Language Learning by a Chimpanzee: The Lana Project

Duane M Rumbaugh
Academic Press, 10 mei 2014 - 334 pagina's
Language Learning by a Chimpanzee: The Lana Project brings together several disciplinary endeavors, such as primatology, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, computer and information sciences, and neurosciences.

This book is composed of two sets of data—one relates to language learning in the chimpanzee, while the other deals with language construction by Homo sapiens. The fundamental issue of mind-brain dualism and difference between man and beast are also covered. This text mainly describes the LANA project that aims to develop a computer-based language training system for investigation into the possibility that chimpanzees may have the capacity to acquire human-type language.

This publication is recommended for biologists, specialists, and researchers conducting work on language learning in nonhuman primates.

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Design of the LANA Project
Lanas Mastery of LanguageType Skills
Projects for the Future
Language and Communication A Perspective
Chronological Bibliography of LANA Project Publications

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