lo 19 Volumes. Crown 8vo.

IN TWO STYLES OF BINDING. 1. la red linen with flat back, elaborately decorated in gold, from a design by W. B. MACDOUGAL, and with gilt top 2. Io plain green cloth, round back, gilt top, with autograph of Dickens in gold on side. EACH VOLUME CONTAINING A BIOGRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION BY ARTHUR WAUGH.

Price 3s. Bd. each. This is a handsome and dignified Library Edition, with biographical introductions giving the history of each book and its place in Diokens's life. These introductions are not technical or bibliograpbical; they alm at brevity and the narrative noto; telllog a story rather than arraying documents. No attempt is made at superfluous criticism; the biographical element is paramount; and it is hoped that the edition will present a clear and interesting story of the literary ife of Dickens, no less than a worthy collection of his masterpieces.

The last volume, COLLECTED PAPERS.' contains many scattered writings of Charles Dickens not hitberto included in any Edition of bis worke, together with a Complete Series of the Prefaces, which he prefixed to all Bditions published during his lifetime.

The Edition is printed on large crown 8vo, on a specially made, opaque, but light paper.

The Illustrations are specially reproduced for this Bdition from the plates of the Original Bditions, new blocks having been made for the purpose. They include all tbe originals by HABLOT K. BROWNE (“Pbiz"). CRUIKSHANE, SEYMOUR, WALKER, LANDSBER, MACLISB, LEBCH, MARCUS STONB, GEORGE CATTERMOLK, LUKB FILDRS, and others. Sketches by Boz.

With 40 Illustrations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. The Pickwick Papers,

With 43 Illustrations by SEYMOUR and PAIZ. Oliver Twist.

With 24 Illustrations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. Nicholas Nickleby.

With 39 Illustrations by Priz. The Old Curiosity Shop.

With 75 Illustrations by GEORGE CATTERMOLE and

PAIZ. Barnaby Rudge.

With 78 Illustrations by GEORGE CATTERMOLE and

American Notes; Pictures from Italy; } With 16 Illustrations by Marcus STONE, &c.

and A Child's History of England Martin Chuzzlewit.

With 40 Hlustrations by PAIZ. Christmas Books and Hard Times. With Illustrations by LANDSEER, MACLISE, STAS

FIELD, LEECH, DOYLE, WALKER, &c. Dombey and Son.

With 40 Illustrations by PhiZ. David Copperfield.

With 40 Illustrations by PHIZ. Bleak House,

With 40 Illustrations by PHIZ. Little Dorrit.

With 40 Illustrations by PAIZ. Christmas Stories and Others;

With 34 Illustrations by DALZIBL, FRASER, GREEN

} including Master Humphrey's Clock.) MAHONY, PHIZ, CATTERMOLE, &c. A Tale of Two Cities.

With 16 Illustrations by Parz. Great Expectations, and The Uncom. With 16- Illustrations by MARCUS STONE and J. G. mercial Traveller.

PINWELL, &c. Our Mutual Friend.

With 40 Illustrations by MARCUS STONE. Edwin Drood, and Reprinted Pieces. With 16 Illustrations by LUKE FILDES and

Collected Papers.

With Illustrations by PHIZ and CRUIKSHANK.
London : CHAPMAN & HALL, LIMITED, 11, Henrietta Street, W.C.



Pablished Weekly by JOHN C. PRANOI8, Broum'. Balldingo, Chancery Lane. B.C.; and Printed by JOHN BDWARD FRARCTS,

Atheneum Pross, Broam's Boudings, Chancery Lane, B.C. - Saturday, November 18, 1905.


I Medium of Intercommunication




" Whon found, make a noto of."-CAPTAIN CUTTLE.


No. 100. [SENTE] SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1905.

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the N.Y.P.O. a. Second-Class Matter. Yearly Subscription, 20s. 6d. post free.


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MESSRS. MACMILLAN di co. have the pleasure to announce that they will publish

on or about JANUARY 5,

By WINSTON SPENCER CHURCHILL. In 2 vols. demy 8vo, 368. net.

BROTHERHOOD. By W. HOLMAN HUNT, O.M. D.C.L. With 40 Photogravure Plates and other Illustrations. 2 vols, 8vo, 428. net.


By F. MARION CRAWFORD. With 225 Illustrations by JOSEPH PENNELL. 2 vols, extra crown 8vo, 21%, pet.

[Dec. 5. VOLUME IV. NOW READY. A HISTORY OF MODERN ENGLAND. By HERBERT PAUL. ID 5 vols. Vol. IV. 1875-1885. 8vo, 88. 6d. net.

* Previously Published. Vols. I.-III. 88. 6d. net each.


