Catalogue of Syriac manuscripts in Za'faran Monastery

Gorgias Press, 2009 - 843 pagina's
"Dayr Zaʻfarān, located in southeastern Turkey, was the seat of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch from the thirteenth century until 1933 and this book is a reproduction of Philoxenos Dolabani's handwritten catalog of the manuscripts contained there. Dolabani was one of the greatest scholars of Syriac in the twentieth century and he made the catalogue while still a monk. This work, two volumes combined under one cover, is an important resource for all interested in Syrian and Christian Arabic. A lengthy introduction by Bishop Gregorios Yohanna contains information about Dolabani's life and works. This is the second volume in a three-volume series which also includes Dolabani's handwritten catalogues of the manuscripts of Dayr Mar Marqus in Jerusalem and other Syrian Orthodox collections in the Middle East."--

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