Odarum libri duo. 1751. "Not inferior to his master Horace."

ALTHAM, ROG., D.D.; Can. Ch. Ch. Ox. ; Preb. St. Paul's; Archd. Middlesex.

Sermon on 1 Pet. iii. 10, 11. Lond. fol. 1712 Five Charges to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Lond. 8vo. 1717-21

The Pious and Just Magistrate; a Sermon at the Election of Lord Mayor; Amos v. 24. 1702 On Daniel ix. 7. 4to.

Before Sons of Clergy; Gal. vi, 10.
On Ps. xcvi. 9. 4to.




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ANDREWS, LANC., Fel. Pem.; Preb. St. Paul and Can. Res: Preb. South.; Mast. Pemb. Cam.; Preb. West.; Dn. West.; Bp. Chi.; Bp. Ely; Bp. Win.; Dn. of Chapel Royal. An eminent divine; born at Lond. 1555; died 1626.

His Sermons, published without his consent, on 1 Tim. vi. 17, 18, 19. Lond. 8vo. 1589 The Wonderful Combat for God's Glory and Man's Salvation between Christ and Satan, opened, in 7 most excellent and zealous Sermons, upon the Temptation of Christ in the WilderLond. 8vo. 1592 A Determination concerning Oaths. Lond. 4to. 1593


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APTHORP, EAST, D. D.; Fel. Jes. Col. Cam.; Preb. of Finsb. St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Constitution of a Christian Church illustrated, in a Sermon at the opening of Christ 1761 Church, Cambridge, (New England). Felicity of the Times, a Sermon, on the Thanks1763 giving Day for the General Peace.

Answer to Dr. Mayhew's Observations on the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. 1763

Review of Dr. Mayhew's Remarks on the Answer to his Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 8vo. 1765, 1775 The Character and Example of a Christian Woman. 4to. 1764 Of Sacred Poetry and Music. At the opening of the Organ. 4to. 1764 On the Differences between this Country and her American Colonies. 1777

On the Prevalence of Christianity before its Civil Establishment; Observations on Gibbon's History. Lond. 8vo. 1778

The Excellency of the Liturgy of the Church of England. 1778

A Sermon, preached in Lambeth Chapel, at the Consecration of Dr. Halifax, Bishop of Gloucester. 4to. 1781, 1782 Two Sermons in Easter Week, on the Annual Commemoration of the Fire of London. 1781


Select Devotions for Families. 12mo. 1785 Discourses on Prophecy, read in the Chapel at Lincoln's Inn, at Warburton's Lecture. 1786

ARCHER, EDM., D. D.; Archd. of Taunton, and Can. of Wells.

A Charity Sermon on 2 Cor. viii. 9. 1712 ARDERN, JAS., Dn. of Chester; died 1691. Directions Concerning the Matter and Style of Sermons. Lond. 8vo. 1671

Sermon on 2 Tim. iv. 5. Lond. 4to. 1677 Conjectura circa 'Eπivoμny D. Clementis Romani, cui subjiciuntur Castigationes in Epiphanium et Petavium de Eucharistia, de Coelibatu Clericorum, et de Orationibus pro vita functis. 1683

ARGALL, JN., M. A.; Stu. Ch. Ch. ; a Clergyman at Halesworth, in Suffolk, born in London; died 1606.

Liber de vera Poenitentia. Lond. 8vo. 1604. Introductio ad Artem Dialecticam. 8vo. 1605

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1726 1737

On Deut. xxxiii. 8. 4to. Thanksgiving Sermon after Rebellion. 1746 Critical Commentary upon the Book of Wisdom. Lond. fol. 1744, 1748 Critical Commentary upon the Books of the Apocrypha. Lond. fol. 1744, 1752 Critical Commentary upon the Books of Tobit, Judith, Baruch, the history of Susanna, and Bel and the Dragon; Two Dissertations on the Books of Maccabees and Esdras; being a continuation of Bishop Patrick and Mr. Lowth. fol. 1752

ARNOLD, EDM., S. S. B. Fel. New Col. Ox. Sermon National Humiliation, the Best Atonement for Sins, 1 Kings, viii. 44, 45. 1740 The folly and danger of a Revolution in Religion and Government, Prov. xxiv. 21. 1745.

