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Pagina 20 - Pennsylvania, with illustrations selected from Funke's Atlas of Physiological Chemistry, and an Appendix of plates. Complete in two large and handsome octavo volumes, extra cloth, containing 1200 pages, with nearly two hundred illustrations.
Pagina 193 - ... them, moreover, to tell how much work it has done, as a clock records the beats of its pendulum ; it regulates the quantity of steam admitted to work, the briskness of the fire, the supply of water to the boiler, the supply of coals to the fire ; it opens and shuts its valves with absolute precision as to time and manner ; it oils its joints ; it takes out any air which may accidentally enter into parts which should be vacuous; and when...
Pagina 4 - MR. LIONEL J. BEALE, MRCS THE LAWS OF HEALTH IN THEIR RELATIONS TO MIND AND BODY. A Series of Letters from an Old Practitioner to a Patient.
Pagina 9 - ON THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF MIDWIFERY. A new American from the fourth revised and enlarged London edition. With notes and additions by D. FRANCIS CONDIE, MD, author of a "Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children, *
Pagina 25 - A Treatise on Pharmacy : designed as a Text-book for the Student, and as a Guide for the Physician and Pharmaceutist.
Pagina 11 - THE CYCLOPAEDIA OF PRACTICAL MEDICINE: comprising Treatises on the Nature and Treatment of Diseases, Materia Medica, and Therapeutics, Diseases of Women and Children, Medical Jurisprudence, Arc. Ace. In four large super-royal octavo volumes, of 3254 double-columned pages, strongly and handsomely bound, with raised 'bands. $12 00. *** This...
Pagina 17 - The author has endeavored in this work to cover a more extended range of subjects than is customary in the ordinary text-books, by giving not only the details necessary for the student, bnt also the application of those details in the practice of medicine and surgery, thus rendering it both a guide for the learner, and an admirable work of reference for the active practitioner.
Pagina 23 - Prevised by the American editor. Illustrated by three hundred and sixty-four engravings on wood. In one large octavo volume, leather, of nearly 700 pages. $3 75. No encomium of ours could add to the popularity of Miller's Surgery. Its reputation in this country...
Pagina 27 - THERAPEUTICS AND MATERIA MEDICA; a Systematic Treatise on the Action, and Uses of Medicinal Agents, including their Description and History.
Pagina 52 - Because, while the top is perfectly upright, its point, being directly under its centre, supports it steadily, and although turning so rapidly, has no tendency to move from the place ; but if the top incline at all, the side of the peg, instead of the very point, comes in contact with the floor, and the peg then becomes a little wheel or roller, advancing quickly, and, with its touching edge, describing a curve somewhat as a skaiter does, until it becomes directly under the body of the top as before.

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