By W. J. COURTHOPE, C.B. M.A. D.Litt. LL.D., late Professor of Poetry in the University of
Oxford. Vol. V. The Constitutional Compromise of the Eighteenth Century; Effects of the
Classical Renaissance, its Zenith and Decline; the Early Romantic Repaissance. 8vo, 108, net.

*.* Previously Published. Vols. I.-IV. 108. net each.



AINGBR, M.A. LL.D. Edited by the Kov. Canon
BEROHING. 2 vols, crown Avo, 15., net.

A Memoir.


Late Governor-General of Australia. CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH. By A. G. With Portraits and Facsimiles. Extra crowa 8vo, 6s. BRADLEY. With Portrait. Orown 8vo, 28. Ad.


By WILLIAM O'BBIEN, M.P. By C. LLOYD MORGAN, LL.D. F.R.S. Fcap. 800, 2s, Det.

With Photogravure Portraits. 8vo, 14s, net. (Tuesday.





to NOTES AND QUERIBS free by post is 108. 3d. for Six Months; or 208 6d. for Twelve Months. Including the Volume Index.-JOHN C. FRANCIS, Notes and Querics Office, Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane.

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(Member of English and Foreign Antiquarian Societies), under takes the furnishing of Extracts from Parish kegisters, Copies or Abstracts from Wille, Chancery Proceedings, and other Records useful for Genealogical evidences in England, Scotland, and Ireland Abbreviated Latin I)ocuments Copied, Extended, and Translated.

Foreign Researches carried out. Enquiries invited. Mr. Culleton's Private Collections are worth consulting for Clues.

Antiquarian and Hcientific Material searched for and copied at the British Museum and other Archives.



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Funds exceed 25.0001.
Office : Memorial Hall Buildings, 16, Farringdon Street, London, E.C.

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The Right Hon. the BARL of ROBEBERY, K.G.

The Right Hon. the LORD GLENESK.


217, Strand, W.C.
Trustees (Rx-Ofticio Members of Committee):

ALFRED HENRY HANCE, Esq. (Chairman of Committee).

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London, under the Presidency of the late Alderman Harmer, for
granting Pensions and Temporary Assistance to principals and
Resistants engaged as vendors of newspapers.

A Donation of Ten Guineas constitutes a Vice-President and gives three votes for life at all elections. Bach Donation of 'Three Guineas gives & YO'e at all elections for life. Every Anncal Subscriber is entitled to one vote at all elections in respect of each Five Shillings so pald,

MEMBERARIP.-Every man and woman throughout the United Kingdom, whether pablisher, wholesaler, retailer, employer, or employed. is entitled to hecome a member of this institution, and enjoy its benefits upon payment of Five Shillings annually or Three Gaineas Life, provided that he or she 16 engaged in the sale of newspapers.

'The principal features of the Rules governing election to all Pensions are, that eich candidate shall have been (1) & member of the Institution for not less than ten years preceding application: (21 not less than Alts-five years of age; (3) engaged in the sale of newspapers for at least ten years.

RBLIRF.-'Temporary rollet is given in cares of distress, not only to Members of the Institution, but to news vendors or their servants who may be recommended for assistance by members of the Institution Inquiry is made in such cases by Visiting Committees, and relief is awarded in accordance with the merits and requirements of each case.

W. WILKIE JONES, Secretary.

"Examine well your blood. He From John of Gaunt doth bring his pedigree."-SHAKESPEARE

, Scotch, Irish,

TRACED from STATE RECORD8. Speciality : West of England and Emigrant Families.-Mr. RBYNELL-UPHAM, 7, Cathedral Clare, Exeter, and 1, Upham Park Road, Chiswick, London, w.

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fortably Furnished sitting Room and One Bedroom. Pleamal and contral. No othors taken.-R. A., 68, Grove HII Rond, Taabridg Well..

of Russian Life,


" Beside

" Famous

- She

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LONDON, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1905. personal friends, whose descendants still

possess the rings. CONTENTS.-No. 100.