ARNWAY, JN., D. D.; Archd. Cov.; born 1601; died 1653; gave away all his ample means in public and private charity.

The Tablet; or the Moderation of Charles I. the Martyr. Hague. 1650 An Alarm to the Subjects of England. 1650

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ASCHAM, ROG., Fel. St. John; Pub. Or. ; Preb. York. Illustrious Scholar; Preceptor to Queen Elizabeth; born in Yorkshire, 1515; died 1568.

To all Gentlemen and Yomen of Englande, pleasaunte for theyr pastyme to rede, and profitable for theyr use to folow both in war and peace. The Schol-master; a plaine and perfite way of teachyng children to understand, write, and speake the Latin Tongue, but specially purposed for the priuate brynging vp of youth in Jentlemen and Nobemens' houses, and commodious also for all such as haue forgot the Latin Tonge, and would by themselves, without a Scholemaster, in short tyme, and with small paines recouer a sufficient habilitie, to understand, write, and speake Latin. 1589

The same, corrected and revised, with an addition of Explanatory Notes. 8vo. 1711, 1743 Apologia Doctissimi Viri Rogeri Aschami An

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gli pro cœna Dominica, contra Missam et eius prestigias: in Academia olim Cantabrigiensi exercitationis Gratia inchoata, cui accesserunt themata quædam Theologica debita disputandi ratione in Collegio D. Joan. pronunciata. ExpoTitum et Philemonem ex diuersis sanctorum sitiones itèm antiquæ in epistola Diui Pauli ad Patrum Grecè Scriptis Commentarijs ab Ecumenio collectæ ; et à R. A. Latinè versæ. 1577

Dissertissimi Viri Rogeri Aschami Angli Regiæ olim Maiestati à Latinis Epistolis familiarum Epistolarum libri tres, magna orationis elegantia conscripti, nunc denuò emendati et aucti: quibus adiunctus est Commendatitiarum Petitioriarum et aliarum huius generis similium Epistolarum ad alios principes et magnates conscriptarum, Liber vnus. Huc accesserunt pauca quædam

eiusdem R. A. Poemata. Item Oratio E. G. De vita et obitu R. A. et eius dictionis elegantia.

Joannis Stvrmii, Hieronymi Osorii, aliorumque. Epistolæ ad Rogerum Aschamum aliosque nobiles Anglos missæ; ab E. G. (Edward Grant,) nunc primum editæ. 1581, 1590

A Report and Discourse of the Affairs and State of Germany and the Emperor Charles, his Court, during certaine yeares while the author was there; to which are added, Letters to Queen Elizabeth and others, now first published from the manuscript, with notes and observations, and the Author's Life. Lond. 4to. 1761

His English Works, by James Bennet. 1761

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On the Propagation of the Bible, on Ps. Ixvii. 2. On Ps. v. 6. 8vo.


On the Reformation of Manners, on Ps. xc. 16, New and Easy way of Demonstrating some Propositions in Euclid. Phil. Trans. Abr. iii. 64. A Periodical Evacuation of Blood from the end of the Finger. Phil. Trans. 1685 Concerning a Girl in Ireland who has several Hornes growing upon her Body. Ib. Extraordinary Effect of the Power of Imagination. Ib. 1687 Of a Substance like Butter falling from the Air. Ib. 1696 On the Barometer, and other Observables. 1b.


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many literary undertakings, for which he received the pointed thanks of Bp. Percy, Mr. Granger, and Mr. Gough.

A Dissertation from his pen, on a singular Coin of Nerva, found at Colchester. Archæol. vol. iii. p. 165, 175.

