Absinthe, Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide

Fulcrum Publishing, 2008 - 127 pagina's
Absinthe is not a relic of the past; there is a vibrant and devoted contemporary scene focused exclusively around the notorious Green Fairy. Indeed, the liquor's lore piques the interest of many: Does the drink drive one to madness? Does it serve as a gateway to boundless creativity? Which is the best method for enjoying the drink-set aflame or chilled with ice and sugar? How can I get my hands on all of the beguiling absinthe antiques?

Answering these burning questions, authors Betina Wittels, Robert Hermesch, and T. A. Breaux, all astute absinthe connoisseurs, have updated their wildly successful book with an expanded historical section, new absinthe reviews to tantalize imbibers, sidebars peeking into various absinthe subcultures, stunning new imagery from both past and present, and much more. For those looking to begin their absinthe journey or for those who've been on the path for some time, this book is a must for those who fancy all things absinthe.

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Absinthes Rise Fall and Rebirth
The Sip
The Reviews Are In
Toddies and Tastes
The Green Fairy Scene

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Over de auteur (2008)

Betina Wittels is a family psychotherapist in Tucson, Arizona. She is one of the leading vendors of absinthe antiques in the United States and is a broker for absinthe vendors worldwide. Robert Hermesch is a former book editor and teacher. Currently, he is a social worker and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. T. A. Breaux is a chemist and one of the leading experts on absinthe's chemical makeup. He is the founder of the Societe International d'Absinthe, a rapidly growing worldwide organization that caters to absinthe connoisseurs.

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