

Professor of Chemistry, King's CoUege, London.
Complete in Three Parts. With numerous Illustrations. £2 6s. 6d.

First Lines in Chemistry.

By Dr. Albert J. Bernays, P.C.S.

Lecturer on Chemistry at the Medical School of St. Mary's Hospital.
Foolscap Octavo, with 179 Illustrations. 7s.

Recreations in Astronomy.

By Lewis Tomlinson, M.A.

Fifth Edition, revised. 4s. 6d.

Elements of Algebra.

By T. G. Hall, M.A.

Professor of Mathematics in King's College, London.
Fourth Edition. 5s.

Elements of Fortification, Field and Permanent.

By Captain Lendy,

Director of the Practical Military College at Sunbury, late of the French Staff.

Crown Octavo, with 236 Woodcuts, 7s. 6d.

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