Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.

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... (76

BIBLE.—Matthew Henry's Exposition: a new edition in CONVERSION.-An Answer to the Right Rev. Dr. Wise3 vols. containing Supplementary Notes to each book man's Letter, entitled “ Conversion." By a Bachelor in the Old Testament, to the Four Gospels, and the Acts of Divinity: 8vo. pp. 16, sewed, 6d.

.. [61 of the Apostles, large additions to the Epistles and Apo- COTTAGER'S (THÉ) MONTHLY VISITOR for 1847. calypse, and numerous Wood Engravings illustrative of Vol. 27, 12mo. pp. 432, boards, 4s. ; half-bound, 4s. 6d. (62 Biblical Scenes, Customs, and Objects, together with a COUNCIL (THE) of FOUR: a Game of Definitions, Edited Life of the Author. By the Rev. A. L. Gordon. Vol. 1, by Arthur Wallbridge. New edition, 32mo. pp. 110, 4to. 13s. 6d. . [31 cloth, 1s. 6d.

.663 BRAITHWAITE(W.)- The Retrospectof Medicine. Edited COWPER (W.)—The Task, Truth, and other Poems. By by W. Braithwaite. Vol. 16, July to Dec. 1847. 12mo. William Cowper, Esq. 18mo. pp. 384, with frontispiece, (Leeds), pp. 492, cloth, 6s... . [32 cloth, Is. 6d...

..[64 BRIAN OʻLINN; or, Luck is Everything. By W. H. (Vide Adv. 12.) Maxwell, Esq. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 964, 31s. 6d. ....133 DALTON (W.)

The Family Altar. By the Rey. W. BRITISH' (THE) IMPERIAL CALENDAR for 1848. Dalton. 6th edition, post svo. pp. 378, cloth, 5s. .... [65 12mo. pp. 492, bound, 5s.

. (34 BRITISH DIPLOMACY in the River Plate. 8vo. pp. 56,

DAVIS (A. J.)-The Principles of Nature, her Divine Re

velations, and a Voice to Mankind. By and through sewed, Is..

. [35 BROWN (J.T.) The Art of Printing, and the Effects of

Andrew Jackson Davis, the “Poughkeepsie Seer," and

“ Clairvoyant.” 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 834, cloth, with porthe Cheapness and Facilities of that Art on Society: a

trait, 18s.

[66 Lecture. By the Rev. J. Tod Brown, M.A.. Delivered DE PORQUET (L. P.)- Key to Exercises on French Conbefore the Young Men's Christian Association, Dec. 7.

versation. By Louis Phillippe Porquet. 12mo. pp. 12mo. pp. 38, sewed, 3d.

72, sewed, 1s.

[68 BROWNING'S (DR.) Convict Ship, with England's Exiles. DOMESTIC BLISS. Six Plates. Oblong, sewed, Is... (69 3d edition, with an Appendix containing an Account of DOMESTIC TALES, for Youth. 181110. pp. 960, cloth, the Removal of Convicts froin England and from Norfolk

2s. 6d.

.170 Island to Tasmania in the Pestonjee Bomanjee. 12mo. DONALDSON (J.)-The Enemies to Agriculture, Botani. pp. 364, cloth, bs. ....

[37 BUDDICOM (R. P.)-Sermons; chiefly Practical. By the

cal and Zoological; being a brief Account of the Weeds,

Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, and Worms, which are injulate Rev. R. P. Buddicom, M.A. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 924, rious to the Farmer; with the best Means for their Éxcloth, 148...

·[38 tirpation or Diminution. Dy John Donaldson. 8vo. pp. (Vide Adv. 38*.)

148, cloth, 3s.

71 BUNBURY (C. J. F.)- Journal of a Residence at the Cape DRAPER (B. H.)-The Miracles of Our Lord Jesus. By of Good Hope, with Excursions into the Interior, and

the Rev. B. H. Draper. 2 vols. in 1, 32mo. pp. 300, cloth, Notes on the Natural History and the Native Tribes.

28. 6d.

72 By Charles J. F. Bunbury. Post 8vo. pp. 310, cl. 98. [39 EAST INDIA (THE) REGISTER and Army List for (Vide Adv. 20.)

1848. Compiled from the Official Returns. 12mo. pp. BUNBURY (S.) - Evenings in the Pyrenees. By Selina

680, sewed, 10s.

[73 Bunbury. Post 8vo. pp. 324, cloth, 5s. reduced......[40 EMBURY (MISS).Tales for the Young. By Miss EmBYRON (LORD).-Tales and Poems. By Lord Byron.

bury. 32mo. pp. 192, cloth, 2s.

.....[74 With 46'illustrative engravings on steel, by Edward Fin- EMIGRANTS (The) of Ahadarra. By William Carleton, den, from designs by Henry Warren. Royal 8vo. pp. Esq. 12mo. pp. 318, boards, ls.

.[75 290, cloth gilt, 21s.....


(Parlour Library, Vol. 11.) CAMPBELL'S Lives of the Lord Chancellors. 3d Series, ENGLISH (THE) CHURCHMAN'S CALENDAR, 1848; Vols. 6 and 7, 8vo. pp. 1486, cloth, 30s.

[42 being Leap-Year. 12mo. pp. 40, sewed, Is.. (Vide Adv. 20.)

ESSINGTON (R. W.)-The Middle Way; or, the Province CAMPDEN (VISCOUNT). - The British Chaplaincy of of Patristic Divinity determined: to which is added, Madeira. By Viscount Campden. Reprinted from the

“The Samaritan," a Sermon. By Rev. R. W. Essington, Ecclesiastic for Nov. 1847. 8vo. pp. 8, sewed, 6d..... [43

M.A. 8vo. pp. 36, sewed, 2s. 6d...

[77 CARPENTER’S (W. B.) Popular Cyclopædia. Vols. I to EVENTFUL HISTORY of Mrs. Fitzroy Slam's Trip to 5, post 8vo. cloth, reduced to 6s. each..

