North and South America,

LUDING THE COLLECTIONS OF VOYAGES BY de Bry, Hulsius, Hartgers, etc.




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1877. July 7,

By mail,

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The indication of the size of the maps and plates is given in centimeter, French measure, and relates to the copperplate, without the margins. the autographs are following: A. L. S., Autograph Letter Signed.

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1 Aa (P. van der) De doorluchtige Scheepstochten der Portugysen na Oost-Indien, gelyk se door J. de Barros beschreven zyn. Uyt h. Portug. vert. 2 vols. fol.

(The famous voyages of the Portuguese to East-India, as described by J. de Barros. Transl. from the Portug.)

De gedenkwaardige Voyagien der Spanjaarden na West-Indien, gelyk ze door A. de Herrera beschreven zyn. Uyt h. Spaansch vert. 2 vols. fl.

(The memorable voyages of the Spaniards to West-India, as described by A. de Herrera. Transl. from the Spanish).

De wydberoemde Voyagien na Oost- en W. Indien der Engelsen; alles onlangs uyt h. Eng. vert. 2 vols. fol.

(The widely famous voyages of the English to East- and West-India; all transl. recently from the English.)

De aanmerkenswaardige Voyagien door Franc., Italianen, Deenen,Hoogduitschen en andere vreemde volkeren gedaan na Oost- en W. Indien. leder Reisbeschryv. uyt de oorspronkel. taal vert. 2 vols. fol.

(The very interesting voyages by the French, Italians, Danes, Germans and other foreign nations to East and West-India. Each voyage translated from the original language.)

Together 8 vols. fol. Many maps and plates. Leyden, P. v. d. Aa (1706—7). Complete collection. 25.

L. S., Letter

2 Aa (P. van der), Same work. Large paper. fol. Calf gilt. Very fine copy.



Each work also to be had separately.



De aanmerkenswaardigste en alomberoemde Zee- en Landreizen der Portugeezen, Spanjaarden, Engelsen en allerhande natiën, zoo Fransen, Italiaanen, enz. Voornaamenlyk ondernomen tot ontdekking van de Oost- en WestIndien. Voormaals alleen ten deele verzameld... door J. L. Gottfried. Maar onlangs uit de Portug., Spaansche... taalen vermeerderd, en nu eerstlyk in het Nederduits overgezet. Gravenh. en Leyden, 1727. 8 vols. Dutch vellum. fine copy. fol. 32.50

(The most remarkable and celebrated voyages and travels of the Portuguese, Spaniards, English and various other nations, as French, Italians, etc., undertaken principally for the discovery of the East- and West-Indies. Only partly previously collected by J. L. Gottfried; but now augmented from the Portug., Spanish etc., and for the first time translated into Dutch.)

Naauwkeurige versameling der gedenkwaardigste zee- en landreysen na Oost- en West-Indien, mitsgaders andere gewesten gedaan sedert 1246 tot op desen tijd. Leyden, P. v. d. Aa, 1707. 28 vols. calf or vellum. Many maps and plates. 8vo. Fine copy. 30.-

(Accurate collection of the most memorable voyages and travels to the East and West-Indies, and 1



VAN DER AA to other countries, from the year 1246 down to this time.)

5 Aa (P. v. d.) The same, 8o. in 29 vols. sewed, uncut. Very rare in this state. 45.The 5 preceding Nos. are all one and the same work. No. 1 is the first folio edition of 1706-7, wherein the voyages are arranged according the nations of the navigators with special titles to each division of 2 vols. No. 3 is a re-issue, made iu 1727 of the unsold copies of that edition, with addition of a (rare) general title for the whole work and omission of the 4 national titles. No. 4 is the original 8vo edition, as proposed in the beginning; this is the commencement of the whole undertaking. The voyages are arranged in chronological order. Cartes des itinéraires et voiages modernes, qui ont esté faits tant par Mer que par Terre dans toutes les parties du Monde, et particulièrement dans l'Asie, l'Afrique et l'Amérique, depuis 1246 à 1696. Leide, P. v. d. Aa. (1728). calf. squ. fol. Rare. 6.


