The history of Lincolnshire, Volume 3


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Pagina 62 - His best companions, innocence and health; And his best riches, ignorance of wealth. But times are altered ; trade's unfeeling train Usurp the land and dispossess the swain...
Pagina 325 - ... Saturday morning the 18th he read the newspapers, and held a pretty long discourse with Dr Mead, and had all his senses perfect ; but that evening at six, and all Sunday, he was insensible, and died on Monday the 20th of March, between one and two o'clock in the morning. He seemed to have stamina vitae, (except the accidental disorder of the stone,) to have carried him to a much longer age.
Pagina 323 - He was blessed with a very happy and vigorous constitution ; he was of a middle stature, and plump in his latter years ; he had a very lively and piercing eye, a comely and gracious aspect, and a fine head of hair, as white as silver, without any baldness, and, when his peruke was off, was a venerable sight.
Pagina 324 - The stone was probably moved from the place where it lay quiet, by the great motion and fatigue of his last journey to London...
Pagina 61 - ... he immediately ordered the meat set before him to be carried to the poor, and the dish to be cut in pieces and divided among them. At which sight, the bishop who sat by him, much taken with such an act of piety, laid hold of his right hand, and said,
Pagina 121 - Bailiffs, and his lieges, greeting. Know ye, that we, in the presence of God, and for the salvation of our soul, and the souls of our...
Pagina 35 - No !" Sir H. was astonished at the singularity of the check, yet, unwilling to offend, remained silent. The instant dinner was over, the old man left the room, when one of the company addressed him in the following words: " By what misfortune, sir. have you been unhappily trepanned by that unfeeling man who has quitted the room ? O, sir ! you will have ample cause to curse the...
Pagina 323 - He was generous and charitable without bounds; he used to say, that they who gave away nothing till they died, never gave, which, perhaps, was one reason why he did not make a wilL...
Pagina 37 - Another said, he had broken his arm, and that many had been killed by falls, in their endeavours to escape ; others had suddenly disappeared, and never been heard of. Sir H. was about to reply, when a servant entered the room, and said his master •wished to see him. " Do not go," said one ; " Take my advice," said another ;
Pagina 37 - He did so, and found the old man seated at a table covered with a desert and wine. He arose when sir H. entered the room, and asked pardon for the apparent rudeness he was under the necessity of committing at dinner; " for," said he,

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