.. [44

CATHOLIC INSTRUCTOR, Vol. 4, 4to. pp. 576, sewed,

Edited by Fiddlesticks-and-Rubbish. Square, pp. 62, with illustrations, sewed, 1s.

[78 4s. 6d. ; half-bound, 58. 6d.

[45 EXCERPTA PROTESTANTIA ; comprising a View of the CHAMBERS' Edinburgh Journal. New Series. Vol. 8,

Church of England, in the aspect of her Articles and July-December, 1847. Roy. 8vo. Pp. 420, cl. 45. 6d. [46

Homilies. 12mo. pp. 94, cloth. 28. 6d.

. [79 CHEPMELL (E. C.)--A Domestic Homeopathy, restricted FAMILY (THE) JO'MILLER: a Drawing-Room Jest

to its Legitimate Sphere of Practice ; together with Rules Book. 12mo. pp. 216, with Illustrations by Kenny Meafor Diet and Regimen. By Edward C. Chepmell. 18mo.

dows, Richards, Doyle, &c. cloth, 5s.

.. (80 pp. 260, cloth, 48. 6d. CHESS-PLAYER'S (THE) CHRONICLE, Vol. 8.

..[47 FISHER'S Elements of Geometry, symbolically arranged; 8vo.

for the use of the Boys at the Royal Hospital Schools, pp. 428, cloth, 168...

.[48 Greenwich. 2d edition, 18mo. pp. 118, cloth, 3s. ....[81 CHILDREN'S (THE) FRIEND. Vol. 24, for 1847. 32mo. FORTUNIO. Illustrated by J. W. 4to. pp. 24, sewed, pp. 300, half-bound, Is. 6d...

. [49

.[82 CHILDREN'S (THE) MAGAZINE and Missionary Re- FRIENDLY (THE) VISITOR. By William Carus Wilson.

pository. Vol. 10, for 1847. 32mo. pp. 430, hf.-bd. 1s.6d. [50
CHRISTIAN (THE) PIONEER. Vol. 1, 1846-7.

Vol. 29, for 1847, 12mo. pp. 208, half-bound, Is. 6d. ..

.[83 12mo.

FRY (E.) – Memoir of the Life of Elizabeth Fry: with pp. 212, half-cloth, Is..

.[51 Extracts from her Letters and Journal. Edited by Two
CHRISTÍAN (THE) LADY'S MAGAZINE, Vol. 28. of her Daughters. (In 2 vols.) Vol. 2, 8vo. pp. 532,
12mo. pp. 588, cloth,

cloth, 12s...

..[84 CHURCH (THE) of England Magazine, Vol. 23. Imp. GARDÍNER (W.)-Sights in Italy: with some Account of 8vo. pp. 470, cloth, 5s.6d.

the Present State of Music and the Sister Arts in that CIVIL ENGINEER (THE) and Architect's Journal :

Country. By William Gardiner. 8vo. pp. 416, cloth, Scientific and Railway Gazette. Vol. 10, 1847, 4to. pp. 16s.

.[85 410, cloth, 20s....

.[54 (Vide Adv. 8.) CLAIMS of the Church of Rome considered with a View GAUGAIN (MRS.)- Book of Crochet Edgings. By Mrs. to Unity. 12mo. pp. 128, cloth, 1s... [55 Gaugain. Square, pp. 34, sewed, 6d..

186 CLARKE (H.)-Prophetic Letters on the West Indian In- GIFT-BOOK (THE) of Biography for Young Ladies. By

terest. By E. Hyde Clarke. 8vo. (Leamington), pp. 16, Miss M. Kendrick and Mrs. L. Maria Child. 12mo. pp.
sewed, ls...

. (56
274, cloth, 48. 6d.

:[87 CLARKE (M. C.)-Shakespeare Proverbs; or, the Wise GIL BLAS; from the French of Le Sage. By T. Smollett

. Saws of our Wisest Poet collected into a Modern In- With an Account of the Author's Life. 18mo. pp. 65+, stance. By Mary Cowden Clarke. Square, pp. 146,

cloth, 3s.

..[88 cloth, 4s.

... [57 GORDON (R. A.)-An Examination of the Rev. W.J. E. (Vido dv7.) JEWS.T.)-Aids to Reflection. By Samuel

Bennett's Theory of “ Apostacy:" with some Remarks

upon its Practical Application in certain Recent Events faylor Baleridge. Edited by Henry Nelson Coleridge. Pation enlarged. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 748, cl. 128. 58

in the Parish of St. Paul's, Knightsbridge. By the Rey.

Robert A. Gordon. 8vo. pp. 24, sewed, 6d...........[89 BOTS for Sundays and Holidays throughout the

Year, in the Order in which they occur in the Book of GREGORY (W.)-Outlines of Chemistry, for the use of 132 Cormor Prayer. Rendered into Verse. 18mo. pp. 96,

Students. By W. Gregory, M.D. 2d edition, enlarged, cloth, as


12mo. pp. 670, with engravings on wood, cloth, 128... [90 COJINERCIAL DISTRESS. - Chancellor of the Exche- (Vide Adv. 49.)

quers Anteen on Moving for a Select Committee to in- HACTENUS: more Droppings from the Pen that wrote gure into the Causes of the Recent Commercial Dis- “ A Thousand Lives," " Proverbial Philosophy," &c. on the 30th of November, 1847. 8vo. pp. 60, 12mo. pp. 92, cloth, 2s. 6d.....

[91 YQOekedy

.. [66

(Vide Adv. 17.)

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Alphabetical List of New Works—continued.


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HALL (S.)-The Large General Library Atlas. Edited by | JAMES (G. P. R.)-The Little Ball OʻFire; or, the Life Sydney Hall. Parts 1 to 3, 4to. coloured, each, 6s. ..[92 and Adventures of John Marston Hall. By G. P. R. (Vide Adv. 8.)

James, Esq. 8vo. pp. 398, with a steel engraving, cloth, HALLAM (H.)- Introduction to the Literature of Europe 8s.

