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Arago, M., Questions for solution by (cont.)
Barometer, mean height of the, 383
Influence of winds on the, 383
Biot, M., on the phenomena of the
sea, 469

Currents, cause of, 471

the most remarkable, 471
Atlantic and the Pacific, com-

munication between, 474

Falling stars, hundreds of thousands

in America, 392


Falling stars, 391
Halos, cause of, 396
Lightning, 390

Luminous Meteors, 390

Intensity, Magnetic, observations on,

Magnetic Needle, diurnal variations
of its declination, 387

Magnetic Needle, inclination or dip
of, 388


Magnetism, 387

Magnetism, problem in, 388
Marine currents, 471 to 478
Meteorological observations, 387
Rain in a clear sky, 386
Rain, observations on, 385
Rainbow, phenomenon of the, 395
Sea, phenomena of the, 469
Sea-water from great depths, 469
Sea of weeds, or Sargasso, 478
Thermal Springs: Aix, in Provence,

Trade winds, 396

Winds 396

Zodiacal light, 393

Arago, M., on the Solar Rays, 490
M., on the Spectrum, 485
Areas, instantaneous calculation of, 489
Asia, Central, new map of, 322
Astronomy, popular Course of 98 to 110,
311 to 319, 349 to 361, 456 to 464
Astronomical clocks, 361
Celestial meridian, 104
Chronometers, uses of, 108
Day and night, the seasons, 349 to 355
Day and night, alternation and varia-
tion of, 356

Declination circles defined, 103
Distance of the sun from the earth,

to find, 461

Divisions of time-true time-mean

[blocks in formation]

Astronomy, popular Course of (cont.)

Earth, motion of the, 98, 99, 107
Earth's orbit, dimensions of the, 461
Earth's orbit, elliptical form of the,
456 to 461

Earth's orbit, plane of the, 462
Earth, position of, in space, 311-461
Ecliptic, the, 314

Eclipse, characteristic of the, 458
Equation of time, 360
Equinoctial circle, the, 103
Equinoxes, vernal and autumnal, 354
Gravity, force of, on the earth, 99
Greenwich meridian, the, 108
Heavens, hypothetical revolution of
the, 101

Heavens, phenomena of the, 311
Heavens, sphere of the, 311
Hypotheses, probability of, 317
Jupiter, apparent motion of, 312
Kepler's Laws, 456

Latitude, methods of determining,
105, 106


Light, aberration of, 319
Light and darkness, explanation of,

Light, phenomena of, and the earth's
motion, 318

Longitudes, mode of determining,
107, 108, 109, 110.

Meridian, revolution of the, 313
Moon, course and rapid motion of
the, 312

Noon, true, a mean of, 358, 359, 360,
Pole of the heavens and polar and
circum-polar star, 105




Poles, north and south, the sun at,

Problem of the heavens, 311
Rays of light and heat, 353
Seasons of the year, changes of, 350,

Seasons, phenomena of the, 456
Sidereal day, 361

Sidereal and mean solar time, 108,

[blocks in formation]

Astronomy, popular Course of (cont.)
Sun, distance and bulk of the, 316
Sun, light and heat of the, 349
Sun and Moon, their apparent mo-
tion round the earth, 314

Sun, Moon, and Planets, position
and motion of the, 312


Sun, transit of the, 109, 110
Terrestrial meridians, 107

Time, three methods of measuring,

Tycho Brahe's hypothesis on the
revolution of the sun, 316

Zenith and Nadir, the, 104
Zodiac, the, 312

Atmosphere, high electrical state of the, 78
how water is raised in, 129
Aurora Borealis, apparent connexion of
with rain, wind, &c., 404

hypothesis respecting, 247
Baily, Mr. Francis, honour to, 483
Barbel killed by cold, 329
Beetle Stones, origin of, 328
Belgium benefited by the culture of
science, 67

geology and mineralogy of, 63, 64
mines of, 67

progress and state of science

in, 58

scientific congress at, 328

Bell, the Kremlin, lifting of the, 406
Bernice, M. de, his chemical researches, 62
Benoit and Nyst, MM., on the geology of
Belgium, 67

Berchtsgaden, salt-mines of, 16
Berlin University, the, 169

Bible, first section of the, philosophically
surveyed, 467

Biot and Newton, 404

Birds, North American, migration of, 246
Boiling, or ebullition, example of, 127
Boiling-point of a liquid, 128

Books, the best English, reprinted in
America, 296

Book-trade of England and Germany, sta-
tistics of, 320

Botanical rambles near Dovor, 69, 111
Botanical Society, new, 321, 409
Bottles sunk in the sea, 322

Boubée, M., on a gratuitous institution for
practical naturalists, 170

Bournand, M. H., on the Hour-glass, 346
Bowdich, Dr., his translation of Laplace,

Brabant, M. Galeotte on the geology of, 68
Bridgewater Treatise by Dr. Buckland,
reviewed, 337 to 348

British Association, sixth meeting of, an-
nounced, 72


sixth meeting of, reported, 132 to

Animal and vegetable substances,
Dr. Macartney on preserving 152
Annual address, 179

Arsenic, experiments for detecting,
by Mr. Herapath, 150

British Association (cont.)

