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ADAMS, JN., D.D.; Fel. King's; Preb. Cant.; Can. Wind.; Prov. of King's Col. Cam. "Very eloquent Preacher," died 1719.

An Essay concerning Self-murder. 8vo. 1700 Sermons on Isaiah xxxii. 17. 4to. 1695.Psalm xxxiii. 1. 4to. 1695.-Dan. iii. 28.Psalm lxvi. 16.-Matt. xxv. 30.-Acts, xxviii. 5, 6.-Hos. xi. 9.-John, vi. 67, 68.-Rev. ii. 10.-Jer. iii. 15.-Psalm v. 11.-Isaiah xlix. 23. John xxi. 17.-Isaiah lvii. 15.-Job xiii. 6. Sermons published by Sachaverell. 8vo. 1716

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ADAMSON, JN., M. A.; Preb. Linc.

The Duty and Daily frequenting of the Public Service of the Church; on Matt. xxi. 13.

Funeral Sermon, Rev. xiv. 13. 8vo. 1707

ADDISON, LANC., D. D.; Preb. Sar.; Dn. Lich.; Arch. Cov.; born in Westmoreland, 1632; died 1703.

West Barbary; a short Narrative of the Revolutions of Morocco and Fez, with their Customs. 8vo. 1671 Primitive Institution; or a seasonable Discourse of Catechism.

1674 The present State of the Jews, more particularly relating to those in Barbary; to which is annexed a Discourse of the Misna, Talmud, and Gemara. Lond. 8vo. 1675. 12mo. 1676, 1682. A Modest Plea for the Clergy. 8vo. 1677 The first State of Mahometanism; or an Account of the Author and Doctrine of that Imposture.

The present State of Mahometanism.
The Life and Death of Mahomet.




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A Sermon on Luke xvi. 31. The Earthly and Heavenly Building opened; sium fratrum. a Sermon on 2 Cor. v. 1.

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AIRAY, CHRIST., Fel. Qu. Col., Ox. 1642 Fasciculus præceptorum logicalium, in gratiam Juventutis Academiæ (Oxon.) compositus, &c.

AIRAY, HEN., Fel. and Prov. of Qu. Col. Ox.; born in Westmoreland, 1559; died 1616. Lectures upon the whole Epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians. 4to. 1618

The Just and Necessary Apology touching his Suit in Law for the Rectory of Charleton, 1621 Otmore, in Oxfordshire. 8vo.

Treatise against Bowing at the Name of Jesus.

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Commentarius de certa Apocalyptica. 1621. Lexicon Pentaglotton Hebraicum Chaldaicum 1790 Syriacum, &c. fol.


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ALDRICH, HEN., Stu. Can. and Dn. Ch. Ch. "An eminent scholar and divine;" was a great Architect and Musician. He assisted in Gregory's Greek Testament; added notes in Havercamp's edit. of Josephus; and, conjointly with Bishop Spratt, edited Clarendon's History. Born 1647; died 1710.

Reply to Two Discourses, concerning the Adoration of our B. Saviour in the Holy Eucharist. Artis Logica Compendium. 1692-1750 Defence of ditto.

Elementa Architecturæ Civilis ad Vitruvii Veterumque Disciplinam et recentiorum, præsertim ad Palladii exempla probatiora, concinnata. 1789

He edited several editions of the Greek Authors, as-Xenophontis Memorabilia. 8vo. 1690 Xenophontis Sermo de Agesilao. 8vo. Aristeæ Historia 72 Interpretum. 8vo. Xenophon de Re Equestri. 8vo.

Epictetus et Theophrastus.







Platonis, Xenophontis, Plutarchi, Luciani, Symposia. 8vo.


This last was printed in Greek only; the rest in Gr. and Lat.; and all published at Oxford.

ALEN, or ALLEN, EDM., M. A.; C. C. C. Cam.; Steward of Univ. Camb.; Bp. El.; Bp. Roch. Native of Norfolk ; "eminent Protestant Divine;" one of the most considerable of the Reformers: died about 1559.

He translated into English-Alex. Alesium de Authoritate verbi Dei, 12mo.; and Phil. Melancth. super utraque Sacramenti Specie et de Authoritate Episcoporum, 12mo. 1543; likewise Conradum Pelicanum super Apocalipsim.

He also wrote A Christian Introduction for Youth, containing the Principles of our Faith and Religion. 12mo. 1548, 1550; 8vo. 1551

ALIX, 1641, Preb. Cant.