[118 in the 15th, 16t'), and 17th Centuries. By Henry Hallam,

(James's Works, Vol. 15.) F.R.A.S. 3d edit. 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 1886, boards, 368... [93 JARDINE'S Naturalist's Library. People's edit. Vol. 33, (Vide Adv. 20.)

12mo. pp. 270, cloth, 4s. 6d.

(119 HALLIWELL (J. O.) - The Nursery Rhymes of England ; JAY (W.)-The Works of William Jay. Collected and collected chiefly from Oral Tradition. Edited by James

revised by Himself. Vol. 11, post svo. pp. 714, cloth, Orchard Halliwell, Esq. 4th edition, 12mo. pp. 250, with illustrations, boards, 48, 6d.

.. (94

7s. 6d. ; Vol. 12, post 8vo. pp. 696, cloth, 78. 6d..... (120 HAMILTON (J.)-Mount of Olives, and other Lectures on

JOHNSON (LIFE OF.)–Boswell's Life of Johnson ; inPrayer. By the Rev. James Hamilton. · New edition,

cluding their Tour to the Hebrides. By the Right Hon. 18mo. pp. 222, cloth, Is. 6d.


John Wilson Croker. New edition, thoroughly revised, HAMPDEN CONTROVERSY. - A Letter to the Right

with much additional matter, royal 8vo. pp. 894, with Hon. Lord John Russell. By the Rev. R. D. Hampden,

portraits, cloth, 188.

(121 D.D. 8vo. pp. 18, sewed, ls.....

. (96

(Vide Adv. 43.) A Letter to the Very Rev. the Dean of Chichester, on

JOHNSON.-Boswell's Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson. With the Agitation excited by the Appointment of Dr. Hamp

copious Notes and Biographical Illustrations, by Malone. den to the See of Hereford. By Julius Charles Hare,

New edition, 8vo. pp. 590, cloth, 78. 6d.; half-morocco, M.A. 8vo. pp. 66, sewed, 2s.6d...


122 Royalty of the Crown in Episcopal Promotions, ac

JOLLY (A.) - The Christian Sacrifice in the Eucharist cording to the Judgment of Divines, Canonists, and others

considered. By Alexander Jolly, D.D. 2d edition, 12mo. of the Church of England. 8vo. pp. 50, sewed, Is. . (98

(Edinburgh), pp. 218, clot , 25. 6d..

(123 A Churchman's Notes on Lord Jobn Russell's Reply

JORDAN (J.)--Scriptural Views of the Sabbath of God. to the Bishops. Svo. pp. 16, sewed, 18...


By the Rev. John Jordan, B.A. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 260, cloth, The Propositions attributed by the “ Presbyter" of


(121 “The Times" to the Rev. Dr. Hampden, concerning the

(Vide Ady. 2.) Trinity and Atonement, compared with the Text of the

KAVANAGA (J.)- The Three Paths : a Story for Young Bampton Lectures. By the Rev. W. Hayward Cox, B.D.

People. By Julia Kavanagh. With Illustrations by 8vo. pp. 12, sewed, 6d. .


Andrew Maclure. 12mo. pp. 234, cloth, 5s......... (125 A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell in

(Vide Adv. 7.) Reply to his Lordship's Answer to the Remonstrant

KEEPSAKE (THE): a Gift-Book of Gems from the Poets, Bishops. with a Postscript on Dr, Hampden's Letter. 12mo. pp. 268, cloth, 3s. 6d.

[126 By Rev. W. B. Flower, B.A. 8vo. pp. 12, sewed, 6d. [101

KEITH (A.)-Evidences of the Truth of the Christian The Bishop of Exeter and the Premier: a Letter ad

Religion. By Alexander Keith, D.D. 36th edit. much dressed to the Right Hon, Lord John Russell in Reply

enlarged, 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. 606, cloth, 20s. ....

(127 to the Bishop of Exeter. By A Member of the Oxford

KENNEDÝ (B. H.)- The Child's Latin Primer; or, First Convocation. 8vo. pp. 56, sewed, is.


Latin Lessons. Extracted, with Model Questions and Convocation; what it is, and what it ought to be :

Exercises, from an Elementary Latin Grammar, by a Letter to the Bishop of Exeter in Reply to his Perver

Benjamin H. Kennedy, D.D. 12mo. pp. 104, cloth, 28.[128 sions of the Hampden Case. By a Churchman. 8vo. pp.

(Vide Adv. 8.) 22, sewed, ls.

(103 KENNEDY (J.)-The Jewish Exile; or, Religion ExemLetter to the Archdeacon of Sarum on the Subject of

plified in the Life and Character of Daniel. By the Rev. Petitioning against the Appointment of Dr. Hampden.

John Kennedy. 18mo. pp. 208, cloth, 2s.. By the Rev. E. Elliot. 8vo. pp. 8, sewed, 2d. [104 KENNY (E. E. C.)-Short Hints and Observations on the Is Dr. Hampden Fairly Treated ? the Substance of a

Arrangement and Management of Lunatic Asylums. By Speech delivered at a Meeting of the Clergy assembled

Eyre E. C. Kenny. 8vo. pp. 80, sewed, 28. 6d. (130 at Aylesbury, December 7, 1847, to Protest against the

(Vide Adv. 22.) Appointment of Dr. Hampden, on moving an Amend.

KNAPP (F.)-Chemical Technology; or, Chemistry applied ment. By J. B. Marsden, M.A. 8vo. sewed, 6d... [105

to the Arts and Manufactures. By F. Knapp. TransHANDBOOK of the History of the Spanish and French

lated and edited, with numerous additions, by Dr. Thos. Schools of Painting; intended as a Sequel to Kugler's

Richardson and Dr. Edmund Ronalds. Vol. 1, 8vo. pp. Handbooks. By Sir Edmund Head, Bart. 12mo. pp.

578, with 200 woodcuts, cloth, 21s."

(131 388, cloth, 12s.


(Baillière's Scientific Library, Vol. 3.) (Vide Adv. 20.)

(Vide Adv. 13.) HARDWICKE.-The Life of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke:

LAMBERT (MISS.) - My Crochet Sampler; 2d Series. with Selections from his Correspondence, Diaries,

By Miss Lambert. Square, pp. 100, cloth, Is. 6d. . [132 Speeches, and Judgments. By George Harris, Esq.

