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The Commentary upon the Gospel according to S. Mark, contained in this volume, is a sequel to the Commentary upon S. Matthew published about two years ago. It is composed upon the same principles, and intended for the same class of readers ; that is to say, it is intended for the use of those whose only familiar language is English, and it is constructed with the view of bringing out the distinguishing features of S. Mark, so far as they can be recognized and understood by an English reader.

I endeavoured to make my design comprehended when I published my Commentary upon S. Matthew's Gospel, by stating in the opening of the Introduction the class for whom it was written; but it seems to have been held by some of the critics who have noticed that work, that I had precluded them from treating it as a volume intended for plain folks unacquainted with Greek, because I had expressed my hope “that my labours might be made useful to fellow-students of God's Holy Word.” Fellow-students, these critics appear to hold, must mean those who study the Scriptures in the original; and although I had expressly confined my class of readers to “those whose only familiar tongue is English," this term fellow-students has been regarded as undoing the restriction, and forbidding the volume to be treated in the way which the author himself prescribed.

It may be that there was some ambiguity in the mode of expression adopted by me; and I should not have thought it worth

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