ASHTON, CHAS., Fel. Qu. Cam.; Preb. Ely; Mast. Jes. Col. Cam. ; one of the most learned Critics of his age; born about 1665; died 1752. There were many valuable pieces of his published in his lifetime, but without his name. Locus Justini Martyris emendatus in Apol. i. p. 11.

Tully and Hirtius reconciled as to the time of Cæsar's going to the African War, with an account of the old Roman year, made by Cæsar. Ib. Origen de Oratione.


Hieroclis in Aurea Carmina Pythagorea Comment. Published with a Preface by Dr. Richard Warren, Archdeacon of Suffolk. Lond. 8vo. 1742

ASHTON, JN. or Jas., M. A.; Fel. T. C. C. Sermon at the Visitation of the Bishop of


Lond. 4to.


The Christian Expositor, being a brief Explanation of the New Testament, whereby the Holy Scriptures are rendered easy to be understood by the meanest capacities. 8vo. 1774

ASHTON, THOS., D. D.; Fel. Eton; born 1716; died 1775.


Sermon on the Rebellion, Tit. iii. 1. Dissertation on 2 Peter i. 19. Sermon on opening a Church, Luke vii. 4, 5. A Fast Sermon, on Psal. cxxviii. 34. 1758 Sermons on several occasions. Lond. 8vo. 1770 Extract from the Case of the obligation of the Electors of Eton College to supply all vacancies in that Society with Fellows of King's College, Cambridge, so long as persons properly qualified are to be had within that description. 1771

Letter to Dr. Morell, on the question of electing Aliens into the vacant places in Eton College: by the Author of the Extract.-A Second Letter on the same subject. These three last were republished in one volume, intitled, The Election of Aliens into the Vacancies of Eton College, an unwarrantable practice; to which are now added, Two Letters to the Rev. Dr. Morell, in which the cavils of a writer in the General Evening Post, and others, are considered and refuted. Part i. by a late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Part ii. was never published.

ASHWELL, GEO., Fel. and celebrated Tutor of Wad. Oxf. ; born 1612; died 1693.

Fides Apostolica, or a Discourse asserting the received Authors and Authority of the Apostles' Creed; a double Appendix, the first touching the Athanasian, the second the Nicene Creed. 1653 Gestus Eucharisticus, concerning the Gesture to be used at the receiving the Sacrament. 1663 De Socino et Socinianismo, a Treatise on the Socinian Heresy. Oxon. 1680

He translated, from Pocock's edition, Philosophus Autodidactus, sive Epistola Abi Gioaphar Ebn Tophail de Hai Ebn Yokdan, &c. 1686


De Ecclesia, &c. a Dissertation concerning the Church of Rome. Oxf. 4to. 1688

De Judice Controversiarium. Also Answer to Plato Redivivus, written by Henry Neville.

ASSHETON, WM., D. D.; Fel. B. N. Col. ; Preb. York; Rector of Middleton in Lancashire; was born 1641; died 1711.

A Collection of several Doctrines and Positions destructive to Government. Lond. 1663

Toleration disapproved and condemned by Authority and convincing Reasons: of I. That wise and learned King James, and his Privy-council, Anno Reg. 2do. II. The Honourable Commons assembled in this present Parliament, in their votes, &c. Feb. 25, 1662. III. The Presbyterian Ministers in the City of London, met at Sion College, December, 1645. IV. Twenty eminent Divines, most (if not all) of them Members of the late Assembly, in their Sermons before the two Houses of Parliament on solemn occasions. Faithfully collected by a very moderate hand, and humbly presented to the serious consideration of


all Dissenting Parties. Oxf. 1670, 4to. Edition, intitled, Two Cases of Scandal and Persecution, being a Seasonable Inquiry into these two things: I. Whether the Non-conformists, who otherwise think subscription lawful, are therefore obliged to forbear it, because the weak Brethren do judge it unlawful. II. Whether the Execution of penal laws upon Dissenters, for Non-communion with the Church of England, be Persecution? Wherein they are pathetically exhorted to return into the bosom of the Church of England, the likeliest expedient to stop the Growth of Popery. Lond. 1674, 1676, 8vo. Postscript, concerning a gentlewoman perverted from Protestantism to Popery, by some Presbyterians.