(Vide Adv. 20.) 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 1686, cloth, 458..


Practical Hints on Decorative Needlework. Square, HENRY OF EICHENFELS; or, How a Child learned to

pp. 92, illustrated with numerous engravings, cloth

1s. 6d... Know that there is a God: a Tale for Children. Trans


(Vide Adv. 20.) lated from the German. Square, pp. 140, cloth, 2s. 6d.[108 LANETON PARSONAGE: a Tale for Children on the HERODOTUS. A New and Literal Version, from the

Practical use of a Portion of the Church Catechism Text of Baehr; with a Geographical and General Index.

Second Part. Edited by the Rev. W. Sewell. 12mo. pp By Henry Carý, M.A. Square, pp. 614, with portrait, cloth, 58.


230, cloth, 58.

(Vide Ady. 8.) (Bohn's Classical Library, Vol. 1.) (Vide Adv. 35.)

LAST (THE) DAY. 3d edition, illuminated, 18mo. pp. 66 HERODOTUS.- Notes on Herodotus, original and selected

cloth, 3s. 6d.


LAST (THE) OF THE FAIRIES. By G. P. R. James from the best Commentators. By Dawson W. Turner.

Esq. With Illustrations from Designs by John Gilbert 8vo. pp. 474, cloth, 12s.

12mo. pp. 236, cloth, 5s.

[13 HEROINES (THE) OF SHAKSPEARE; comprising the

LEIGHTON (E.)-Joseph: a Model for the Young. B principal Female Characters in the Plays of the great

Edward Leighton. 3d edition, 12mo. pp. 288, illustratei Poet. Engraved under the direction of Mr. Charles

with 10 engravings, cloth, 38. 6d...

[13 Heath, from Drawings by Eminent Artists. Folio, with

LEILA, or the Siege of Granada; and Calderon the Courtier 45 plates and letterpress, plain, £2. 28.; coloured,

By Edward Lytton Bulwer. New edition, 8vo. pp. 364 £3. 138. 6d.

(112 HIGGINS (W. M.) - The Earth ; its Physical Condition LEONÓRA: a Love Story. 3 vols, post 8vo. pp. 858, boardı

cloth, 148....

(13 and most Remarkable Phenomena. By W. M. Higgins.

318. 6d.

(13 New edition, 12mo. pp. 388, cloth, reduced to 6s. .. (113

(Vide Adv. 6.) HOPE (MRS.) - The Ramsgate Knitting-Book: a few

LETTER (A) to the Congestive Bankerhood of Great Br Choice Receipts for Novel Articles. Edited by Mrs. Hope. Square, pp. 30, sewed, 6d.


tain: with a Proposition for a New Currency. By HOSKING (W.)-A Guide to the Proper Regulations of

Traveller (not from Geneva). 8vo. pp. 20, sewed, 6d. ( 14 Buildings in Towns as a Means of Promoting and Secur

LETTERS from the Danube. By the Author of “ Gisella, ing the Health, Comfort, and Safety of the inhabitants. &c. , 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 660, cloth, 21s.

[14 By William Hosking. Post 8vo. pp. 298, cloth, 78. 6d. [115 LINNINGTON (R.)

The Scientific Reader and Practic (Vide Adv. 20.)

Elocutionist; containing Original Readings in the Se HUMBOLDT (A. V.)-Cosmos : Sketch of a Physical De

ences, a New Collection of Modern Poetry, Orations, an scription of the Universe. By Alexander Von Humboldt.

Dramatic Scenes, &c. By R. T. Linnington. New edi Translated under the superintendence of Lieut.-Col.

12mo. pp. 264, cloth, 3s. Sabine, R.A. Vol. 2, Parts 1 and 2, 8vo. each pp. 120, LITTLE POEMS for Little People. By M. S. C. 12m sewed, 28. 60.

pp. 84, with numerous illustrations, cloth, 3s...... [14 (Vide Adv. 8.)

(Vide Adv. 7.)

... (116

Alphabetical List of New Works- continued.


LIVES OF THE CANONIZED SAINTS. - Life of St. | ORLANDINO. By Maria Edgeworth. 18mo. pp. 180, Philip Neri. Vol. 2, translated from the Italian of Bacci, bds. Ts. ...

[170 by the Rev. F. W. Paber. With Dr. Wiseman's Introduc- (Chambers' Library for Young People, Vol. 1.) tion on the Lives of the Modern Saints. Post 8vo. pp. OUR STREET. By Mr. M. A. Titmarsh. Square, pp. 484, with portrait, cloth, 48.

(144 54, with 16 illustrations, 5s.; coloured, 78. 6d....... (171 LONDON CRIES and Public Edifices. Square, pp. 24, (Vide Adv. 7.) boards, 5s.

(145 OVEN (B. V.)-Ought Baron Rothschild to sit in ParliaMACQUEEN (J. R.)- The Rights and Liabilities of Hus- ment? an imaginary Conversation between Judæus and

band and Wife, at Law and in Equity, as affected by Amicus Nobilis. By Barnard Van Oven, M.D. 8vo. Modern Statutes and Decisions. By John F. Macqueen, pp. 30, sewed, 6d.

(172 Esq. Part 1, containing Cases not affected by Settle PLATT' (R.) A New, Easy, and Correct System of Vocal ment, and the Practiceupon Acknowledgments by Married Music, in which the true Principles of the Science are Women. 8vo. boards, i0s. 6d...

(146 explained and illustrated, and many of its apparent MÓCRINDRLL (R.)-Toe Convent: a Narrative founded Mysteries clearly solved ; being a practical Manual of

on Fact. By R. M'Crindell. 12mo. pp. 278, cloth, 58.[147 the Art of Singing at Sight. By Robert Platt. Svo. pp. M'CULLOCH (J. R.)- A Treatise on the Succession to 96, cloth, 28. 60.

