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100 101

Ditto, proofs on India paper, 18s

113 ARCHITECTURA Ecclesiastica Londini, to-
pographic survey of the Cathedral, Collegiate
and Parochial churches in London, West-
minster, and Southwark; 122 views from
drawings by Covey and Shepherd, folio half
bound, 25s
Lond. 1820
Ditto, Large paper, India proofs, folio
half morocco, 35s; folio half bound, 25s
Lond. 1820


· Ditto, choice proofs on India paper, be- 115 ARGENVILLE (D') Abrégé de la vie des fore lellers, scarce, 31s 6d

102 ANNUALS; Illustrations to the following Annuals, viz.: Prout's Continental, for 1832; Stanfield's Picturesque, for 1832, 1833, and 1834; Harding's Landscape, for 1834; together 112 plates, beautiful proofs before letters on India paper, folio, in 1 vol, splendidly bound in dark blue morocco extra gilt leaves, £6 6s


Landscape Annual for 1830, &c., Views in Switzerland and Italy, from drawings by Prout and Harding; together 104 plates, beautiful proofs on India paper before letters, folio, in 1 vol, splendidly bound in blue morocco extra gilt leaves, £6 6s

Two beautiful volumes of examples of the modern English school of Landscape painting, from the choice collection of the late Mr. Bernal.

104 ANTIQUE remains of the church of St. Martin Outwich, London, 13 plates, 4to stitched, 7s 1797

105 ANTIQUARIAN and Topographical Cabi. net; containing a series of elegant views of the most interesting_objects of antiquity and curiosity in Great Britain; 500 plates, beautiful impressions, large paper, 10 vols in 5, very fine copy, full bound in russia extra gilt edges, £2 12s 6d Lond. 1807-1810

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Ditto, a later edition, 6 vol 8vo, boards,

Ditto, unbound, 20s

Lond. 1818

108 ARABIAN NIGHTS; translated by the Rev. E. Forster, large paper, 5 vol 4to, proof impressions before the letters of the beautiful plates after Smirke, whole bound in green morocco, tooled sides gilt edges elegant, £8 8s London, 1802 109 ARABIAN Nights' Entertainments, translated by E. W. Lane, and illustrated by many hundred engravings on wood, from designs by W. Harvey, fine original copy, 3 vol 8vo half Lond. 1841 morocco marbled edges, £4 4s 110 ARABIAN Nights; Set of the illustrations to Scott's edition, 6 plates engraved by Barinbach from designs by Smirke; engraver's choice proofs before letters, 8vo, extremely scarce, £2 12s 6d

A single plate from this beautiful set has been sold for four guineas. 111 ARABIAN Nights; Illustrations to, from designs by Bunbury, 6 plates, large 4to, 7s 6d 112 ARCHER (John Wykeham) Vestiges of Old London; a series of Etchings from original drawings, illustrative of the Monuments and Architecture of London in the first, fourth, twelfth and succeeding Centuries; with de. scriptive and historical notices, 37 plates, folio half morocco eleg. £1 11s 6d Lond. 1851

plus fameux peintres; portraits, 3 vol 4to
calf, 258
Paris, 1745

116 ARMAGH, map of the county of, with plans
of Armagh and Newry, by J. Rocque, 4 sheets,
78 6d

118 ARUNDALE and Bonomi; Gallery
Egyptian antiquities selected from the British
Museum, 57 plates, many of which are co-
loured, with descriptions by S. Birch, 4to cloth
elegant, £1 6s

ART of Painting in Miniatuoe without a
Lond. 1752
master, 12mo, 2s 6d


ARUNDEL Society; the series of prints
issued by this Society (to its members only)
during the years 1849 to 1855; 33 plates
after Giotto and Fra Angelico da Fiesole;
folio, unbound, £2 12s 6d

120 ARUNDEL HOUSE in the Strand, in 1646,
two portraits, seal and autograph of Thomas
Howard, Earl of Arundel (the Collector),
View of London taken from the top of the
house, with the North and South View of the
House, and General Plan, copied from the very
rare originals by Hollar, 4to, 3s
ATKINSON (J. A.) Four panoramic views of
St. Petersburg, printed on cardboard and
finely coloured in exact imitation of the ori-
ginal drawings; atlas folio oblong half bound,
extremely scarce, £1 11s 6d






