Lendor. Frbr. 21.1886

My dear Broke

I sent vuur lewelli

to friend Stibbs on


as qu, wished, & É hoje

they will arrive in



I have also catter at hutte almet the Shakespeare,

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The original copy is
h. sago be believe, to

Ld= Ellesmere, out cannot


ailudio to came fun Zerlin and he knews


no mere about it than

'do. He cannot tell any. Fir, abmit the grand ontrage cronis depuis si long, temps" or at least he won't. His correspondent at Berlin day, that M.

old vinferm

Freckle is very
The case seems to be this

That the original copy is Fold but that tempted by your offer probably Freck

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to let it stay a sufficient

time in her hands le make

another copy of the noter. couvre if you were inclèxed уже


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to enter inte such a regotiation, et smile be necessar

to obtain some

деше диама


that all the notes were


fully & ccurrately, copied infille and that the price soas not to be paid till the work was delivered. in Sender. It wonts he necessary also to make some inquiry about the promised

werk, us

imagine you would 4

hardly wish to pay £40 merely for the il carrere of bewing reck autographer if they ice to be subsequently, printi the probability I teak is that your price was very much :igher than ang crészber and that it forced the sale up, so that the only competitor you woodend was the



at any price" and Mer Jieck wishes to nab both

prices offers. Whether you wish to find yourself in za his "poke" a not you are nizable to decide by mig


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