Atmosphere, substances in the, by
Mr. W. West, 150


Aurora Borealis, by Mr. Herapath,

Blasting rocks, Dr. Hare on, 149
Brain, Dr. Prichard on diseases of
the, 158

Bristol, choice and advantages of, 132
Bristol, popular education in, by Mr.
Tripp, 163

Caoutchouc, Professor Boyle on, 160
Chemical Constants, by Professor
Johnston, 150

Chemistry and mineralogy, papers
read in, 140

Conversazione suggested, 183
Corn and population, Baron Dupin
on, 161

Course of the proceedings, 178
Cow-fish, River-cow, Dr. J. Han-
cock on, 160

Crystals, artificial, by Mr. Crosse,
155, 182

Devonshire, geology of, by Messrs.
Sedgwick and Murchison, 152

Earth, interior temperature of, by
Professor Phillips, 147

France, prices of corn in, 162
Gases, certain, Dr. C. Henry on, 150
General Committee, 133
Gluten, Mr. W. C. Jones on, 151
General officers, list of, 133, 254
Geology and Geography, papers read
in, 141

Herschel, Sir John, his discoveries
at the Cape of Good Hope, 164

India, Colonel Sykes on the pro-
ducts of, 162

Investigation recommended by, 354
Lithic acid, Mr. Herapath on, 151
Mathematics, new theorem in, by
Mr. Jerrard, 145

Hamilton, Sir W., on Mr. Jerrard's
new theorem, 145

Peacock, Mr., on Mr. Jerrard's new
theorem, 146

Mathematics and physics, papers
read in, 139


Mechanical science, papers read in,

Medical science, papers read in, 143
Members enrolled, 138
Metalliferous veins, Mr. Fox on,
154, 182

Mineral waters and hot springs, Dr.
Daubeny on, 182

Models and machines, exhibition of
suggested, 180

North American Zoology, Dr. Ri-
chardson on, 159

Object of the meeting not explained,

Popularity of the meetings, 181
Programme of the business, 137
Railroads, Dr. Lardner on, 158

[blocks in formation]

Reports of the proceedings, 179
Reports of the sections, 180, 182
Scheme of the, 134
Sections, officers of, 133

Section A. papers read in, 139
Section B. papers read in, 140
Section C. papers read in, 141
Section D. papers read in, 141
Section E. papers read in, 142
Section F. papers read in, 143
Section G. papers read in, 143
Seventh meeting announced, 165
Sittings terminated, 165

Statistics, papers read in, 143
Steam-communication with America
and India, Dr. Lardner on, 156

Sugar from flowers, by Professor
Henslow, 152

Sessional Journal suggested, 323
Sulphuric acid and water, combined,
by Dr. Thomson, 151

Tides, Messrs. Lubbock and Whe-
well on, 144

[blocks in formation]

Buckland's, Dr., Bridgewater Treatise.
Phillips, Professor, on legitimate
geology, 339

Reliquiæ Diluvianæ, publication of
the, 337

Saurian reptiles and fishes, ichthyo-
saurians, and pterodactyli, 343

Species, successive creation and ex-
tinction of, 344

Bug-destroying made easy, 329

Buddle, Mr., his present to the Newcastle
Natural History Society, 325
Caldeleugh, Mr. A., his description of the
great earthquake at Chilé, 279 to 284
Caldcleugh, Mr., A. his description of the
eruption of Cosegüina, 284
Calomel, on the danger of, 410

Carbonic acid, easy solidification of, 493
Caspian Sea, level of the, 413

Cast-iron, proportion of carbon in, 321
Cerealia, new method of cultivating, 242
Chasteler, the Marquis du, and the Abbé

Mann, on the political economy of Bel-
gium, 82

Charter of the London University, 479 to


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]



Hydrogen to collect, 363
Hydrogen to evolve, 362

Hydrogen, inflammability of, 363
Hydrogen, light from, 363
Gases, prices of the, 184
Gas, to transfer, 187
Gases-chlorine, 288 to 295
Fumigation with chlorine, 294
Gold and mercury, experiment with,

Green flames in theatres, 59
Hydrogen balloons, 365

Hydrogen experiments, explosion in,

[blocks in formation]

ducing, 184

Oxygen and charcoal, 190

Oxygen and chlorine, compared, 288
Oxygen and manganese, combina-
tions of, 191

[blocks in formation]

Clock, atmospherical (note,) 407

Clouds, beautiful structure of, 131

Classification of, 132

Electricity of, 491

Formation of, 131

Coals, wanton destruction of, 333

Coke, a nucleus for alum-crystals, 299
Cold, artificial, extraordinary, 493
Colours of crystals, to preserve, 301
Combe, application of the term, 322
Comets, nomenclature of, 483
Congress, French, scientific, 412

Scientific in Belgium, 328

Cornwall Royal Polytechnic Society, an-
niversary of, 181

Cosegüina, recent eruption of, 284

Cotta, Dr., on the granite of Saxony, 450
Crayons and pencil-points, improved com-
positions for, 169

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