The Global Condition: Conquerors, Catastrophes, and Community

Princeton University Press, 2017 - 200 pagina's
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William H. McNeill is known for his ability to portray the grand sweep of history. The Global Condition is a classic work for understanding the grand sweep of world history in brief compass. Now with a new foreword by J. R. McNeill, this book brings together two of William Hardy McNeill's popular short books and an essay. The Human Condition provides a provocative interpretation of history as a competition of parasites, both biological and human; The Great Frontier questions the notion of "frontier freedom" through an examination of European expansion; the concluding essay speculates on the role of catastrophe in our lives.

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Over de auteur (2017)

William H. McNeill (1917-2016) was professor emeritus of history at the University of Chicago. His books include The Pursuit of Truth. J. R. McNeill is professor of history at Georgetown University. He is the author of Something New Under the Sun.

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