(173 Property Vacant by Death ; including Inquiries into the PRETTY LITTLE STORIES for Pretty Little People. Influence of Primogeniture Entails, Coinpulsory Parti- 32mo. pp. 192, cloth, 28.

(174 tion, Foundations. &c. over the Public Interest. By PRETTY POEMS for my Children. Edited by Emma J. R. M'Culloch, Esq. 8vo. pp. 191, cloth, 6s. 6d... [148 Somers. Square, pp. 146, cloth, 28.

175 (Vide Adv. 8.)

PRETTY TALES for my Children, adorned with Pretty MADDEN (R. R.)-A History of the Penal Laws enacted Pictures. Edited by Emma Somers. Square, pp. 150, against Roman Catholics: the Operation and Results of cloth, 2s.

(176 that System of Legalized Plunder, Persecution, and Pro. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS on the Old and New scription originating in_Rapacity and Fraudnlent De. Testament, more particularly adapted to Candidates for signs, concealed under False Pretences, Figments of Ordination. 18mo. (Oxford), pp. 438, cloth, reduced to Reform, and a simulated Zeal for the Interests of True 7s.

(177 Religion. By R. R. Madden, M.R.I.A. 8vo. pp. 314, RAINEY (G.)- An Experimental Inquiry into the Cause of cloth, 58.

the Ascent and Descent of the Sap: with some Observa. MAGISTERIAL, Parochial, and Legal Diary for 1848. tions upon the Nutrition of Plants, and the Cause of 12mo. half-bound, 4s. 6d


Endosmose and Exosmose. By G. Rainey, M.R.C.S.E. MAN (THE) IN THE MOON. Edited by Albert Smith 12ino. pp. 58, with plates, sewed, 38.

(178 and Angus B. Reach. Vol. 2, square, pp. 364, cloth, RANKING (W. H.)-Thé Hall Yearly Abstract of the 38. 6d..

(151 Medical Sciences. Vol. 6, July-December, 1817. Edited MARGARET GRAHAM: a Tale, founded on Facts. By by W. H. Ranking, M.D. Post 8vo. pp. 444, cloth, G. P. R. James, Esq. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 572, boards, 6s. 60.

(179 218.

(152 RAYNBIRD (H.)

- Essay on Measure Work, locally MATURIN (B.) – The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper known as Task, Piece, or Grate Work, in its Application

Examined and Explained, and the Duty of Celebrating it to Agricultural Labour. By Hugh Raynbird. Reprinted Recommended and Enforced. By the Rev. Benjamin from the Royal Agricultural Society's Journal, with addi. Maturin, 18mo. pp. 180, cloth, 28..

(153 tional information. 8vo. pp. 32, sewed, 18... (180 MEE (C.)-Crochet Doilies and Edgings. Illustrated with READING FOR THE RAILROAD: being interesting

Engravings. By Cornelia Mee. "Oblong, pp. 50, sewed, and instructive Selections from various Christian Au. 18. 6d. [154 thors. 18mo. pp. 104, cloth, Is.

1181 MIDLAND (THE) FLORIST and Suburban Horticul. READE (J. E.)-Prose from the South: Continental Im

turist. Conducted by John Frederick Wood, F.A.S. pressions. By John Edmund Reade. 2d edition, 2 vols. Vol. 1 (1847), 12mo. pp. 438, cloth, 5s.....

post 8vo. pp. 694, cloth, reduced to 158.....

(182 MILFORD MALVOISIN; or, Pews and Pewbolders. By RÉCITER'S (THE) COMPANION ; comprising the most

Francis E. Paget. 2d edition, 12mo. pp. 238, cloth, re- popular Recitations, Comic Tales, &c. 32mo. pp. 256, duced to 38. (156 cloth, Is.

(183 MONTMORENCY: a Roman Catholic Tale. By A, M. RENNIE (J.)-Bird Miscellanies, illustrative of the Habits

Reprinted from the Protestant Magazine, with Introduc- and the Faculties of Birds. By James Rennie. 2 vols. tory Remarks by James Lord. 12mo. pp. 276, cloth, in 1, 18mo. pp. 386, cloth, 38...

(184 4s. 6d.

(157 RESULTS OF EXPERIENCE and Suggestions for MURPHY (W.)– The Symbol Atlas, and Geographical Economy in Articles of Food now comparatively little

Text-Book ; containing Historical and Statistical Details used in many parts of the Country. By a Practical Man. of tbe Hemispheres, Europe, and the British Isles. 18mo. pp. 24, sewed, 6d.

(185 Drawn and engraved by William Murphy. Royal 8vo. RHIND (W. G.)-The Six Days of Creation : a Series of (Edinburgh), pp. 24, cloth, 2s. 6d.

[158 familiar Letters from a Father to his Children, describMURPHY (J. G.)-A Grammar of the Latin Language, ing the Natural History of each Day's Mercies, with for the use of Schools; constructed on Logical Principles. particular Reference to the Illustration of Scriptural

By James G. Murphy, LL.D. 12mo. pp. 132, cloth, 28.[159 Truth. By W. G. Rhind. 3d edition, square, pp. 370, MURRAY (W.) - Tables of the Reduction of Spanish cloth, 6s.

(186 Dollars to Sterling Money. By W. Murray. Royal 8vo. (Vide Adv. 39.) pp. 40, cloth, 38. 6d..

(160 | RICHARDSON (J.)-Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, MURRAY (T. B.-Lays of Christmas: an Offering for the in 1845 and 1816: being a Personal Narrative of Adven

Christmas Season. By the Rev. Thomas Boyle Murray, tures during Nine Months' Travels among the Touaricks 12mo. pp. 48, sewed, Is. 6d.

(161 and other Tribes of Saharan People, including Descrip. NARRATIVEŚ. of Adventure and Early Discovery. 18mo. tions of the Oases and Cities of Ghut, Ghadames, and (Edinburgh), pp. 212, cloth, Is. 6d..

(162 Mourzuk. By James Richardson. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 964, NAUTICAL MAGAZINE and Naval Chronicle for 1847 : numerous plates and maps, cloth, 30s.

