Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel

Meridian House, 1996 - 397 pagina's
Science fiction writer Mendle J. Orion finds the super-heroine of his new novel come to life. Intriguing coincidences unfold in a romantic mystery-adventure which explores relationships between body & soul, thought & matter. A shocking secret is discovered about humanity that had been too close for anyone to see. QUAN*TUM FIC*TION: Literature where miracles & the fantastic are supported by empirical science; coined by author Vanna Bonta to accommodate literature reflecting the age where "science catches up to fiction & finds spirit." PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY--"Whatever 'quantum fiction' is, we need more of it...reminiscent of Heinlein for its exuberant infusion of mystery, romance, & adventure into good, basic science fiction." BOOKLIST--"...An inspiring romantic adventure ...auspicious, genre-bending...refreshing..." THE STAR BEACON--"New Age fiction at its best." "Absolutely the beginning of the 'end' of trite, simplistic stories that have followed the same blueprint for ages. FLIGHT opens the door to the incredible. I loved it!"--Bruce Stephen Holms, TIMELESS VOYAGER RADIO. Communicating to over one million callers per month. Barnes & Noble Talking Book Directory. E-mail: MeridianOL@aol.com, http://members.aol.com/AlraFlight/space.htm.

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