Geometry, Descriptive, an elementary | Instantaneouslights, popular account of,203
Course of, 302 to 310

Godfrey Hanckwitz, phosphorus
Algebra, analysis of the French manufactured by, 203
(note), 306

Homberg's pyrophorus, 204
Analytical, of the French ( note ), 306 Hertner's eupyrion, 206

Connected with building, French Instantaneous light machine, 204
works on, 304

Light syringe, 204
Of co-ordinates, 306

Lucifers, 207
Day, interpretation of the term, 269 Oxymuriate matches, 205
England without a work on, 305

Phosphoric tapers, 203
Few persons acquainted with, 303 Phosphorus boxes, 205, 206

Freemasons and gothic architecture Phosphorus, discovery of, 203

Phosphorus, modes of procuring
Fundamental principles and defini- light from, 203
tions, modes of representation and no- Platina spongiform machine, by
tation, 306 to 310

Dobereiner, 207
Géométrie Descriptive, by M. Monge, Pneumatic tinder-box, 204

Prometheans, 207
In Germany, Italy, and Russia, 305 Pyrophori, or fire-bearers, 203

Given, the word, meanings of Volta's inflammable air lamp, 204
(note), 307

Self-illuminating lamp, 207
Greece, Egypt, and India, architec- · Volta-electric light, 204
ture of, 304

Instruments, circular, paradox in graduat-
Higher branches, importance of, 303 ing, 484
Historical notice of, 302 to 306 Iron beams, experiments on the strength

Hutton's Course of Mathematics of, 192 to 202
(note), 308

Best form of, 193, 194, 201
Mathematicians geometers, 306

Castings of the best construction, 192
Military problem of defilement, 305 Castings, stiffness of, 200, 201

Monge, M., on the geometry of space, Comparison of different castings, 192

to 200
Works on, in America, 302

Compression of, illustrated, 192
Works on, by Hachette, Vallée, Elasticity and flexibility, 202
Leroy, and Dupin, 305

Fairbairn and Lillie, their construc-
Germany, rail-road mania in, 174

tion, 199
Geysers, temperature of the, 494

Hodgkinson, Mr. E., his experi-
Gill, Professor, his Mathematical Miscel- ments, 192, 193, 202
lany, 296

Rennie, Mr., his experiments, 193
Globes, perfection of, 54

Resistances, 192, 193
Goethe, and De Candolle, 486

Rupture, form of, 198
Greek and Latin languages, desire to dis- Strength gained, 195, 199
pense with, 235

Tables of strength, 197, 198, 201 ·
Grenelle, bored well at, 409

Tredgold, Mr., on, 197
Griffiths, Mr. T., his remarks on crystal- Iron Steam-boat, magnetic experiments
lization, 299

in, 447 to 451
Grunden Lake, visit to the, 14

Iron, stereotype plates of, 73
Hail, formation of, 131

Ischil, the salt-mountains of, 14
Hard words, pedantry of, 238

Kickx, M., on the geology of Belgium, 68
Heat, polarization of, 321

Kremlin bell, lifting of the, 406
Properties of, 126

Ladies' and Gentlemen's Diaries, the, 296
Radiation of, 130

Lady, valuable donation by, to a scientific
Separation of, from gases, 127

institution, 169
Hebrew, geological, 488

Levy, M., on the geology of Belgium, 66
Hoar-frost, formation of, 131

Leybourn, Professor, his Mathematical
Honour due, and granted, 483

Repository, 297
Hour-glass, philosophy of the, 346 Light, immutable nature of, 326
Human race, singular employment of the, Light, indefinitely produced, 414

London, temperature of, in 1835, 169
Huttonian theory of rain controverted, 331 London University, charter of, 479 to 482
Hygiène, or the preservation of health, 408 Louvain, the ancient University of, 61
Iceland, mirage in, 487

Lunar influence on the weather, 174
Ignorance, blissful, 328

Lunarium, a rational one described, 53
Ignorance in past ages, 125

To construct, 55
Infants, still-born, proportion of, 484 Magnetical experiments on board an iron
Ink, indelible writing, 407

steam-boat, report of, 447 to 455
Ink, to prevent becoming mouldy, 74

Barlow's correcting plate, 447

"Kepler's problem by the langular

son, 399

Signs of Multiplication, Division, &c., 220 Transactions of the Royal Astronomical
Derivation of, 220, 222

