Miscellaneous Publications, Volume 11

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1878
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Pagina 644 - Illustrations | of the | Birds | of | California, Texas, Oregon, British and [ Russian America. | Intended to contain descriptions and figures | of all | North American Birds | not given by former American authors, | and a | General Synopsis of North American Ornithology.
Pagina 590 - Travels Through North And South Carolina, Georgia, East And West Florida, The Cherokee Country, The Extensive Territories Of The Muscogulges Or Creek Confederacy, And The Country Of The Chactaws. Containing An Account Of The Soil And Natural Productions Of Those Regions; Together With Observations On The Manners Of The Indians.
Pagina 201 - With tireless industry do the warblers befriend the human race ; their unconscious zeal plays due part in the nice adjustment of Nature's forces, helping to bring about that balance of vegetable and insect life without which agriculture would be in vain. They visit the orchard when the apple and pear, the peach, plum, and cherry are in bloom, seeming to revel carelessly amid the sweet-scented and delicately-tinted blossoms, but never faltering in their good work.
Pagina 609 - American | Ornithology: | or | The Natural History of Birds Inhabiting the United States, | Not Given by Wilson.
Pagina 575 - New-England, wherein you have the setting out of a Ship, with the charges, the Prices of all Necessaries for Furnishing a Planter and his Family at his first coming...
Pagina 409 - ... that the light of heaven itself, the sky, the trees, or any other common objects of nature, are not better known than the swallows. We welcome their first appearance with delight, as the faithful harbingers and companions of flowery spring, and ruddy summer ; and when, after a long, frost-bound, and boisterous winter, we hear it announced, that
Pagina 418 - About sunset they began to flock together, calling to each other for that purpose, and in a short time presented the appearance of clouds moving towards the lakes, or the mouth of the Mississippi, as the weather and wind suited.
Pagina 690 - Key to North American Birds. Containing a concise account of every species of living and fossil bird at present known from the Continent north of the Mexican and United States boundary, inclusive of Greenland. Second Edition, revised to date and entirely rewritten : with which are incorporated General Ornithology...
Pagina 201 - The warblers have we always with us, all in their own good time; they come out of the South, pass on, return, and are away again, their appearance and withdrawal scarcely less than a mystery ; many stay with us all summer long, and some brave the winters in our midst. Some of these slight creatures, guided by unerring instinct, travel true to the meridian in the hours of darkness, slipping past " like a thief in the night," stooping at day-break from their lofty flights to rest and recruit for the...
Pagina 640 - Notes / on the / State of Virginia, / by / Thomas Jefferson: / illustrated with / a Map, including the States of Virginia, Maryland / Delaware and Pennsylvania. / A New Edition, / Prepared by the Author, / Containing Notes and Plates never before published.

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