Microwave Spectroscopy

Courier Corporation, 1 jan. 1975 - 698 pagina's
Two Nobel Laureates present a systematic, comprehensive account of the theory, techniques, experimental data, and interpretation involved in the study of microwave spectroscopy—a subject relevant to nuclear physics, molecular structure, chemical kinetics, quantum electrodynamics, and astronomy.
The material in this volume is discussed critically, systematically, and in the simplest form. The simplicity of the wording and mathematics makes most of the contents accessible to those with a very elementary knowledge of quantum mechanics and atomic physics. Although the treatment is continuously developed, each of the 18 chapters is self-contained. Nearly 200 tables and figures augment the text. Appendixes supply most of the background for research and interpretation of microwave spectra; they also contain extensive data on nuclear and molecular constants, including essentially all those determined by microwave techniques. "Equally suitable for use as a fundamental reference or advanced textbook." — U.S. Quarterly Book Review.

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Over de auteur (1975)

Charles Hard Townes has†taught at Columbia University, MIT, and the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to his 1964 Nobel Prize in†Physics for his work in quantum electronics, he has been awarded the†Templeton Prize and 27 honorary degrees.
Arthur Leonard Schawlow (1921–1999) is best remembered for his work†with lasers. He shared the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to the development of laser spectroscopy.

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