Society, vol. ix., concluding part, ana-
Sign of equality, 221, 222

lysis of, 397 to 403
Sign of infinity, 221, 222

*Astronomical observations, 402
Symbol of division, 221

Double stars, sixth catalogue of, by
Symbols of greater and less, 221 Sir John Herschel, 400
Symbol of multiplication, 220

Ecliptic, position of the, by Mr. Airy,
Symbol of a root, 222

Snow, formation of, 131

Greenwich Observatory, instruments
Solar rays, intensity of the, 490

at, by Mr. Rigaud, 401
Somerville, Mrs., on the spectrum, 485 Halley's Comet, observations on, by
Space, temperature of, 321

Capt. W. H. Smythe, 402
Spectrum, chemical rays of the, 485

Jupiter, on the time of rotation of,
Spherical figures, on the rough diagrams by Mr. Airy, 397
representing, 241

Jupiter's mass, value of, by Mr.
State, the, assisted by science, 492

Airy, 398
Steam-boilers, prevention of explosion in,

calculus, solutions of, by Mr. W. Wal-
Academy of Sciences at Paris, steam lace, 399
experiments by, 124

Mural circle, at the Armagh Obser-
Apparatus for experiments, 117 vatory, described, by Dr. T. Ř. Robin-

Bursting of cylinders, 121
Deposits in boilers, effect of, 123

Standard scale of the Society, by
Fluids permanently elastic, in an Mr. Baily, 399
intensely heated boiler, 121

Tripoli stone, organic origin of, 247
Fusible metal plates for, 119 Van Breda and Van Hees, MM., on the
Klaproth's experiments, 117, 119 geology of Belgium, 66
Perkins's repulsion experiment, 121 Van Swinden, M., his meteorological ob-
Relieving water from pressure, 117 servations, 62
Safety-valve, loaded and stationary, Vandermaelen, M. Philippe, his services

to geology, 67
Steam, elastic force of, on working Vapour, aqueous, how condensed in the
pressures, 123

atmosphere, 130, 131
Steam, pressures and tensions of, or steam of water, when dry and
table of, 124

invisible, 128
Steam, surcharged and unsaturated, and gases, distinction of, 126
117, 118

of saline solutions and of water, 243
Vaporization, laws of, 120

Vaporization, example of, 127
Water converted into steam, by Vegetation, how refreshed, 130
highly heated metal, 117, 119

Veratria, on, 245
Efficiency of fusible discs on, 484 Vernacular names, preference of, in

Table of the destruction of, 173 science, 239
Steam from the tea-kettle, philosophy of, 128 Virlet, M., on diamond-making, 413
Steam-carriages, on common roads, im- | Volcanic eruption of Cosegüina, in the bày
provements in, 73

of Fonseca, 284
Steam-engine horse-power, 322

seen from San Antonio, 285
Stereotype-plates of iron, 73

United States, amount and annual average
Still-born infants, proportion of, 484

of patents in, 77
Summer, hail formed in, 131

Government, report to, on the explo-
Surveying-instruments, new, 320

sion of steam-boilers, 114 to 124
Survey, scientific, by order of the Russian Letters-patent Bill, abstract of, 76,
government, 487

Suspension-bridge, Freiburg, 332 University of London, charterof, 479 to 482
Tachymeter, invention of the, 489 Warwick Vase, bronze original of the, 169
Taxidermy, new solution for, 172 Water always suspended in air, 129
Temperature of the human body, great Habits and properties of, 127
variation of, 242

Motion of on heated surfaces, 488
Technical words in the arts, 240

Waves at sea, height of, 490
Theodolite, new, for surveying under- Weed-sea, Mar de Sargasso, 490
ground, 329

Wells, bored, or Artesian, 174
Thermometer indicating mean tempera- bored, at Grenelle, 409
ture, 406

Wire a bad nucleus for crystals, 301
Tide, the, a true barometer, 405

Writing Ink, indelible, 407
Torpedo, visible sparks from the, 250



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