AURIFICO (F. N.) Selva d'orationi di diversi santi dottori e di molti scrittori antichi e moderni, Greci e Latini, &c., woodcuts, 18mo, beautiful copy in Venetian morocco extra, by Lewis, rare, £1 11s 6d Venezia, 1581 AUTOGRAPHS; a collection of several hundred facsimiles of the autographs of eminent men in all classes, both ancient and modern, illustrated with many fine and scarce portraits, 4to, uniformly mounted, £1 11s 6d AUTOGRAPHS; Isographie des hommes célèbres, ou collection de fac-similes des lettres autographes et de signatures, par Delarue, 4 vol royal 4to, half bound neat, £3 13s 6d

Paris, 1843 125 AUTOGRAPHS of Royal, Noble, learned, and remarkable Personages conspicuous in English history, &c. with biographical memoirs, by J. G. Nichols, folio half morocco, £2 2s London, 1829 126 AUTOGRAPHS. Collection of 500 facsimiles of letters and signatures from the collection of M. Felix Bogaerts, 4to stitched, 10s 6d Anvers, 1846 AYRSHIRE, map of, on six sheets, by Arm1775 strong, 5s AYTINGER (Wolfgang) Methodus primum Olympiade; fine impressions of the ancient woodcuts, which are of grotesque but admirable design, very rare, and in excellent condition, small 4to, £3 3s Basiliæ, 1498



129 AYTON (Richard) A voyage round Great 144 BARBE (J. B.) Figures of Christ, the Apostles, Britain in 1813, commencing from the Land's End in Cornwall, with a series of views illustrative of the character and prominent features of the Coast, drawn and engraved by W. Daniell, A.R.A., plates finely coloured in imitation of the original drawings, royal 4to, 8 vol in 4, superbly bound in the best French dark blue morocco extra, A VERY FINE SET OF BOOKS; scarce, £18 18s Lond. 1814-25 Published at upwards of £70.


Ditto, 8 vol, royal 4to half bound calf neat, £10 10s Ibid. 131 BACON (Lord) Essays, illustrations to, from drawings by Westall, plates, proofs, 8vo 3s 6d

132 — Ditto, choice Engraver's proofs before the letters, 10s 6d

133 BADESLADE and Rocque; Vitruvius Britannicus; being a collection of plans, elevations, and perspective views of the Royal Palaces, Noblemen and Gentlemen's Seats in Great Britain; 113 plates, fine old impressions, scarce, £4 4s Lond. 1739

In the title-page it is designated "Volume the fourth," and it is supposed to have been intended as a continuation of "the Vitruvius Britannicus," to which work it bears no particnlar relation; it would, however, form a very desirable addition to Kip's Views; the plates are drawn and engraved in a similar style, and, indeed, should form a portion of that book, which itself is an "omnium gatherum" from various publications

of the period.

134 BAILLIE (Captain) The works of this distinguished Amateur Artist, comprising etchings from Pictures by eminent masters of the Dutch School, together with his admirable copies from Rembrandt, all brilliant impressions, many proofs, large folio, £4 14s 6d


Ditto, neatly half bound in russia, £6 6s One of the artist's own sets, and very far superior to the wretched reprints so often met with. 136 BAKER's chronicle of the Kings of England (in Dutch), fine impressions of the portraits and plates, a remarkably fine and clean copy, fol vell. 18s Amst. 1619 137 BAKER; Catalogue of the small, but very select collection of Engravings, formed by the late James Baker, prices, 8vo 2s 6d Lond. 1855 138 BALDINUCCI (Filippo) Cominciamento e progresso dell' Arte dell' Intagliare in rame, colle vite di molti de' più eccellenti Maestri della Stessa Professione, portrait, 14 vol in 12, 8vo half russia uncut, £2 12s 6d Milano, 1801 139 Ditto, 14 vol 8vo, fine copy, elegantly bound in vellum, £2 15s Milano, 1808 140 Notizie dei professori del Disegno da Cimabue, edizione accresciuta di annotazioni del Sig. Manni, 21 vol small 4to half russia neat, £1 18s Firenze, 1767