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Collection of 114 maps, published originally in the preceding collections of Voyages by v. d. Aa. Wormed in the broad exterior margin, but without any damage to the maps.

Nouveau Théatre du Monde ou la Géographie Royale, avec description par Gueudeville et Ferrarius. Leide, 1713. calf. roy. fol. - Fine copy. 18.

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Contains 95 fiue maps, amongst which 2 of the Globe, a general map of America, Canada, Florida, Mexico, Brasil. The description of America, pp. 25-34, is by Ferrarius. At the end of the work an extensive list, pp. 33-76, printed in 3 columns, giving the longitude and latitude of hundreds of places and islands; pp. 69-76 contain those of America. 8 Aan 't Volk van Nederland, of bewijzen en consideratiën over de voordelen der Negotie met de Noord-Americanen. (1781.) 8vo. 16 pp. 1.50 (Address to the people of Netherland, or considerations on the profits of the commerce with the North-Americans.)

9 Aanmerkingen van eenen reiziger over Hollandt, Duitschland Brazilie, etc. Amsterd.

1729. 4to. uncut.


(Notes of a traveller on Holland, Germany Brazil, etc.)



10 Aanmerkingen over 't verval van onze WestInd. commercie-coloniën. No place (1790?) 8vo.

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lony on the Western side of the Rio de las Amazones; with a description of the lands etc. 1689. 12 Abbot (H. L.), Siege-Artillery in the Campaigns against Richmond, with notes on the 15inch gun, etc. New-York, 1868. 5 plates. cloth. 8vo. (9.75) 2.50

Professional papers. Corps of Engineers No. 14. 13 Abdy (E. S.), Journal of a residence and tour in the United States. Londen, 1835. 3 vols. cloth. 8vo. 3.50 "The republication of this work was commenced in New-York, but suspended on account of its remarks on Slavery." Sabin.

14 Accoord van Brasiliën, mede van 't Recif, Maurits-Stadt ende de omleggende Forten van Brasil. Amst. 1654. 4to. (Asher No. 281.)


(Agreement of Brazil, as also of the Reciffe, Maurits-Stadt, etc.)

15 Accoord tusschen de Gemagtigde van de Staaten van Zeeland en de Bewindhebberen van de WestInd. Compagnie wegens 't overnemen van de Colonie van Suriname. (1683.) 4to.


(Agreement between the Commissaries of the States of Zealand and the Governors of the WestIndia Comp. about the transfer of the colony of Surinam.)

16 Account (An) of several late Voyages and Discoveries to the South and North, towards the Streights of Magellan, the South-Seas, Nova-Zembla, Greenland, Groynland or Engrondland... by J. Narborough, J. Tasman, J. Wood and Fred. Martens. London, 1694. 2 parts in 1 vol. calf, 5.50 8 plates. 8vo.

17 Acosta (Jos.), De natura Novi Orbis 11. II. Et de promulgatione Evangelii apud Barbaros, sive de procuranda Indorum salute 11. VI. Coloniae 10.Agripp., 1596. calf. 8vo.


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3d Edition, the first having been published at Salamanca 1589. The work is especially valuable for the many details about the Indians of Peru, amongst whom the author lived for a series of 17 years.

Historie Naturael ende Morael v. de Westersche Indien. Nu eerstmael u. d. Spaenschen overges. door J. Huyghen v. Linschoten. Ench. 1598. 8vo. vellum. Rare.

18.(Natural and moral History of the West-Indies.) First Dutch edition. Translated on the 2d and best edition of Sevilla, 1591. The exactness of Linschoten's version is guaranteed by his name.

The same. Amst., 1624. 4to. vellum. 10.2d and last Dutch edition, with numerous woodengravings.

20 Act for increasing and encouraging of shipping and navigation (to Asia, America, etc.) Lond. 1739. 1.fol. Uncut. 21 Acte van de Staten van Groeningen etc... Item een schriftelicke Contestatie van Groeningen tegens Hollandt wegens de Portugesche Tractaten. 1662.

