An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mysticism: and the Mystery Religions

Thames and Hudson Limited, 2 jan. 2012 - 497 pagina's
Ranging from Christian mystical theology to Sufism, from the ancient philosophers to the Cambridge Platonists, from visionaries such as William Blake and the author of The Cloud of Unknowing to the role played by drugs, yoga, music and the dance, this Encyclopaedia provides essential information on the manifold aspects of mysticism and will serve as a comprehensive and valuable work of reference for many years to come. Includes 200 illustrations.

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Over de auteur (2012)

John Ferguson taught Classics at King's College, Newcastle, and Queen Mary College, London, before going to Ibadan in Nigeria as Professor of Classics. He worked there for ten years, becoming Dean of Arts and Master of Kuti Hall; he then went as Professor of Classics to the University of Minnesota, and in 1969 became Dean and Director of Studies in Arts at the Open University.

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