fuperfeded my Labour, or at least madeit much easier, by giving me a good' Foundation to build upon. But that Book, tho' the Product of much Pains, and which, upon fome other Accounts, may probably have its Ufe, was of fo little Service to me,.by reafon of the great Difference of the Author's Method, that I found it lefs Trouble to take all my Materials immediately out of the Bible it felf, than out of that Book; and thi ther I went directly for them.

If it fhall please God, that the Colletion I have made from thence, should any way contribute to give Perfons a right understanding of the Chriftian Religion, I fhall think the Pains I have taken in it very well beftow'd: And, if the Work be efteem'd ufeful, I fhall be very well content to have it pafs under no other Character.


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