Preparation for the Lord's Supper. 8vo. 1688 Remarks on the Ecclesiastical History of the Ancient Churches of Piedmont. Lond. 4to. 1690

ALLAM, AND., Tutor, Vice-Prin. B. N. C. A writer of the 17th century; born near Oxford, 1655; died 1683.

The learned Preface or Epistle to the Reader, with a Dedicatory Epistle in the Printer's name prefixed to the-Epistle congratulatory of Lysimachus, Nicanor, &c. to the Covenanters of Scotland.

The Epistle, containing an Account of Dr. Cocsin's Life prefixed to the Dr.'s book, intitled, Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ Politia.

The Preliminary Epistle, with a Review and Correction of the book, intitled, Some Plain Discourses on the Lord's Supper, &c., written by Dr. Geo. Griffith, Bp. of St. Asaph.


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ALLIX, PET., D. D.; Treas. Sar.; Can. Wind. (?) a learned Divine of the Church of England;" born 1641; died 1717.

Ratramne, ou Bernard, Prêtre du Corps et du Sang du Seigneur. Lat. et French. 12mo. 1672 Dissertatio de Trisagii Origine. 8vo. 1647 Dissertatio de Sanguine D. N. Jesu Christi ad Epistolam 146 S. Augustini, qua num adhuc existat, inquiritur. 8vo.

Dissertatio de Tertulliani Vita et Scriptis. Dissertatio de Conciliorum quorumvis Definitionibus ad examen revocandis. 8vo.


Anastatii Sinaitæ Contemplationum in Hexahemeron, liber xii. hactenus desideratus, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis, &c. 4to. 1682

Expostulatio de S. Chrysostomi Epistola, adversus Apollinarii hæresin nuper suppressa. 1682 Douze Sermons, sur divers textes. 12mo. 1685 Determinatio F. Joannis Parisiensis de modo existendi Corporis Christi in Sacramento Altaris, &c., cui est prefixa Prefatio Historica de Dogmate Transubstantiationis. Lond. 1686

Les Maximes du vrai Chretien, 1687. Printed along with Bonnes et Saintes Pensées, pour tous les jours des mois, &c.

Reflexions sur les cinq livres de Moyse, pour etablie la Verité de la Religion Chretienne. 1687

In English, Reflexions on the Books of the Holy Scripture, to establish the Truth of the Christian Religion. 2 vols. 8vo. 1688

L'Adieu de St. Paul aux Ephesiens. 12mo. 1688 A Discourse concerning Penance; shewing how

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De Messiæ duplici Adventu Dissertationes duæ adversus Judæos. Lond. 12mo. 1701

Book of Psalms, with an Abridgement of each Psalm, and Rules for the Interpretation of this sacred Book. Lond. 8vo. 1701

Nectarii Patriarchæ Hierosolymitani Confutatio Imperii Papæ in Ecclesiam. A translation from the original in Greek. Lond. 8vo. 1702 Aug. Hermanni Franke Manuductio ad Lectionem Scrip. Sac. Lond. 8vo.

1706 Dissertatio de Jesu Christi anno et mense natali. Lond. 8vo. 1707, 1710

The Prophecies which Mr. Whiston applies to the times immediately following the appearance of the Messiah, considered and examined. 1707

Confutation of the Hopes of the Jews. 8vo. 1707 Preparations a la Cene. 8vo.

Remarks on some places of Mr. Whiston's Books, either printed or in manuscript. 8vo. 1711

ALLOTT, RD., M. A.; Dean of Raphoe. Sermon before the House of Commons on the 1806 Fast Day, &c. ALLWOOD, PHIL., A. M.; Fel. Magd. Col.


Literary Antiquities of Greece, as developed in an Attempt to ascertain Principles for a new Analysis of the Greek Tongue; and to exhibit those Principles as applied to the elucidation of many Passages in the Ancient History of that Country. Observations concerning the Origin of several of the Literal Characters in use among the Greeks. Lond. 4to. 1794, 1799

Remarks on some Observations in the British Critic, relative to Literary Antiquities. 4to. 1801

Twelve Lectures on the Prophecies relating to the Christian Church, and especially to the Apostacy of Papal Rome. Lond. 2 vols. 8vo. 1815

ALSOP, ANTH., B. D. Ox.; Preb. Winch,; a poetical and miscellaneous Author; died 1726.

Fabularum Æsopicarum Delectus. 8vo. 1699 Antonii Alsopi Edis Christi olim Alumni,

ALSOP. Odarum libri duo. 1751. "Not inferior to his master Horace."

ALTHAM, ROG., D.D.; Can. Ch. Ch. Ox.; Preb. St. Paul's; Archd. Middlesex.

