The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

Moxon, 1851 - 501 pagina's

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Pagina 3 - Forsothe he was a worthy man withalle, But soth to sayn, I n'ot how men him calle. A CLERK ther was of Oxenforde also, That unto logike hadde long ygo. As lene was his hors as is a rake, And he was not right fat, I undertake; But loked holwe, and therto soberly.
Pagina 6 - Who so shall telle a tale after a man, He moste reherse as neighe as ever he can : Everich word, if it be in his charge, All speke he, never so rudely and so large...
Pagina 2 - But sore wept she if on of hem were dede, Or if men smote it with a yerde smert : And all was conscience and tendre herte.
Pagina 131 - And with that word he fley doun fro the beem, For it was day, and eek his hennes alle; And with a chuk he gan hem for to calle, For he had founde a corn, lay in the yerd.
Pagina 5 - He was a shepherd, and no mercenarie. And though he holy were, and vertuous, He was to sinful men not dispitous, Ne of his speche dangerous ne digne, But in his teching discrete and benigne.
Pagina 332 - And in hymself he lough right at the wo Of hem that wepten for his deth so faste...
Pagina 4 - And swiche he was ypreved often sithes. Ful loth were him to cursen for his tithes, But rather wolde he yeven out of doute, Unto his poure parishens aboute, Of his offring, and eke of his substance.
Pagina 1 - And though that he was worthy he was wise, And of his port as meke as is a mayde. He never yet no vilanie ne sayde 70 In alle his lif, unto no manere wight. He was a veray parfit gentil knight.
Pagina 129 - Wher-as ther was swich congregacioun Of peple, and eek so streit of herbergage That they ne founde as muche as o cotage In which they bothe mighte y-logged be.
Pagina 1 - In Flaundres, in Artoys, and Picardye, And born him wel, as of so litel space, In hope to stonden in his lady grace.

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