A Sermon on Matt. vii. 21. 4to. Apology for the Honours and Revenues of the Clergy with the Judgment of King Charles I. concerning Religion, Episcopacy, Reformation, and Rights of the Church. Lond. 8vo.


The Royal Apology, or an Answer to the Rebels' Plea; wherein are the most noted Antimonarchical Tenets, first published by Doleman the Jesuit, to promote a bill of Exclusion against King James I. Secondly, Practised by Bradshaw, and the Regicides, in the actual murders of King Charles I. Thirdly, Republished by Sydney, and the Associates, to depose and murder his present Majesty. Lond. 8vo. 1685

A Seasonable Vindication of the Blessed Trinity, being an Answer to this Question, Why do you believe the Doctrine of the Trinity? Collected from the works of the most Rev. Dr. John Tillotson, late Ld. Abp. of Canterbury, and the Rt. Rev. Dr. Edw. Stillingfleet, now Ld. Bp. of Worcester. Lond. 8vo. 1679, 1697 1685

Admonition to a Deist. Lond.

A Seasonable Vindication of their present Majesties. Lond.

The Country Parson's Admonition to his Parishioners against Popery; with Directions how to behave themselves when any one designs to seduce them from the Church of England. 1686 A Plain Man's Reply to the Catholic Mis


sionaries. Lond. 1686, 8vo.

Reprinted under the title, A Full Defence of the former Discourse against the Missionaries' Answer; being a farther Examination of the pretended Infallibility of the Church of Rome. 1678

A Short Discourse against Blasphemy. 1691 A Discourse against Drunkenness. 8vo. 1692 A Discourse against Swearing and Cursing. Lond. 8vo. 1692 Directions in order to the Suppressing of Debauchery and Prophaneness. 1693

A Conference with an Anabaptist; being a Defence of Infant Baptism, part i. 1695, 8vo. wrote against a Congregation of Anabaptists who set up in the Dr.'s parish. Their meetings having soon broken up, the Dr. never published a second part.

Discourse concerning a Death-bed Repentance. A Theological Discourse of Last Wills and Testaments. Lond. 8vo. 1696 A Brief State of the Socinian Controversy, concerning a Trinity and Unity, collected from the Works of Dr. Isaac Barrow. 8vo. 1698

The Plain Man's Devotion, part 1 in a Method of Daily Devotion; and a Method of Devotion for the Lord's Day; both fitted to the meanest capacities. 1698

Two Sermons, one preached before the Sons of the Clergy; the other before the Honourable Society of the Natives of the County of Kent, at St. Mary-le-Bow. Lond. 1699, 1700

A full Account of his Proposal for the Benefit of Widows of Clergymen, and others, as now improved and managed by the Mercers' Company, by settling Jointures and Annuities. 1700

Exhortation to the Holy Communion, with the Nature and Measures of Preparation concerning it; fitted to the meanest capacities. 1701, 1705 A Vindication of the Soul's Immortality and a Future State. Lond. 8vo.


Method of Devotion for Sick and Dying Persons, with particular Directions from the beginning of Sickness to the hour of Death. 1706

The Possibility of Apparitions, being an Answer to this Question-Whether can departed Souls, (souls separated from their bodies,) so appear, as to be visibly seen, and converse here on earth? This book was occasioned by a remarkable story of one dying at Dover, and appearing to her friend at Canterbury.

Occasional Prayers from Bishop Taylor, Bishop Cosins, Bishop Kenn, &c., and a Devout Collection of Divine Hymns and Poems, on several

occasions. Lond.


