Tales from the German, Comprising Specimens from the Most Celebrated Authors

Harper & brothers, 1844 - 110 pagina's

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Pagina 172 - ... expulsion from the city. Two burgomasters, Jenkens and Otto by name, who were present in their official dress at the head of the entire city council, tried in vain to explain that they absolutely must await the return of a courier who had been dispatched to the President of the Chancery of State for permission to send the Squire to Dresden, whither he himself, for many reasons, wished to go. The unreasoning crowd, armed with pikes and staves, cared nothing for these words. After handling rather...
Pagina 42 - ... Such another as yourself,' was my answer — ' that is, if your looks don't belie you.' ' ' There is no passage this way. Whom seek ye here ?' ' ' By what right do you ask ?' returned I boldly. The man considered me leisurely twice, from the feet up to the head. It seemed as if he were comparing my figure with his own, and my answer with my figure — ' ' You speak as stoutly as a beggar,
Pagina 149 - ... declaration of an elegant beau of these teaparties, Olimpia had, contrary to all good manners, sneezed oftener than she had yawned? The former must have been, in the opinion of this elegant gentleman, the winding up of the concealed clockwork; it had always been accompanied by an observable creaking, and so on. The Professor of Poetry and Eloquence took a pinch of snuff, and, slapping the lid to and clearing his throat, said solemnly, "My most honourable ladies and gentlemen, don't you see then...
Pagina 49 - He was silent for some minutes, and appeared to be undergoing a severe contest, then he suddenly turned to the judge. " Can I be alone with you for a quarter of an hour?
Pagina 134 - TO LOTHAIR I am very sorry that Clara opened and read my last letter to you; of course the mistake is to be attributed to my own absence of mind. She has written me a very deep philosophical letter, proving conclusively that Coppelius and Coppola only exist in my own mind and are phantoms of my own self, which will at once be dissipated, as soon as I look upon them in that light.
Pagina 35 - ... such a character, even till we detect the concentrated embers which first awoke the internal fire that slumbered? To the dreamer who loves the wonderful, all that is strange and adventurous in such an appearance will have charms, while the friend of truth seeks to find a mother for these deserted children. He seeks her in the unalterable structure of the human soul, and in the changeable conditions to which it is outwardly subject, in both of which he finds them invariably true. He is no longer...
Pagina 105 - ... saying I was not born with this disgraceful disguise. Alas ! it was never sung at my cradle that Mimi, the great Wetterbock's daughter, would be killed in the kitchen of a duke." " Pray be easy, dear Miss Mimi," said the dwarf, comforting her, " for as sure as I am an honest fellow, and sub-master-cook to his highness, no one shall touch your throat. I will give you a stall in my own apartments, you shall have enough food, and I will devote my leisure time to converse with you. I'll tell the...
Pagina 37 - Johanna's favour was at an end, now he was a beggar. Wolf knew his enemy, and this enemy was the happy possessor of Johanna.
Pagina 165 - Oh, I understand you!" she cried. "You now need nothing but weapons and horses; whoever will may take everything else!" With this she turned away and, in tears, flung herself down on a chair. Kohlhaas exclaimed in alarm, "Dearest Lisbeth, what are you doing? God has blessed me with wife and children and worldly goods; am I today for the first time to wish that it were otherwise?" He sat down gently beside his wife, who at these words had flushed up and fallen on his neck. "Tell me!
Pagina 253 - BUT man is higher than his dwelling-place ; he looks up and unfolds the wings of his soul, and when the sixty minutes which we call sixty years have passed, he takes flight, kindling as he rises, and the ashes of his feathers fall...

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