One of these was recently shown to me in NOTES :- Nelson Memorial Rings, 421—The Jubilee of " The its original red-morocco case, lined with white Saturday_Review,' 422 – The Living Librarie,' 425 - satin, and on the label the name of the maker. Richard Bowes-Protestant-High Peak Words—Pinks's This was very interesting, as it was none

*History of Clerkenwell,' 427. QUERIES :-Directory of Foreign Peers-Thomas Hood and other than John Salter, so frequently alluded

Douglas Jerrold-Population of a Country Parish-"God's to in the Nelson dispatches as Lord Nelson's
Blessing Farm”

King's Money - Strer Family-Jobn silversmith."
Bowle, V.D.-Geoffrey Grin, Gent.--E.B.-Admiral Grey Harris Nicolas's work is the following refer-

At p. 389, vol. vii. of Sir
and the Relief of Derry
W. Cole, Cambridge Antiquary - Hebrew Traditions
Slavery-Final e in Chaucer-Sir P. Jennings Clerke-

“On the 30th of August, 1805, Lord Nelson called Basil Montagu - Westland Marston - Suingle BerriesSamuel Whitchurch, Poet - Hugh Trevor Escutcheon very early in the morning at Mr. Salter's, the silverof Pretence, 429 - Open-air Pulpits-Parker's Consecration smith, in the Strand, and purchased a silver-gilt and "Suffragan" Bishops, 430.

cup for Horatia ; and there is in the possession of REPLIES :-Scotch Communion Tokens, 430 - Trafalgar- Mrs. Salter a paper that has been examined by the Amateur Dramatic Clubs, 431–Prisoner suckled by his Editor," &c. Daughter, 432 — "Catamaran Wakerley — Kingsway

The cup in question, given to Horatia, Mrs. and Aldwych, 433

- Roderigo Lopez
Chelsea – Louis XIV.': Heart - Archbishop Philip Ward, is still in the possession of her

-too sball away
Authors of Quotations Wanted - Photography, The son, and is fashioned in the

shape of a port-
Devil and St. Botolph – Byways in the Olassics, 435– wine glass, inscribed “Horatia," and on the
Catalogues of MSS." Undertaker" – Lynde or Delalynde reverse side: "To my much loved Horatia,
Family-Anthony Bec, 438-Burns and the Palace of
Traquair" Jenetta Norweb," a Lost Book - William 21st August, 1806. Nelson & Bronte.”
Miller's Engravings-Cromwell House, Higbgate-John used it," wrote Lady Hamilton to Mrs.
Danister, Wykebamist, 437 — Tufnel Family-Ithamar-Salter, "till I thought proper for her to lay
Mulberry and Quince, 438.
NOTES ON BOOKS :- The Political History of England, it aside as a sacred relic."
1066-1216' - Gulliver's Travels Heine's Works-The There still exists an old bill of John
Magazine of Fine Arts'- 'The Edinburgh Review'- Salter's to Lady Hamilton, dated January,
A Quick Calculator'-Lamb and Wagner.

1800, to March, 1803, written in faded ink in Obituary :-Mr. James Sykes. Notices tu Correspondents.

two columns, many of the items evidently for presents.

The name of Salter being thus familiar to Notes.

me, and knowing it to be an old firm, I began

to wonder if they produced the mourning NELSON MEMORIAL RINGS.

rings which were made for Nelson's mother IN 5th S. v. 486 appeared from MR. MAURICE and grandmother (who died within ten days LENIHAN, of Limerick, the following query,

of each other during the Christmas season of which apparently received no reply :

1767-8), and which are still in existence. “I have a memorial ring of the hero of Trafalgar, They were probably made by order of which, I think, deserves a note in N. & Q. It Capt. Maurice Suckling, and are engraved is of gold, the front black enamel, with the "C. N. A. S., 1767-8" (for Catherine Nelson, letter under a baron's coronet, and the died 26 December, 1767, and her mother, letter B under a ducal coronet, and in the exergue, Anne Sucklingdied 5 January, 1768). I "TRAFALGAR. The letters are in gold on the black therefore made inquiries, and found that the ground, and the coronet one heraldically displayed. firm was still in the

Strand under the name On the back is the legend, 'Lost to his country of Widdowson & Veal. 21 Octr., 1805. Aged 47. On the rini, in capitals,

Their courteous is the legend, PALMAM. QUI. MERUIT. FERAT. Am reply to my letter, although it shattered my I to suppose that rings of this description were little theory, is interesting :generally worn after the death of Nelson ? or were

“We are unable to give the exact year that John they confined to a few niourners ?"

Salter established this business, but it was pro“The rings in question, of which I have seen bably about 1780. Unfortunately, we have none of several (one being my own property, inherited the books of the Salter period, and therefore no from my grandfather), were made by order record of the particular Nelson mourning rings ; of the executors of the hero of Trafalgar. time, and we have repaired old ones and made

but we know that they were made here at that *The list, still existing, comprises sixty names, copies to replace lost ones ourselves. We should and is headed, "Persons to whom Mourning tell you that over a door between our two shops we Rings were sent agreeable to the directions have a fanlight of stained glass, which has a coat of the Rt. Hon. Earl Nelson and J. Hasel- of arms, under which is the name of John Salter. wood, Esq., executors of the late Lord hat, the one worn at Copenhagen ; but two or three

We had here in a glass case Lord Nelson's cocked Viscount Nelson, deceased.” The names that years ago Mr. Ball, the present head of the firm, follow are chiefly those of relatives and lent it to the United Service Institution, where it


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now is on exhibition. We shall be obliged if you to Lady Hamilton : "I hope your marriage will kindly mention that our firm was the maker of has gone off well, for the girl may thank you the memorial rings."

