Cryptocurrency: How to invest Your Money in Bitcoin, Ethereum, LItecoin, and Other Blockchain and Earn Passive Income (A Practical Guide to Avoiding Mistakes and Traps)

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Crptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity recently and for good reason.†Since you are reading this description, you have probably heard of digital currencies and how investing in them has made many people rich.†If you are thinking that it's too late to join the ranks of those people, think again. Cryptocurrencies are just getting started and they are the future.†This book will teach you everything you need to know to get started with digital gold.

This was designed to provide the essential information for anyone who is interested in cryptocurrency investments. Here is what it covers:

- Explaining the whole concept of cryptocurrency on the example of Bitcoin,

- An overview of all of the key features of a cryptocurrency network,

- How to begin with the first crypto investment and avoid the pitfalls,

- Using a means of investment called HODL and its two alternatives that have proven to be successful in the long run.

From understanding how you can mine, trade, and sell cryptocurrency, to the different markets and technologies behind them, this guide is your ticket to mastering crypto. Including a variety of real-life Bitcoin case studies, and how you can use crypto as a form of investment, it’s never been easier to start mining and see the results!

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