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Pagina 5 - No sea but what is vexed by their fisheries. No climate that is not witness to their toils. Neither the perseverance of Holland, nor the activity of France, nor the dexterous and firm sagacity of English enterprise, ever carried this most perilous mode of...
Pagina 5 - Whilst we follow them among the tumbling mountains of ice and behold them penetrating into the deepest frozen recesses of Hudson's Bay and Davis's Straits, whilst we are looking for them beneath the Arctic Circle, we hear that they have pierced into the opposite region of polar cold, that they are at the Antipodes and engaged under the frozen Serpent of the south.
Pagina 14 - Orleans become marts for legitimate merchandise alone, or else the rye fields and wheat fields of Massachusetts and New York must again be surrendered by their farmers to slave culture and to the production of slaves, and Boston and New York become once more markets for trade in the bodies and souls of men.
Pagina 5 - We know that whilst some of them draw the line and strike the harpoon on the coast of Africa, others run the longitude and pursue their gigantic game along the coast of Brazil.
Pagina 13 - European connections, although actually becoming more intimate— -will, nevertheless, relatively sink in importance ; while the Pacific ocean, its shores, its islands, and the vast regions beyond, will become the chief theatre of events in the world's great hereafter...
Pagina 14 - ... two systems which the first Napoleon was contemplating when he predicted that Europe would ultimately be either all Cossack or all republican. Never did human sagacity utter a more pregnant truth. The two systems are at once perceived to be incongruous. But they are more than incongruous — they are incompatible. They never have permanently existed together in one country and they never can. It would be easy to demonstrate this impossibility from the irreconcilable contrast between their great...
Pagina 14 - I know, and you know, that a revolution has begun. I know, and all the world knows, that revolutions never go backward.
Pagina 14 - Constitution and laws they invited foreign free labor from all lands under the sun, and interdicted the importation of African slave labor, at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances whatsoever. It is true that they necessarily and wisely modified this policy of Freedom, by leaving it to the several States, affected as they were by differing circumstances, to abolish Slavery in their own way and at their own pleasure, instead of confiding that duty to Congress, and that they secured...
Pagina 29 - Union can never be doubted, has given renewed vigor to our institutions and restored a sense of repose and security to the public mind throughout the Confederacy. That this repose is to suffer no shock during my official term, if I have power to avert it, those who placed me here may be assured.
Pagina 14 - It debases those whose toil alone can produce wealth and resources for defence to the lowest degree of which human nature is capable, to guard against! mutiny and insurrection, and thus wastes energies whicH ! otherwise might be employed in national development and aggrandizement. , ; The free-labor system educates all alike, and by opening all the fields of industrial employment...

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