Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New-York: new ser., v. 3 . Documents relating to the history of the early colonial settlements principally on Long Island, 1883

Weed, Parsons, 1883

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Pagina 315 - ... observe that it would be unreasonable and unfair, especially because of the considerable loss sustained by the Jews in the taking of Brazil, and also because of the large amount of capital which they have invested in shares of this company.
Pagina 1 - Amsterdam in the merry month of June, the sweetest month in all the year; when dan .Apollo seems to dance up the transparent...
Pagina 315 - After many consultations we have decided and resolved upon a certain petition made by said Portuguese Jews, that they shall have permission to sail to and trade in New Netherland and to live and remain there, provided the poor among them shall not become a burden to the Company or to the community but be supported by their own nation.
Pagina 351 - We have seen and heard with displeasure, that against our orders of the 15th of February 1655, issued at the request of the Jewish or Portuguese nation, you have forbidden them to trade to Fort Orange and the South river, also the purchase of real estate, which is granted to them without difficulty here in this country, and we wish it had not been done and that you had...
Pagina 403 - God in any of them, desiring to doe unto all men as wee desire all men should doe unto us, which is the true law both of Church and State; for our Saviour saith this is the law and the prophets.
Pagina 462 - ... and intervention from the Botanical Garden at Leyden some medicinal seeds and plants."2 The Lords Directors promised to send "the medicinal seeds," and the following April (1660) they were sent. Their purposes are sufficiently explained in the following extract: As we are told that Rector Curtius practices medicine there, and therefore asked to have a herbarium sent to him, we have been willing to provide him with one herewith. You will hand it to him with the understanding that it shall not...
Pagina 69 - ... rattle, but in vain ; the stentorian Dominie could neither be silenced nor browbeaten. Kieft therefore had recourse to legal proceedings, and summoned Bogardus before the court to answer a list of accusations, with a preamble, of which the following extract is a specimen : " You have no less indulged in scattering abuse during' our administration. Scarcely a person in the entire land have you spared, not even your own wife and your sister; especially when you were in good company and tipsy. Still...
Pagina 341 - Netherland and enjoy the same privileges as they have here [in Amsterdam] has been granted only as far as civil and political rights are concerned, without giving the said Jews a claim to the privilege of exercising their religion in a synagogue...
Pagina 351 - ... exercise in all quietness their religion within their houses, for which end they must without doubt endeavor to build their houses close together in a convenient place on one or the other side of New Amsterdam, —at their own choice— as they have done here.
Pagina 82 - of the opposite party," appeared befor the Council, and solicited that "the Director General and Council would favor them with a pious, learned and Reformed minister of the Gospel, and would then make such regulations that every inhabitant of Flushing should contribute to promote such a godly work [according] to his abilities; so that there might be an end to their present contentions, which would promote the peace, concord and harmony of said village.

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