(187 a Journal of Papers on Subjects connected with Maritime (Vide Adv. 1.) Affairs. 8vo. pp. 700, boards, 138. 6d.

(163 RIEGO.—The Winter Book. By Mdlle. Riego. Square, NEANDER (A.)- General History of the Christian Reli- pp. 52, sewed, Is.

(188 gion and Church ; from the German of Dr. Augustus ROMANCE (A) OF A MINCE PIE: an Incident in the Neander. Translated from the second and improved Life of John Chirrup, of Forty Winks, Pastrycook and Edition, by Joseph Torrey. 2 vols. 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. Confectioner. By Angus B. Reach.

32mo. pp. 104, 1028, cloth, 185. (164 sewed, Is...

(189 NICHOL (J. P.)-The Stellar Universe; Views of its Ar. ROYAL BLUE BOOK, Fashionable Directory, and Par. rangements, Motions, and Evolutions. By J. P. Nichol, liamentary Guide, for 1848. 12mo. pp. 786, bd. 58. (190 LL. D. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 258, cloth elegant, with 5 plates, RURAL CYCLOPÆDIA; or, a General Dictionary of bs. 6d."

[165 NIEBUHR_(B. G.)- Lectures on the History of Rome,

Agriculture, and of the Arts, Sciences, Instruments, and

Practice necessary to the Fariner, Stock farmer, Gar. from the Earliest Times to the Commencement of the

dener, Forester, Landsteward, Farrier, &c.

Edited by First Punic War. By, B. G. Niebuhr. Edited by Dr. the Rev. John W. Wilson. Vol. 1 (A-C), royal 8vo. pp. M. Isler. Translated, with many additions, from MSS.

(191 by Dr. Leonhard Schmitz. 8vo. pp. 574, cloth, 143. [166 RYLE (J. C.)- Are You Holy? a Question for New Year's

928, 18 plates, cloth, 22s. 6d... NIGHT SIDE (THE) OF NATURE; or, Ghosts and Day, 1848. By the Rev. J. C. Ryle. 12mo. (Ipswich), Ghost-Seers. By Catherine Crowe. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 30, sewed, 2d.

(192 pp. 814, cloth, 218..

(167 SACRED ALBUM (THE): an Illuminated Gift-Book for NUTS AND NUTCRACKERS. Illustrated by Phiz. the Season. Printed in gold and colours. 4to. elegantly 12mo. pp. 240, cloth, reduced to 3s. 6d. (168 bound, 218.

(193 OAKMAN (R.)-Sermons, selected from the Manuscripts SANDBÝ (G.)-Mesmerism and its Opponents. By George

of the late Rev. Robert Oakman. 12mo. pp. 410, cloth, Sandby, M.A. 2d edition, considerably enlarged, Parti, 58. [169 post 8vo. pp. 232, sewed, 2s.


Alphabetical List of New Works-continued.


SANDERSON (H.)-A Plan for an effectual general System | TAYLOR'S Builder's Price Book, arranged and corrected

of Sewage for the Cities of London and Westminster and for 1848. By Edward Cresy, Architect and Surveyor. their Suburbs. By Henry Sanderson, Sen. 8vo. pp, 32, 8vo. pp. 184, sewed, 4s....

(220 sewed, 1s...

(195 | TAYLOR (H)-Notes from Life; in Six Essays. By SCOTT (SIR W.)- Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Henry Taylor. Post 8vo. pp. 202, cloth, 6s...... (221 Scott, Bart. By J. G. Lockhart. New edit. Vol. I,

(Vide Adv. 20.) 12mo. pp. 408, cloth, 3s. ; sewed, 2s. 6d..... (196 TENNYSON (A.) - The Princess : a Medley. By Alfred (Vide Adv. 25.)

12mo. pp. 16+, cloth, 5s.


THINGS AFTER DEATH: Three Chapters on the InterGROVES (K.)"The Christian a Soldier :" a post Con.

mediate State; with Thoughts on Family Burying Places, firmation Sermon, preached in Lower Town British and Hints for Epitaphs in Country Churchyards. 18mo. Episcopal Chapel, Boulogne-sur-Mer, October 21st. pp. 158, cloth, 38. 6d.

[223 8vo. Pp. 32, sewed, 1s. ....

(197 TONNA (L. H. J.)-ERCHOMENA; or, Things to Come. LYON (R.)-The Moral Power of the Christian, its Ex

By Lewis H. J. Tonna.. 12mo. pp. 80. sewed, 1s... (224 tent and obligation: Three Sermons preached before TOULMIN (C.)-The Little Berlin Wool Worker; or, the University of Cambridge; with an Appendix. 8vo.

Cousin Caroline's Visit. By Miss Camilla Toulmin. Sq. pp. 92, sewed, 28. 6d.

pp. 40, sewed. Is.

[225 WYNNE (REV. H.)-Three Sermons preached on the

TREVANION (F. W.)--Twelve Sermons on some of the occasion of the Re-opening of the Church of Ardcolm,

Historical Chapters of the Book of Genesis ; to which is in the Diocese of Ferns. 8vo. pp. 50, swd. Is. 6d. (199 added, a Sermon preached at the Visitation of the Ven. SHARP (J. W.)-The Vauxhall Coinic Song Book. Edited Archd. Churton, at Malton. Post svo. pp. 218, cloth, by J. W. Sharp._2d series, 32mo. pp 222, cloth, 1s. 200


(226 SHAW (R.)--An Exposition of the Confession of Faith. TRIUMPH (THE) OF WOMAN: a Christmas Story. By By the Rev. Robert Shaw. With an Introductory Essay

Charles Rowcroft. 12mo. pp. 278, cloth, 5s.

(227 by the Rev. W. M. Hetherington. 12mo. pp. 368, cloth, VOCALIST'S (THE) COMPANION ; comprising the hest reduced to 28. 6d..


and most popular new Songs. 32mo pp. 256, cloth, SHERIDAN (R. B.)--The Dramatic Works of the Right

(228 Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan; with a Memoir of his WADDILOVE (W.)-The System of Discriminating Duties Life. By G. G. S. Square, pp. 570, cloth, with portrait,

investigated according to the Proposals made to several 38. 6d.


of the North Sea States of Germany, for establishing a (Bohn's Standard Library.)