Sermon on 1 Pet. iii. 10, 11. Lond. fol. 1712 Five Charges to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Lond. 8vo. 1717-21

The Pious and Just Magistrate; a Sermon at the Election of Lord Mayor; Amos v. 24. 1702 On Daniel ix. 7. 4to.

Before Sons of Clergy; Gal. vi, 10.
On Ps. xcvi. 9. 4to.




Sermons on several occasions. 2 vols. 8vo. 1732

ALVEY, THOS., M. D.; Fel. Mer. Col.
Dissertatiuncula de Urinæ Materia. 4to. 1680

AMES, EDW., Bp. Cork and Ross.
The Protestant Peacemaker, being a Sermon

on 2 Sam. xv. 11.

Sermon to the same purpose on Heb. xii. 14. With a postscript and notes on Mr. Baxter's and some others' writings for peace. Lond. 1682

Sermons, 4to.

Dn. Cant. 1798, 1803 ANDREWS, LANC., Fel. Pem.; Preb. St. Paul and Can. Res: Preb. South.; Mast. Pemb. Cam.; Preb. West.; Dn. West.; Bp. Chi.; Bp. Ely; Bp. Win.; Dn. of Chapel Royal. An eminent divine; born at Lond. 1555; died 1626.

His Sermons, published without his consent, on 1 Tim. vi. 17, 18, 19. Lond. 8vo. 1589

The Wonderful Combat for God's Glory and Man's Salvation between Christ and Satan, opened, in 7 most excellent and zealous Sermons, upon the Temptation of Christ in the WilderLond. 8vo. 1592 A Determination concerning Oaths. Lond. 4to. 1593


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Upon the X Commandments, with an Introduction concerning the use of Catechising. 1650 Of the Ceremonies retained and used in the Christian Churches. Lond. 12mo. 1653

Aposmatia Sacra, or a Collection of Posthumous Sermons, preached at St. Paul's and St. Giles'. Lond. fol. 1657 The Form of Consecration of a Church or Chapel. Lond. 24mo. 1659; 12mo. 1668 Preces Privatæ Quotidianæ. 8vo. 1675 Holy Devotions, with Directions to Pray. 1675

ANDREWS, THOS., Fel. Trin. Col. Cam.
Sermon on Matt. v. 20. 8vo.


APTHORP, EAST, D. D.; Fel. Jes. Col. Cam.; Preb. of Finsb. St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Constitution of a Christian Church illustrated, in a Sermon at the opening of Christ 1761 Church, Cambridge, (New England). Felicity of the Times, a Sermon, on the Thanks1763 giving Day for the General Peace.

Answer to Dr. Mayhew's Observations on the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. 1763

Review of Dr. Mayhew's Remarks on the Answer to his Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 8vo. 1765, 1775 The Character and Example of a Christian Woman. 4to.


Of Sacred Poetry and Music. At the opening of the Organ. 4to. 1764

On the Differences between this Country and her American Colonies. 1777

On the Prevalence of Christianity before its Civil Establishment; Observations on Gibbon's History. Lond. 8vo. 1778

The Excellency of the Liturgy of the Church of England. 1778 A Sermon, preached in Lambeth Chapel, at the Consecration of Dr. Halifax, Bishop of Gloucester. 4to. 1781, 1782 Two Sermons in Easter Week, on the Annual Commemoration of the Fire of London. 1781


Select Devotions for Families. 12mo. 1785 Discourses on Prophecy, read in the Chapel at Lincoln's Inn, at Warburton's Lecture. 1786

ARCHER, EDM., D. D.; Archd. of Taunton, and Can. of Wells.

A Charity Sermon on 2 Cor. viii. 9. 1712

ARDERN, JAS., Dn. of Chester; died 1691. Directions Concerning the Matter and Style of Sermons. Lond. 8vo. 1671

Sermon on 2 Tim. iv. 5. Lond. 4to. 1677 Conjectura circa 'Eπivoμηy D. Clementis Romani, cui subjiciuntur Castigationes in Epiphanium et Petavium de Eucharistia, de Coelibatu Clericorum, et de Orationibus pro vita functis. 1683

ARGALL, JN., M. A.; Stu. Ch. Ch. ; a Clergyman at Halesworth, in Suffolk, born in London; died 1606.

Liber de vera Poenitentia. Lond. 8vo. 1604. Introductio ad Artem Dialecticam. 8vo. 1605


ARMSTEAD, THOS., M. A.; Stu. Ch. Ch. Dialogue between two Friends, wherein the Church of England is vindicated in joining with the Prince of Orange in his descent into England.

ARNALD, RD., B. D.; Fel. Eman. Cam.; Can. Windsor; Preb. Divine and Commentator; died 1756.

