An essay upon various arts, tr., with notes, by R. Hendrie


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Pagina 186 - Sub hoc ille tecto tam sordido stetit, hoc illum pavimentum tam vile sustinuit. At nunc quis est, qui sic lavari sustineat? Pauper sibi videtur ac sordidus, nisi parietes magnis et pretiosis orbibus refulserunt, nisi Alexandrina marmora Numidicis crustis distincta sunt, nisi illis undique operosa et in picturae modum variata circumlitio praetexitur, nisi vitro absconditur camera...
Pagina 51 - To make ink, cut for yourself wood of the thorn-trees in April or May, before they produce flowers or leaves, and collecting them in small bundles, allow them to lie in the shade for two, three, or four weeks, until they are somewhat dry. Then have wooden mallets, with which you beat these thorns upon another piece of hard wood, until you peel off the bark everywhere, put which immediately into a barrelful of water.
Pagina 51 - ... all the sap of the bark. Afterwards put this water into a very clean pan, or into a cauldron, and fire being placed under it, boil it ; from time to time, also, throw into the pan some of this bark, so that whatever sap may remain in it may be boiled out, when you have cooked it a little, throw it out, and again put in more ; which done, boil down the remaining water unto a third part, and then, pouring it out of this pan, put it into one smaller, and cook it until it grows black and begins to...
Pagina 319 - When you have scraped the gold from silver, place this scraping in a small cup in which gold or silver is accustomed to be melted, and press a small linen cloth upon it, that nothing may by chance be abstracted from it by the wind of the bellows, and placing it before the furnace, melt it; and directly lay fragments of sulphur in it, according to the quantity of the scraping, and carefully stir it with a thin piece of charcoal until its fumes cease; and immediately pour it into an iron mould. Then...
Pagina 36 - Si autem volueris opus tuum festinare, sume gummi, quod exit de arbore ceraso sive pruno, et concidens illud minutatim, pone in vas fictile, et aquam abundanter infunde, et pone ad solem, sive super carbones in hieme, donec gummi liquefiat, et ligno rotundo diligenter commisce. Deinde cola per pannum, et inde tere colores et impone. Omnes colores et mixturae eorum hoc gummi teri et poni possunt, praeter minium, et cerosam (cerussam) et carmin, qui cum claro ovi terendi et ponendi sunt.
Pagina 453 - I offer, therefore, to those who regard with love and reverence the religion which they have received from their fathers, a brief but comprehensive record, diligently, faithfully, and conscientiously composed, which they may put into the hands of their children.

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