141 BANCROFT (Edward) Experimental researches concerning the philosophy of permanent colours, and the best means of producing them, by dyeing, calico printing, &c. 2 vol 8vo bds, scarce, 258 Lond. 1813 142 BARBARO (Daniel) La pratica della Perspettiva, curious cuts, folio, 10s Venice, 1569 143 BARBAULT (M.) Vues des plus beaux restes des Antiquités Romaines, 120 plates, folio, £1 5s Rome, 1775

and the Virgin Mary, 16 plates, 12mo, very fine impressions, mounted in small 4to, and bound in calf extra, old style, gilt edges, 35s. 145 BARBER's picturesque illustrations of the Isle of Wight, comprising views of every object of interest on the island, accompanied by His torical and Topographical descriptions, 41 plates, 8vo half calf eleg. 7s 6d. BARDI (Francesco) Ovidio, istorico, politico, morale, trevemente spiegato, e delineato con artificiose figure, accresciuta questa quinta impressione di nuove Allegorie: curious woodcuts, fine copy, extremely rare, small 4to calf, £1 11s 6d Venet. 1688



BARDON (Dandré) Traité de Peinture, suivi d'un essai sur la Sculpture, 2 vol 18mo calf neat, 5s Paris 1765 148 BARDWELL (Thomas) The practice of painting and perspective made easy; in which is contained the art of painting in oil with the method of colouring, plates, 2d edition, 4to boards, scarce, 7s 6d





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Ditto, with Essay on the mechanic of oil colours, in 1 vol small 4to, neat, 10s BARLOW's drawings of Birds, etched by Place and Griffier, 11 plates, 4to, scarce, 7s 6d BARNARD (George) Views of the Brunnens of Nassau and the River Lahn, 28 plates in tinted Lithography, fol. unbound, £1 12s Ditto, fol. half morocco, £1 18s 153 BARNARD (George) Views in Switzerland, 26 plates in tinted Lithography, fol. unbound, £2 23 London, 1843 154 BARNARD's elementary drawing book (landscape); 24 plates, oblong 4to cloth, 68 1838 155 BARONIAL HALLS and picturesque edifices of England, from drawings by Harding, Cattermole, Prout, Muller, Holland, &c. executed in lithotint, with descriptive text by S. C. Hall; 72 fine plates and numerous woodcuts, 2 vol royal 4to half bound morocco eleg. £3 13s 6d Lond. 1848 BARRAUD (P.) A new book of single Cyphers comprising six hundred on 103 plates, small 4to, scarce, 16s London, 1782 BARRI (Giacomo) The painter's voyage of Italy, in which all the famous paintings of the most eminent masters are particularised, as they are preserved in the several cities of Italy, to which is added that excellent collection of Signor Septale in his closet at Milan, translated from the Italian by W. Lodge, who also etched the portraits of painters that are found in the work, 12mo, 5s Lond. 1679 BARRY (James) Account of the Pictures at the Adelphi, 8vo, 3s 1783







Ditto, with Strange's Catalogue of pictures and inquiry into the rise, &c., of the Fine Arts, and Catalogue of his engravings, with prices of publication, in 1 vol 8vo, neat, 5s Ditto, with Desenfaus' Catalogue of the pictures collected for the King of Poland, in I vol 8vo, neat, 5s

Letters to the Dilettanti Society, with appendix, 8vo, 4s 1799 162 BARRY's (James) works complete, viz., lectures on painting, works on art, &c., with his life and correspondence, portrait and plates, 2 vol 4to boards, £1 11s 6d


163 BARRY (James) An inquiry into the real | 174 BARTSCH (ADAM) LE PEINTRE GRA




and imaginary obstructions to the acquisition of the arts in England, 8vo calf neat, 3s 6d 1775 164 BARRY (Jas.) Series of etchings by him from his great paintings in the room of the Society of Arts, 15 plates, with descriptive textPandora etched by Schiavonetti from a design by Barry, atlas folio, half bound neat, £2 2s London, 1808 165 BARTLETT (W. H.) American Scenery, illustrated; or land, lake, and river illustrations of Transatlantic nature, with historical and descriptive text, by N. P. Willis; 177 plates, 2 vol 4to cloth, £1 11s 6d Lond. 1840 166 BARTOLI (P. S.) Colonna Trajana, con l'Historie della Guerra Dacica; Prima e la Seconda Expeditione, e Vittoria contro il Re Decebalo, large folding plate of Elevation and Section, with 119 plates of the fine Sculptures adorning this column.-Columna Antoniniana Marci Aurelii Antonini Augusti rebus gestis insignis Germanis simul, et Sarmatis, Gemino Bello devictis, 77 plates of the Sculptures on this column, including an elevation and section; in one thick volume, oblong folio, vellum, £2 2s



Fine and clean copies, from the library of the late Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A.