4to. 4to.



The Parable of the Cedar and the Thistle exemplified in the great Victory of Culloden. 4to. Sermon, Col. ii. 8. On Deut. xxxiii. 8. Thanksgiving Sermon after Rebellion. 1746 Critical Commentary upon the Book of Wisdom. Lond. fol. 1744, 1748 Critical Commentary upon the Books of the Apocrypha. Lond. fol. 1744, 1752 Critical Commentary upon the Books of Tobit, Judith, Baruch, the history of Susanna, and Bel and the Dragon; Two Dissertations on the Books of Maccabees and Esdras; being a continuation of Bishop Patrick and Mr. Lowth. fol. 1752

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ASCHAM, ROG., Fel. St. John; Pub. Or.; Preb. York. Illustrious Scholar; Preceptor to Queen Elizabeth; born in Yorkshire, 1515; died 1568.

To all Gentlemen and Yomen of Englande, pleasaunte for theyr pastyme to rede, and profitable for theyr use to folow both in war and peace. The Schol-master; a plaine and perfite way of teachyng children to understand, write, and speake the Latin Tongue, but specially purposed for the priuate brynging vp of youth in Jentlemen and Nobemens' houses, and commodious also for all such as haue forgot the Latin Tonge, and would by themselves, without a Scholemaster, in short tyme, and with small paines recouer a sufficient habilitie, to understand, write, and speake Latin.


The same, corrected and revised, with an addition of Explanatory Notes. 8vo. 1711, 1743 Apologia Doctissimi Viri Rogeri Aschami An


gli pro cœna Dominica, contra Missam et eius prestigias: in Academia olim Cantabrigiensi exercitationis Gratia inchoata, cui accesserunt themata quædam Theologica debita disputandi ratione in Collegio D. Joan. pronunciata. ExpoTitum et Philemonem ex diuersis sanctorum sitiones itèm antiquæ in epistola Diui Pauli ad Patrum Grecè Scriptis Commentarijs ab Ecumenio collectæ ; et à R. A. Latinè versæ. 1577

Dissertissimi Viri Rogeri Aschami Angli Regiæ olim Maiestati à Latinis Epistolis familiarum Epistolarum libri tres, magna orationis elegantia conscripti, nunc denuò emendati et aucti: quibus adiunctus est Commendatitiarum Petitioriarum et aliarum huius generis similium Epistolarum ad alios principes et magnates conscriptarum, Liber vnus. Huc accesserunt pauca quædam

eiusdem R. A. Poemata. Item Oratio E. G. De vita et obitu R. A. et eius dictionis elegantia.

Joannis Stvrmii, Hieronymi Osorii, aliorumque. Epistolæ ad Rogerum Aschamum aliosque nobiles Anglos missæ; ab E. G. (Edward Grant,) nunc primum editæ. 1581, 1590

A Report and Discourse of the Affairs and State of Germany and the Emperor Charles, his Court, during certaine yeares while the author was there; to which are added, Letters to Queen Elizabeth and others, now first published from the manuscript, with notes and observations, and the Author's Life. Lond. 4to. 1761

His English Works, by James Bennet. 1761

ASH, ST. GEO., Bishop of Cloyne.

Sermon on Matt. xxvi. 13. 4to.
Thanksgiving on Isai. xxiv. 16. 8vo.
On 2 Pet. iii. 4. 4to.




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On the Reformation of Manners, on Ps. xc. 16, New and Easy way of Demonstrating some Propositions in Euclid. Phil. Trans. Abr. iii. 64. A Periodical Evacuation of Blood from the end of the Finger. Phil. Trans. 1685 Concerning a Girl in Ireland who has several Hornes growing upon her Body. Ib. 1685 Extraordinary Effect of the Power of Imagination. Ib. 1687 Of a Substance like Butter falling from the Air. Ib. 1696 On the Barometer, and other Observables. 1b.

ASHBURNHAM, Sir Wм., Dn. and Bp. of


A Sermon before the Commons, on Matt. vii. 15. 4to. 1745

A Sermon at the Assize for Smugglers, on Job xxix. 14-16. 4to. 1749 A Sermon before the Lords, on 1 Sam. xii. 24. 4to. 1759 On the Propagation of the Gospel, Rom. i. 16. 4to. 1760 Before the Governors of the London Hospital, on Ps. ciii. 7. 4to. 1764

ASHBY, GEO., Fel. St. Joh. Cam. ; a celebrated Divine and Antiquary; was born in 1724; died 1808. Mr. Ashby published nothing himself; but was an able and obliging contributor to

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