Travels in Portugal: And Through France and Spain. With a Dissertation on the Literature of Portugal, and the Spanish and Portugueze Languages

T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1801 - 504 pagina's

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Pagina 312 - Each echo sigh'd thy princely lover's name. Nor less could absence from thy prince remove The dear remembrance of his distant love : Thy looks, thy smiles, before him ever glow, And o'er his melting heart endearing flow : By night his slumbers bring thee to his arms, By day his thoughts still wander o'er thy charms : By night, by day, each thought thy loves employ, Each thought the memory or the hope of joy.
Pagina 485 - ECTHLIPSIS — a figure by which a final m with the preceding vowel is cut off, when the next word begins with a vowel, or whereby a letter is thrown out.
Pagina 178 - ... affairs require expedition and economy, this, perhaps, is the leaft fuited of any. The times when caravans fet out to crofs the great defert are uncertain, and rarely occur above once or twice in a year $ and, at the flow rate, at which loaded camels travel, they feldom perform their journey under fifty days. If to this you add the tedious navigation of the Levant...
Pagina vi - Portugueze, determining impartially to pourtray their character, their mode of life, and their agriculture, with which laft my occupations rendered me intimately acquainted ; till thus a mere apology grew into a book of travels.
Pagina 183 - I prefume, in fifteen days more ; from thence you may go to Bagdad by Diarbekir in twelve days, and' from Bagdad to Buflbra*, in a light boat along the Tigris, in four days. If a veflel is ready there to receive you, Bombay may be reached in twenty-one days.
Pagina v - ... grief, that no one had defcribed the delightful vales through which th.e • Minho * flows, the cultivation of which vies with that of England herfelf ; that no one had beftowed; due praife on the tolerant fpirit .of the common people, ,of which I had many pleafing proofs...
Pagina 220 - I have nothing to fay in defence of the higher clafles ; they are as inferior to the fpaniards as the common people excel them. The want of fcience and tafte, which perhaps arife from the total want of works of art in this country; a government which never had...
Pagina 345 - ... a warm climate afford all the refreshments of the north. In a lovely valley beyond the Bernhardine monastery of Bouro, which itself stands in a hollow at the foot of the mountains, surrounded by a large quinta full of orange trees, and extending along the banks of the Lima, the Roman troops refused to follow their commanders, being unwilling to quit this happy country. The Romans called it the River of Oblivion. The Rio Caldo, the Homem, the Cavado, and innumerable other rivers of this province,...
Pagina 108 - A great city, fituated on a broolc iri an ungrateful country, where manufactures only fiourifh by means of extraordinary exertion and encouragement, and where the court refides but a few weeks in the year, is great but by force, and that force is every where perceived.
Pagina 180 - Sea, and over the little defert to Cairo, and from thence down the Mediterranean, has been lately recommended as more expeditious than the former ; this I believe, would be really the cafe, if the winds were favourable ; but the...

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