VEUR, a descriptive catalogue of German, Dutch, Flemish, and Italian etchings and engravings, pointing out the various states of the plates, copies, &c., arranged in schools under the masters, and forming the best guide to the print collector ever published, plates, 21 vol in 17, 12mo, complete, half bound blue morocco, SCARCE, £10 10s. Vienna, 1803-21 Ditto, vols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 15, 12mo, uncut, 7s 6d each


Ditto, vol 14, Marc Antonio and his school, 15s


Ditto, vol 7, the works of Albert Durer,

178 BARTSCH's catalogue of drawings by the
old masters in the collection of the Prince de
Ligne, 12mo, neat, scarce, 7s 6d Vienna, 1794
BARTSCH's catalogue of the works of Lucas
van Leyden, 12mo, 5s
Vienna, 1798
BASAN (P. F. & H. L.) Dictionnaire des
Graveurs anciens et modernes depuis l'origine
de la Gravure; second edition; numerous
plates and etchings, by Moyreau, Tardieu,
Eisen, Ostade, Marillier, &c., 2 vols 8vo half
bound, uncut, scarce, 16s
Paris, 1809
BATTY's German scenery, 60 plates with de-
scriptions, slightly stained, 8vo neat 16s 1823
Ditto, large paper, complete in parts,
4to, £1 11s 6d



Ditto, six of the plates mounted; oblong 183
folio vellum, £1 11s 6d
168 BARTOLO (P. S.) Columna Antoniniana
Marci Aurelii Antonini Augusti rebus gestis
insignis Germanis simul, et Sarmatis, Gemino
Bello devictis, 77 plates, very fine copy in old
red morocco extra, gilt leaves, folio, £1 16s

Ditto, oblong fol. half bound, 21s
Ditto, oblong fol. vellum, 16s





171 BARTOLI (P. S.) Opera Anaglyptica, viz.
Columna Trajana; Veteres Arcus Augustorum;
Columna Antonina; Admiranda Romanorum,
&c., several hundred plates, 4 vols in 2, folio,
whole bound in red morocco elegant, a fine set
of these interesting works, £4 4s
172 BARTOLOZZI. A collection of 149 of the
most admired productions of this eminent en-
graver, comprising historical, fancy and alle-
gorical subjects, concert tickets, and portraits;
from the designs of Cipriani, Angelica Kauff-
mann, Rigaud, &c. &c., half bound in red
morocco extra, gilt edges, large folio, £12 12s
173 BARTOLOZZI. A well selected Collection
of this Artist's productions, from Designs by
Cipriani, Angelica Kauffman, West, &c., com-
prising many of his Tickets, among them, the
rare one for the funeral of Sir Joshua Reynolds;
Marriage of Cupid and Psyche from the Marl-
borough Gems; Virgin and Child from Carlo
Dolce, proof before letters; Handel crowned
by Fame, proof; Iachimo in Imogene's cham-
ber, proof before letters, &c. &c., in all 146
plates, including his own portrait, after Sir
J. Reynolds; neatly mounted on tinted paper
and elegantly half bound in morocco, gilt
caves, small folio, £10 108


Ditto, set of the plates, fine proofs upon India paper, folio, elegantly bound in red Turkey morocco extra gilt leaves, £2 15s 1823 BATTY's Hanoverian and Saxon scenery, 60 plates and 60 woodcuts, with descriptions, the original edition, 8vo, unbound, 15s.