4to. (Asher No. 310.)

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(Act of the States of Groningen etc... With a written protest of Groningen against Holland regarding the Portuguese treaties).

Against the peace with Portugal, and in favour of the West-India-Comp.

22 Acts passed at the 1st session of the 2d Congress of the United States of America, 1791. Philad. (1792.) 175 and III pp. bds. 8vo. 4.50 23 Acts passed at the 2d session of the 3d Congress, 1794. Philad. 1795. 8vo. No title. 4.50 24 Acts passed at the first session of the 4th Con4.50 gress, 1795. Philad. 1796. sd. uncut. 8vo. 25 Acts and proceedings of the general Synod of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in N. America, convened in extra session, in New-York. Oct. 20, 1841. N. York, 1842, 146 pp. 8vo.

1.50 26 Adair (Jam.), The History of the American Indians, particularly those nations adjoining to the Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Carolina and Virginia, etc. London, 1774. hf. calf, folding map. 4to.



"One of the best and most instructive books of its kind." Dibdin. The author was Trader with the Indians and Resident in their country for 40 years." Geschichte der Amerikanischen Indianer, besonders am Mississippi, Florida, Georgien etc. Aus d. Engl. Breslau, 1782. bds. 8vo. 2.25

German translation of the foregoing work.

28 Adams (Hanna), celebrated female writer of Amer., author of Hist. of New England 1799, Hist. of the Jews 1812, cet., A. L. S. to Rev. Jos. Emerson of Beverley, dat. Boston, Dec. 17, 1806. 1 p. closely written. 4o, 6.


Very fine letter: the greatest attachment I have to life is the affection I feel for a few particular friends; but it is out of my power to do them any good. I do not feel as if my death would be a real loss to any one person. However I earnestly wish to be able to say,

"What'er the colour of my fate,

My fate shall be my choice.
Determin'd am I while I breathe
To praise and to rejoice."

29 Adams (John), Geschied. van het geschil tusschen Groot-Brittannien en Amerika, sedert deszelfs oorsprong in 1754. Amst., 1782. 164 pp. 8vo. With Portr. of J. Adams, by R. Vinkeles. sd. Uncut.


2.50 (History of the dispute between Gr. Brit. and America, from its origin in 1754.)

Written in 1774; translation from the reproduction in 1775.


Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States. London, C. Dilly, 1787. 3 vols. calf gilt. 8vo. Vol. I slightly different in binding. 15.

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Presentation-copy of the author to the eminent Dutch publicist J. Luzac. On the fly-leaf of the


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Adams probably made use of this signature as a card of introduction to Mrs. Perez Morton, whose name is inscribed on the same paper in A's handwriting.

33 Adams (J. Quincy), The duplicate letters, the fisheries and the Mississippi Documents relating to transactions at the Negotiation of Ghent. Washington, 1822. bds. 8vo.


3.50 A. L. S. to Sam. Bell, Governor of N. Hampshire, dat. Washington March 1, 1822, 1 p. fol. 5.50

On the secret Journal of the Old Congress.
Fine Specimen.

35 Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United States (from Washington to Van Buren), together with the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the U. S. New York, 1839. portr. sheep. 8vo. 2.50

Presentation-copy with inscription from the Historian J. Romeyn Brodhead, to the Royal Librarian J. W. Holtrop, The Hague, 1840.

36 Aduard (O. A. Lewe v.), De juris controversia Magnam Britanniam inter et colonias Americanas. Lugd. Bat. 1835. 8vo. Thick paper. 1.50 37 Advys op de Presentatie van Portugael. Het Eerste Deel. (No place.) 1648. 21 and 3 unnumb. pp. 4to. Uncut. Not in Asher's Essay. 3.(Advice on the Presentation of Portugal. The first Part.)

The Second Part is only mentioned in Trömel's Biblothèque Américaine (n. 111); a Third Part announced by the author in his scheme, seems not to be published.

A Counter-Advice caused by this pamphlet, see

Asher no. 236.

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