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Sermons. Poems.


Prize Poems at Oxford.

ATTERBURY, FRAN., D. D.; Archd. Totness; Dn. of Carlisle; Can. of Ex.; Dn. Ch. Ch.; Bp. Roches.; Dn. Westm.; born 1662 or 3; died 1731 or 2.

Absalom and Achitophel, translated into Latin verse, from the original of Dryden.


Ανθολογία, seu selecta quædam poematum Italorum qui Latine scripserunt, edit. Atterbury. 1684. New edition, by Pope, 1740, with the omission of Atterbury's excellent preface.

Answer to some Considerations on the Spirit of Martin Luther, and the Original of the Reformation, lately reprinted at Oxford. 1687, 1723 Sermon on Psal. iv. 14. Lond. fol. 1692 Rights, Powers, and Privileges of an English Convocation, stated and vindicated, in answer to Dr. Wake's book, intitled, The Authority of Christian Princes over their Ecclesiastical Synods asserted, &c. and several other pieces. The Power of the Lower House of Convocation to adjourn itself.


A Letter to a Clergyman in the country, concerning the choice of Members, &c. 1701 Second Letter, with a similar title. 1701 Third Letter in defence of the two former. 1701-2 The Parliamentary Origin and Rights of the Lower House of Convocation cleared, &c 1701 Some Proceedings in Convocation A. D. 1705, faithfully represented.

English Advice to the Freeholders of England. The Axe laid to the root of the Tree, or a Specimen of Profaneness and Blasphemy in some late writings. Lond. 4to. 1706

An Account of the Defence of the Protestation made by the Lower House of Convocation, Ap. 30, 1707, in behalf of the Queen's Supre1707 macy. Lond.

Sermon on Rom. xi. 16. Lond. 4to. 1807 Concio ad Clerum Londinensem. 1709

The voice of the people no voice of God. 1710 Memoirs of the Life and Conduct of Bishop Atterbury. Lond. 8vo. 1723 Sermons, published by Thomas Moore, D. D. Lond. 2 vols. 8vo. 1734 Sermons and Discourses on several subjects and occasions. 1730, 1740 Epistolary Correspondence, Visitation-Charges, Speeches, and Miscellanies, with Historical Notes, by J. Nichols. Lond. 4 vols. 8vo. 1783

Friends, in 1715; never before published. 1768 Private Correspondence of Bp. A. and his Miscellaneous Works, with Historical Notes, by J. Nichols. 1789-98

ATWELL, Jos., D. D.; F. R. S.; Preb, of Westm., Glost., York; Fel. Ex. Col. Ox. Eminent for his learning and piety.

Conjectures on the Nature of Intermitting and Reciprocating Springs.

ATWOOD, G., F. R. S.; Preb. of Wells. Review of the Statutes and Ordinances of Assize, which have been established in England, from the 4th year of King John.

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BALEY, or BAILEY, WAL., M. D.; Fel. New Col.; Preb. Wells.; Prof. Med. Univ. of Ox. Born 1529; died 1592.

A Discourse of three kinds of Pepper in common use. 8vo. 1558 A Discourse of certain Baths in the county of Warwick, near Newman Regis. 8vo. 1587 A brief Treatise of the Preservation of the Eyesight. Ox. 12mo. 1602

Directions for Health, natural and artificial; with Medicines for all Diseases of the Eye. 1626 Explicatio Galeni de potu Convalescentium et Senum, in MS.

BALGUY, JOHN, M. A.; Preb. Sar. An eminent Divine of the Church of England; born 1686; died 1748.

Silvius's Examination of certain Doctrines lately taught and defended by the Rev. Mr. Stebbing. 1718 Silvius's Letter to the Rev. Dr. Sherlock. 1719 Silvius's Defence of a Dialogue between a Papist and a Protestant, in answer to the Rev. Mr. Stebbing. To which are added, several remarks


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