Lond. 1823 Ditto, large paper, 4to half morocco Ibid. elegant gilt leaves, 30s

Ditto, choice proofs upon India paper before the letters, with 56 of the etchings, royal 4to boards, scarce, £4 4s

187 BATTY's Scenery of Wales, 35 plates engraved by Finden, large paper proofs, 4to bds, 12s


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Der Zierlichen 213 BEDFORDSHIRE. A collection of 32
original coloured drawings, by Fisher,
of Scenery and objects of Antiquity, &c. in
Bedfordshire; folio bound in russia, £5 5s
214 BEDFORDSHIRE; another collection, con-
sisting of 17 large coloured drawings, entirely
of Scenery and extensive prospects in the
county; folio boards, £4 4s
BEDFORDSHIRE: A similar collection, con-
sisting of forty-seven original drawings by
Fisher, at Ampthill, Aspley Guise, Biggles-
wade, Eton, Bray, Houghton Regis, Leighton
Buzzard, Luton, Rilloxhill, &c. folio half rus-
sia, £6 6s

Schreibkunst, 59 plates of flourished German and other capitals, &c., wanting 3 plates, but very rare, oblong 4to, 25s Nuremberg, 1736 197 BAYLY (Thomas) "Herba Parietis" or the wall-flower as it grew out of the stone chamber belonging to the metropolitan prison of London, called "New-gate:" curious frontispiece representing the ancient gate, small folio, very scarce, £1 11s 6d Lond. 1679 198 BAYLEY's History of the Tower of London; complete set of the plates published in this work, 30 plates, 4to, 12s

199 BAYNES' (T. M.) Views of picturesque
scenery in the environs of London, 20 plates,
complete, India proofs, 4to, 9s

200 BEATTIE's Minstrel; illustrations to, by
R. Westall, 6 plates, 12mo, 2s 6d
201 Ditto, proofs on India paper, 78 6d
202 BEATTIE's Poems; illustrations to, from de-
signs by Westall, Cook, &c. 14 plates, 12mo, 4s.
203 BEATTIE (W.) Scotland illustrated; in a
series of 90 views representing the lakes,
rivers, mountains, ancient castles, &c. from
drawings by Allom, Bartlett, &c. original
impressions, 2 vols 4to cloth extra, £1 12s 1838
204 Ditto, an original subscription copy, in
numbers, complete, 4to, £1 15s

205 Ditto, 2 vols 4to, elegantly bound in
light buff coloured morocco, extra gilt leaves,
£2 188

206 BEATTIE (Wm.) Switzerland, illustrated in a series of views from drawings by W. H. Bartlett; an original subscription copy, in 27 parts complete, with fine impressions of the plates, 4to, 36s


216 BEDFORDSHIRE; map of, on 8 sheets by T. Jeffreys, with index map, 10s 6d 1765 217 BEGA (Cornelius), Collection of the Etchings by, executed in the style and taste of Adrien van Ostade, in whose school he studied; 34 plates, brilliant impressions and extremely rare, mounted upon stout old Dutch paper, 4to marbled calf elegant, £8 8s BELGIUM and Nassau; or the continental tourist, 62 views and 2 maps, 8vo, cloth neat, 8s









207 BEAULIEU (Le Chev. de) Les plans et
profils des principales villes et lieux considé-
rables du Comté de Flandre, avec les Cartes de
chaque gouvernement; 80 plates, oblong 4to
old calf, 78 6d
Paris, N.D.
208 BEAUMONT and FLETCHER; a series of
28 original drawings by Gravelot, illustrating
the works of these eminent dramatists; 8vo
mounted in a neat portfolio, UNIQUE, £4 48
209 BEAUNIER ET RATHIER; Recueil des
Costumes Français; a collection of the finest
French statues and figures, arms, armour,
instruments, furniture, &c. drawn from monu-225
ments, manuscripts, paintings and stained glass,
with explanatory text, 222 plates, fol. French
bds, 37 numbers in one thick volume, all
published, £3 3s
Paris, 1810
210 BEAUTIES of England, or a description of 229
the most magnificent public edifices, royal
palaces, noblemen's seats, &c. numerous plates,
2 vol 8vo, 12s
211 BECKER (R. J.) Portrait of the emperors,
clergy, &c. of the time of the Reformation,
engraved on wood by contemporary artists,
and printed from the original blocks, 24 plates,
fol. bds, 25s
Gotha, 1817
Catalogue of miniature portraits
in enamel by Henry Bone, in the collection of
the Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey; fine
portrait after Sir T. Lawrence, 8vo neat, 9s
Lond. 1825
Privately printed.



