The Consultant's Scorecard: Tracking Results and Bottom-Line Impact of Consulting Projects

McGraw Hill Professional, 22 dec. 1999 - 400 pagina's
Measure the business impact--and return on investment--of any consulting project! Consulting clients want to know that hte large fees they pay will bring measurable results to their organization--and successful consultants work hard to communicate the value of their work to clients. The problem is, both consultants and clients have been frustrated by the lack of rigorous methods for measuring the impact of the consultant's work. The Consultant's Scorecard offers solutions to this "accountability crisis" in the consulting profession by explaining how consultants can prove the value of their work to clients. Just as important, the book explains how clients can--and should--hold their consultants accountable for delivering measurable results. Written for both consultants and clients, The Consultant's Scorecard offers simple data collection techniques to help consultants in any industry measure the value of their work for clients in six key areas: client satisfaction; new knowledge and skills acquired by the client; successful project implementation; business unit impact; return on investment; intangible benefits. "The Consultant's Scorecard is the first book to present a comprehensive, practical approach to showing the bottom line of consulting. Using proven techniques, supported b examples from leading companies, six key measures are developed to show the complete impact of consulting, including measuring ROI. This balanced approach to measurement is essentiaal for consultants who want ot show the value of their interventions, and for clients who want to hold their consultants accountable for delivering measurable results. Jack Phillips' unique approach to measuring the return on investment of consulting makes The Consultant's Scorecard a must read for anyone involved in the consulting process."--Stephen R. Covey, author of the No. 1 best-seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

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The Need for Consulting Accountability
Whats in it for Me? How Consultants
Initial Analysis and Planning
Was It Useful? How to Measure Reaction
What Did the Client Organization Learn?
Was the Intervention Implemented
What Was the Impact? How to Capture
How to Convert Business Measures
How Much Did It Cost? Monitoring the True
How to Build a Business Case for
How to Provide Feedback
Overcoming Resistance and Barriers
Do Your Consulting Projects Focus

How to Calculate and Interpret ROI
How to Capture and Report the Nonfinancial

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Pagina 106 - ... support for completing the questionnaire. This direct supervisor support will cause some participants to respond with usable data. Let the participants know they are part of the sample. If appropriate, participants should know that they are part of a carefully selected sample and that their input will be used to make decisions regarding a much larger target audience. This action often appeals to a sense of responsibility for participants to provide usable, accurate data for the questionnaire....

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Jack Phillips, Ph.D., is the founder of Performance Resources Organization, now the world's leading consulting firm specializing in accountability issues. The author or editor of more than 200 books and 100 articles, including The Handbook of Training Evaluation and Measurement, he has served as a bank president, Fortune 500 training and development manager, and professor of management at a major state university. His clients in 20 countries include such internationally respected companies as AT&T, Federal Express, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, and Xerox.

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