German Navigation and Trade Union. With a Copy of (Vide Adv. 35.)

the Proposals prefixed. Translated by Wm. Waddilove. SHORT STORIES for Children. By Charlotte Elizabeth,

4to. sewed, 3s....

(229 2 vols. 32mo. pr. 410, cloth, reduced to 25.

i 203

WADDILOVE (W.J. D.)-The Lamp in the Wilderness; SIMMONITE (W. J.)- Celestial Philosopher; or, the with Fragmenta Vetasta, an Examination of Symbols Complete Arcana of Astral Philosophy. Vol. 1, 8vo. pp.

as applicable to Early British History, and explicable by 150, half-bound, 78. 6d.

(204 by the Holy Scriptures. By W.J. D. Waddilove. Cr. SIMMONS'S (MISS) DEBUT; with Fourteen Sketches, 8vo. pp. 276, with 17 plates of coins, &c. cl. 128. 6d. [230 shewing how extremely well the Party went off, and how

WARREN (S.)- Now and Then “ through a Glass darkly." much pleased everybody ought to have been. 2d edit. By Samuel Warren, F.R.S. Post 8vo. pp. 530, half-bd. 4to. pp. 32, bds. plain, 58.; coloured, 78. 6d. (205


(231 SIMPSON (J. X.) - Answer to the Religious Objections WATTS (I.)-Divine and Moral Songs, for the use of Chil

urged against the Employment of Anästhetic Agents in dren. By Isaac Watts. With 30 illustrations drawn on Midwifery and Surgery. By J. Y. Simpson, M.D. 8vo. wood. 8vo. pp. 94, cloth, 7s. 6d...,

(232 (Edinburgh), pp. 24, sewed, 6d.

206 WAVERLEY NOVELS. Re-issue, Vol. 2, 12mo. pp. 420, Remarks on the Superinduction of Anästhesia in sewed, 2s.6d.; cloth, 36.....

(233 Natural and Morbid Parturition; with illustrative Cases

(Vide Adv. 25.) from Obstetric Practice. By J. Y. Simpson, M.D. 8vo.

WEBSTER'S Royal Red Book; or, Court and Fashionable (Edinburgh), pp. 24, sewed, 6d....

(207 Register; comprising a comprehensive Street Guide for SKETCHES (THE).-Three Tales by the Authors of

1848. pp. 704, cloth, 3s...

(234 Amy Herbert,” “The Old Man's Home,” and “Hawk. WEILL (A.)-Village Tales from Alsatia. By Alexander stone." Fcp. 8vo. pp. 262, cloth, with 18 illustrative Weill. Translated from the German. By Sir Alexander plates, 88....

Duff Gordon. Sq. pp. 254, cloth, 3s. 6d.

[235 (Vide Adv. 8.)

WERTHEIM'S Bible Cartoons for the School and Cottage. SMART (B. H.)-A Manual of Grammar; containing 4 plates, 6d.

Examination Questions, Exercises in Orthography, Ety | WESTGARTH (W.)-Australia Felix; or, an Historical mology, Syntax, and Prosody, and a copious Alphabeti.

and Descriptive Account of the Settlement of Port Philip, cal Index auxiliary to the Accideuce and Principles of

New South Wales : including full particulars of the English Grammar. By B. H. Smart. 12mo. pp. 196, Manners and Customs of the Aboriginal Natives. By cloth, 2s. 6d.


William Westgarth. Post 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. 486, The Principles of English Grammar. By B. H. cloth, 10s. 6d.

(231 Smart. 12mo. pp. 280, cloth, 3s. 6d.

(210 WHITE CAT (THE). Mustrated by J. W. 4to. pp. 24, SOME ACCOUNT of the Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral sewed, 5s..

(238 Kingdoms. Written for her own Children, by Mrs.

WILLOUGHBY (LADY.)—Some further Portions of Lady C. H. S. 18mo. pp. 180, cloth, 2s.


Willoughby which do relate to her Domestic History, SOUVENIR (THE) OF THE SEASON. -The Wake of and to the Stirring Events of the latter Years of the

Extacy: a Memory of Jenny Lind. By F. W. N. Bayley. Reign of King Charles the First, the Protectorate, and With ideal illustrations by Kenny Meadows. 4to. with

the Restoration. 4to. pp. 180, cloth, 188........... [239 8 plates, cloth elegant, 10s. 6d...


(Vide Adv. 8.) SOUVENIR (THE): a Token of Remembrance. 12mo. WOODWARD (T.)-A Review of the principal objections pp. 254, cloth, 3s. 6d.

(213 alleged against the National System of Education, in the STRONG (G.)—Heraldry of Herefordsbire; being a Col.

First Report of the Church Education Society: in a lection of the Armorial Bearings of Families which have Letter to the Rev. W. Le Poer Trench, D.D. By the been seated in the County at various periods down to Rev. Thomas Woodward, A.B. 8vo. pp. 22; sd, 6d." [240 the present time; illustrated with richly-emblazoned WORDSWORTH (C.)-Sequel to Letters to M. Gondon on Shields, together with the Commission of the Peace for the Destructive Character of the Church of Rome, both 1847, &c. : adapted to form a Supplement to Duncumb's in Religion and Polity. By Chr. Wordsworth, D.D. County History. By George Strong, Esq. Folio, pp.

Post 8vo. pp. 320, cloth, 78. 6d.;...

(211 112, 9 folio emblazoned plates, 31s. 6d.


(Vide Adv. 9.) SULLIVAN'S Game of England. In box, reduced to 88.

(216 SWEDENBORG (E.)--The True Christian Religion: con

Law Reports. taining the Universal Theology of the New Church fore- ADOLPHUS AND ELLIS. New Series, Vol. 8, Part 1, told by the Lord in Daniel vii. 13, 14, and in the Apoca- 88.