1777 230


BELL's Essay on the anatomy of expression
in painting, plates, the 4to edition, with much
finer impressions of the plates than are to be
found in the subsequent 8vo edition, scarce,
£1 11s 6d
BELL (Henry) An historical essay on the
original of painting, wherein is exhibited some
probabilities of its invention before the flood,
its commencement again after the flood, and
its progress to the time of Cimabue, 1276,
12mo, 3s
Lond. 1728
Ditto, the Strawberry Hill copy with Wal-
pole's book-plate and autograph of Vertue the
eminent engraver, 12mo, 5s

BELLANGE (H.) Uniformes de l'armée
Française, 116 coloured plates, fol half mo-
rocco, £2 12s 6d
Paris, 1836
BELLASIS (G. H.) Views of Saint Helena,
6 finely coloured plates, oblong fol, 5s

Lond. 1815

BELLORI (J. P.) Veteres Arcus Augustorum ;
Views of the arches of Vespasian, Severus,
Constantine, &c. with the sculptures and bas-
reliefs thereon, 52 plates, oblong folio, 13s

Romæ, 1690 Ditto, large paper, folio uncut, 16s Ibid. BELLORI (G. P.) Le vite de Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti moderni, 14 portraits, 4to, 10s 6d Rome, 1728 1651

Ditto, 4to, 5s. Antiche lucerne Sepolchrali figurati, 116 plates, 3 parts complete in one vol folio, 12s Rome, 1729 BELNOS (Mrs. S. C.) The Sundhya or daily prayers of the Hindoos, illustrated in a series of original drawings from nature, 24 coloured plates with descriptive text, folio, £1 11s 6d


BELZONI, plates illustrative of the researches and operations of G. Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia; 50 plates, finely coloured royal fol bds £3 3s. Lond. 1822 232 BENOIST et JACOTTET; nouvelles vues de Paris; plan and 30 capital views, oblong 4to neat, 15s


235 BENTLEY (Charles) Views in the interior
of Guiana; from drawings made during the
expedition carried on in the years 1835 to 1839
by direction of the Royal Geographical Society,
with descriptive letterpress by R. H. Schom-
burgh; frontispiece, map, 12 finely coloured
plates and several woodcuts, folio stitched, 25s
Lond. 1841
236 BERKSHIRE; map of the county, on 18
sheets, by Rocque, with index and index map,
237 BERNAL. Catalogue of a very choice and
valuable collection of prints formed by the
late Ralph Bernal; prices, 8vo, 4s Lond. 1855
238 BERRY's Introduction to Heraldry, contain.
ing the rudiments of the science in general,
12 plates, 8vo boards, 3s 6d Lond. 1810
239 BERTHOLLET; Elémens de l'art de la
teinture, avec une description de blanchiment
par l'acide muriatique oxigéné, 2 vol 12mo
half calf neat, 9s
Paris, 1804

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Ditto, translated by Andrew Ure, plates,

2 vol 8vo boards, 13s

Ditto, 2 vol 8vo half calf neat, 15s


[blocks in formation]

243 BESCHREIBUNG der Reiss. Empfahung des ritterlichen Ordens, Vollbringung der Heyrath u. glücklicher Heimführung wie auch d. gehaltenen Ritterspiel u. Freudenfest Friedrich V. Pfaltzgr, bei Rhein, &c., mit Princess Elizabeth, Jacobi I. Tochter von Engelland; small 4to vellum rare, 28s Gotthardt, 1613

A curious account of the fêtes that took place in the Palatinate on occasion of the marriage of

Frederick of Bohemia with the Princess Elizabeth
of England. The engravings in the book are very
244 BESCHRYVING der eerpoorten, in's Graaven-

haage opgerecht tegen d'overkomst van William
den III., Koning van Engeland, &c.; 19 inter-
esting plates of the events consequent upon the
arrival of William 3d in England, including
the Battle of the Boyne, the Coronation, his
arrival, sitting in the House of Lords, &c. &c.
small fol. scarce, £2 2 0
Amst. 1691

245 BEWICK. Select fables, in three parts, from
Dodsley, &c. with life of Æsop, woodcuts by
Bewick, fine impressions, 12mo, calf,

Newcastle, 1784

246 BIBLE; Le premier volume de la bible en francops; le second volume de la bible en francops; woodcuts, 2 vols in one, complete, fol rare, £12 12s

A l'honneur et louege de la benoiste trinite de paradis a este imprimee ceste bible in Fracois hystorice pour Pierre Bailly marchat libraire demourat a Lyon, L'an de Grace mille cccccxxi. le xiiii jour de Decem= bre.

