The Story of the Campaign: A Complete Narrative of the War in Southern Russia

Gould and Lincoln, 1855 - 184 pagina's
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Pagina i - OF ANECDOTES OF LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS.. Containing a copious and choice selection of Anecdotes of the various forms of Literature, of the Arts, of Architecture, Engravings, Music, Poetry, Painting, and Sculpture, and of the most celebrated Literary Characters and Artists of different Countries and Ages, &-c. By KAZLITT ARVINE, AM, Author of " Cyclopaedia of Moral and Religious Anecdotes.
Pagina ii - GUYOT'S MURAL MAPS ; a Series of elegant Colored Maps, projected on a large scale, for the Recitation Room, consisting of a Map of the World, North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, &c., exhibiting the Physical Phenomena of the Globe, etc.
Pagina ii - Miller's exceedingly interesting book on this formation is just the sort of work to render any subject popular. It is written in a remarkably pleasing style, and contains a wonderful amount of information.
Pagina ii - PRINCIPLES OF ZOOLOGY; Touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement, of the RACES OF ANIMALS, living and extinct, with numerous Illustrations. For the use of Schools and Colleges.
Pagina i - CYCLOPEDIA OF ENGLISH LITERATURE. A Selection of the choicest productions of English Authors, from the earliest to the present time. Connected by a Critical and Biographical History. Forming two large imperial octavo volumes of TOO pages each, double column letter press ; with upwards of 300 elegant Illustrations.
Pagina 78 - Russian force was before them ; a body of cavalry interposed to cut off their retreat ; and, assailed on every side by every arm, and their ranks utterly broken, they were compelled to fight their way through, and to regain our position under the same artillery fire that had crashed into their advance. Singly, and in two's and three's, these gallant horsemen returned, some on foot, some wounded, some supporting a wounded comrade. The same fire which had shattered their ranks had reached the heavy...
Pagina 71 - The interest excited by a contest of artillery, without decided advantage on either side, soon languishes ; and in a few days the thunder of the bombardment was almost unheeded. But the troops in the trenches and batteries were hardly worked, and exposed by day incessantly to a tremendous fire. The space in the magazines in our batteries was at first insufficient to hold ammunition for the day's consumption, and to take in fresh supplies formed one of the most trying duties which artillerymen can...

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