(242 lypse, xxi. 2. By Emanuel Swedenborg, Servant of the DE GEX AND SMALE (continuation of Collyer). Vol. 1, Lord Jesus Christ. 8th edition, enlarged, 8vo. pp. 916, Part 1, 10s. 6d.

(243 cloth, 10s. 6d.

[217 DOWLING AND LOWNDES. Vol. 4, Part 4, 6s. 6d. (24.ELI TACITUS.-The Germania and Agricola of C. C. Tacitus, EACHEQUER REPORTS. Vol. 1, Part 1, 8s. 6d. 24

with Notes for Colleges. By W. S. Tyler, Professor of HARE'S Reports. Vol. 5, Part 4, 108... the Greek and Latin Languages in Amherst College. HOUSE OF LORDS' CASES. New Series, Vol. 1, Pai 12mo. (Boston), pp. 180, cloth, 58.

(218 98. TAYLER (C. B.)-The Will-Forgers; or, The Church of MEESON AND WELSBY. Vol. 15, Part 5, 6s. 6d...

Rome, By the Rev. C. B. Tayler, M.A. 18mo. pp. 100, MORLEY'S Digest of Indian Cases. Vol. 1, Part 1, (8) with frontispiece, cloth, 18.

(219 Vol. 2, Part 1, 128... (Vide Adv. 12.)

NEW SESSIONS' CASES. Vol. 3, Part 1, 2s. Od.


FRASER'S MAGAZINE of this month commences a most useful and much required summary or record of the principal events which occur both at Home and Abroad during the past month: thus at the close of each year the Subscribers will find themselves in possession of a continuous history or Annual Register. (Vide Prospectus, page 11.)-Blackwood's MAGAZINE, and InterNATIONAL COPYRIGHT: We desire to refer our Subscribers to a short article at the end of the present number of Blackwood, which will fully explain the present position of the Copyright relative to Periodịcal Literature, and which we again express a hope may be a means of bringing about a settlement of this long-agitated question. - NATIONAL EDUCATION: An interesting article on this important subject, and upon the Government plan, including the Minutes of the Committee of Council, will be found in the first number of the “QUARTERLY EDUCATIONAL MAGAZINE,” which is this day published.--Henry's Bible: The first volume of the new and remarkably cheap edition of this valuable Exposition has just been completed by Messrs. Partridge and Oakey; it contains extensive supplementary notes, and a Life of Matthew Henry by the Rev. A. L. Gordon.

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Advertisements of Hew Books.
8, New Burlington Street, January 1, 1848.

Just published,


OSMOS; a General Survey of the FOLLOWING NEW WORKS.

Physical Phenomena of the Universe. By

Baron Von HUMBOLDT. Vol. II. Part 2. 2s. SARAWAK; its Inbabitants and Productions. Hippolyte Baillière, 219, Regent Street. (5)

By Hugh LOWE, Esq. Private Secretary to His Highness the Rajab Brooke. 8vo. with numerous

LEONORA: Love Story.

a Plates, price 14s.

In 3 vols.

Also, now ready, TRAVELS in the GREAT DESERT of EMILIA WYNDHAM. Cheap Edition, 6s. SAHARA in 1845.46. By James RICHARD

bound and illustrated | forming the New Volume son, (the well-known Traveller and Philanthropist).

of Colburn's Standard Novels. 2 vols. 8vo. with numerous Illustrations, 308.

Henry Colburn, Publisher, 13, Great Marlborough Street; and at all the Libraries.

(6) MR: WARRENNE; the Medical Practitioner. By the Author of " Margaret Capel,”

1. &c. 3. vols.


Author “ Mrs. Perkins's Ball." With
Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.
(Publisher in Ordinary to Her Majesty.) (1)

16 Plates, 5s. Plain ; and 7s. 6. Coloured.

2. MA


MISSION to the MYSORE: with Scenes CLERK ; a Tale. By the Rev. CHARLES and Facts illustrative of India, its People, and

B. TAYLER, Author of “ Records of a Good Man's its Religion.. By William Arthur, Wesleyan Life,” &c. With numerous Illustrations on Wood. Minister. 78.

I vol. small 8vo. 9s. SCR


GOD. By the Rev. JOHN Jordan, B.A. Vicar MY OWN ANNUAL; an Illustrated Giftof Enstone, Oxon. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo. 4s.

Book for Boys and Girls. Edited by MARK Partridge and Oakey, Paternoster Row (Publishers Frontispiece, 5s. small 8vo. cloth.

MERRIWELL. With 100 Engravings and Coloured to the British Organization of the Evangelical

4. Alliance), and all Booksellers.



numerous Illustrations from Designs by Count POPULAR FIELD BOTANY; containing Pocci. 5s. small 8vo. a Familiar and Technical Description of the

5. Plants most common to the various Localities of the


. British Isles, adapted to the study of either the Arti

People. By JULIA KAVANAGH. With Illusficial or Natural Systems. With figures of eighty trations, 1 vol. 55. small 8vo. species neatly executed in lithography. By Agnes

6. Carlow, Author of “ Popular Conchology.' 1 vol. royal 16mo. 7s. plain ; 10s. 6d. coloured.

Wise Saws of our Wisest Poet collected into a

Modern Instance. Reeve, Benham, and Reeve, King William Street,

By Mary Cowden CLARKE, Strand.


Author of the “ Concordance to Shakespeare.”
Elegantly printed in a pocket volume, 4s.



By M. S. c. With numerous Illustrations to the First Punic War, Edited by Dr. M. ISLER.

on Wood, 3s. small square 8vo. Translated, with many Additions from MSS., by

8. 3r. LEONHARD SCAMirz, Rector of the High School


TEROIC TALES of ANCIENT · Edinburgh. 8vo. 148.


related by Berthold Niebuhr to his little Son Nt** The above, with the two volumes of Lec- Marcus. Translated from the German.

Edited, OAK A already published, complete Niebuhr's History with Notes, by Felix Summerly; with Coloured Lecture form.

Illustrations, by H. J. Townsend. 4s. 6d. small 56. ylor and Walton, 28, Upper Gower Street. 4to. cloth.


Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand. (7)


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