In the original stamped leather binding of the period, in the most beautiful state of preservation, and as clean as the day on which it was printed. 247 BIBELS TRESOOR, ofte der zielen lusthof, uytgebeelt in figueren, door verscheyden Meesters, ende gesneden, door Christoffel van Sichem nearly eight hundred woodcuts by Van Sichem, in illustration of the Scriptures, many of which are copied from the


works of the early Dutch, Flemish, and German masters; fine impressions, 4to calf, scarce, £2 2s Amst. 1646 BIBLIA in lingua materna ultimamente con Theologice et moral Postille, &c. printed in double columns, with a great number of curious woodcuts by an early Italian artist; fol rare, slightly water stained, £2 15s Venet. 1535 249 BIBLE AND TESTAMENT, WITH THE APOCRYPHA; Macklin's splendid edition, original edition, with numerous beautiful illustrations by the most eminent artists, brilliant impressions, 7 vol royal folio, unbound, for 1800 illustration, £7 7s





BIBLE PLATES. "Toneel ofte Vertoock der Bybelsche Historien, Cierlyck in't koper gemaeckt door Pieter H. Schut, ende in druck uytgegeven door Nicolaes Visscher," 336 neatly engraved illustrations of the Old and New Testaments, brilliant impressions, oblong 12mo vellum 2 vol, £1 11ls 6d Amst. 1659

BIBLE PLATES. Theatrum Biblicum, hoc

est Historiæ Sacræ veteris et novi Testamenti tabulis æneis expressæ. Opus in lucem editum per N. J. Piscatorem, the extensive series of engravings known by the name of " Visscher's Bible plates," engraved from the designs of Hemskerck, Martin de Vos, Van Mandar, Stradanus, Breughel, Paul Bril, Franc, &c. nearly 500 plates, thick oblong fol vell, £5 5s Alcmaer, 1646 BIBLE-PLATES; Illustrations of the Bible, from paintings by Raffaelle, Vandyck, Rubens, Ribera, Overbeck, Raffet, &c. 33 finely engraved plates, proofs before letters, 4to, £1 11s 6d Paris N.D. BIBLE-PLATES; Illustrations to the Bible, in a series of 69 fine engravings on wood by Williams, Landells, Thomson, &c., from drawings by W. Harvey, royal 8vo calf, 128 254 BIBLE-PLATES.-The Treasure of Histories of the New Testament, most elegantly expressed by emblems; 85 plates, with descriptions in six languages, small oblong calf, 10s 6d 255 BIBLE-PLATES.-A series of 74 engravings on wood, and coloured at the time of their execution, illustrating the Life of Christ, above and below which are written (in German) the verses from Scripture applicable to each subject, very scarce, small fol. in the original stamped leather binding, £3 13s 6d




The subjects are engraved in circles, with smaller circles at each corner, the sides and angles being filed with ornamental scroll work of a beautiful design and execution.

BIBLE ILLUSTRATIONS; a series of prints beautifully engraved by Fokke, Tanje, and Folkema, in illustration of the Holy Scriptures, 4to size, but printed two on a sheet, with descriptions in Dutch, 250 plates, 2 vols in one, fol half bound, very scarce, £3 13s 6d

Amst. 1791
Ditto, another copy, fol half calf neat,
£2 12s 6d

258 Ditto, without the text, fol. £2 2s.
259 BIBLIORUM Utriusque Testamenti Icones;
superb proofs of the beautiful woodcuts, printed
on one side of the paper only, a most beautiful
copy in the best French morocco extra, gilt
edges, 12mo, £4 10s
Francf. 1571

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