(if it is worth thanking) for her husband." I have a vague idea that a niece of John

A memorial ring was made for the Rev. Salter's is said to have married a Mr. Veal, Edmund Nelson in May, 1802. The letter and also that Lord Nelson gave a silver tray giving a list of the recipients was in the to a member of the Salter family as a Holding Collection, and is printed in Mrs. wedding gift.

Hilda Gamlin's Nelson's Friendships.' It is If only the Salter ledgers existed, many of a gold band with black enamel and a white the christening gifts presented by our great line edging it, and bears the date of death naval hero to his godchildren might be iden- and the age of the venerable cleric. The one I tified and traced, whereas their histories are have seen has no tell-tale case, but the rings now lost. Possibly from Salter's was ordered were in all probability made at the cost of the beautiful tea service given to the little that most generous of sons and brothers, daughter of Capt. Sir William and Lady Horatio Nelson, and may well also have Bolton, born in March, of whose advent come from John Salter's. It would be inNelson wrote to Lady Hamilton, 6 June, teresting to know if any readers of 'N. &Q. 1804:

possess any of the memorial rings herein “Sir William Bolton joined last night, and re- mentioned or know aught of their existence. ceived letters announcing his being called a papa.

F. H. S. Apropos, I believe, you should buy a piece of plate value 501. for our goddaughter of Lady Bolton, and something of 207. or 301. for Col. Suckling's.” THE JUBILEE OF THE SATURDAY

REVIEW: This last joint godchild, afterwards christened Nelson, was son of his first cousin

(See ante, pp. 332, 402.) William Suckling, and the gift took the form IN 1855 and 1856 hawkers were selling in of a silver jug and stand, the facsimile of one the streets of London caricatures of the twodepicted in Lord Charles Beresford's 'Nelson popular preachers Bellew and Spurgeon, and his Times.'

Spurgeon being depicted as Brimstone and Nelson's letter to Lady Hamilton telling Bellew as Treacle. The Saturday Review, her to choose the name for their godchild ever on the look out for popular subjects, (Nelson's dispatches) has been the cause of devoted much space to reviewing their some confusion of ideas. Writing before the sermons as well as those of Dr. Cumming. birth, he said, " Call him what you please ; if Bellew then preached to a fashionable cona girl, Emma." Lady Hamilton wrote out to gregation at St. Philip's in Regent Street, announce the birth to Nelson and to Sir which was crowded to the doors. The William Bolton. “Your letter," wrote Lady reviewer describes him as having “a loose, Bolton later to Lady Hamilton,

rambling intellect," and column after column gave Sir William the first intelligence of the could be filled “with examples of the surbirth of his little girl. My Lord has told him the prising digressions, the tawdry ornaments, name, Emma Horatia, and that you and he are to and the jumble of ideas, which, with a very answer for it."

few exceptions, disfigure every sermon that Lady Hamilton's gift was a very handsome Mr. Bellow has published.” coral mounted in gold. She was particularly To Dr. Cumming two long reviews are interested in the young couple, having known devoted on June 14th and 21st, 1856, the works Sir William in the Mediterranean when he was being 'The End; or, Proximate Signs of the serving with Nelson in the Vanguard, and Close of the Dispensation,' and ' Apocalyptic she appears to have aided his wooing of his Sketches. The last had a sale of 16,000. He

Kitty Bolton.". The marriage had is charged been fixed for the spring of 1803, but Lord with gross ignorance; his object is to insinuate Nelson's sudden departure to serve afloat in --for he does not go so far as explicitly to assertMay of that year had upset all the family plans, that the end of the world is to take place in 1863, and even the installation to the Order of the and this he does on the strength of certain passages Bath had to be performed by proxy, and in the Greek Testament, and their connexion with

certain historical events." William Bolton, being selected for the office,

The review disclaims all knowledge of Dr. was knighted for the occasion on 18 May, and "married on that same day by special Cumming or his affairs : licence in a private house." Possibly the

“We look only at the influence which he exerhouse was the Hamiltons', for Nelson, travel. cises, and at the doctrine which he preaches, and

we feel very strongly that such influence ought not ling post haste, had arrived at Portsmouth to be exercised, nor such doctrine to be preached, that same afternoon, and thence dated a letter by incompetent persons without some kind of

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