Teaching Right and Wrong: Moral Education in the Balance

Trentham Books, 1997 - 157 pagina's
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This book addresses key issues in moral education with a detailed analysis of recent academic literature on the topic with careful rebuttals and counter-arguments presented. The purpose of the book is to deepen discussion on the topic of moral education and its place in the society. The contributing authors present a focus for discussion and reasoned debate. Chapters include: (1) "Shared Values in a Pluralist Society?" (Marianne Talbot; Nick Tate); (2) "Three Proposals and a Rejection" (John White); (3) "Can Education Be Moral?" (Mary Midgley); (4) "Fabulously Absolute" (Paul Standish); (5) "The Spirit of Moral Education -- Or What, Subject of My Will, You Will" (Tony Skillen); (6) "A Moral Fix" (Carole Cox); and (7) "Innate Morality: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Moral Education" (Michael Rustin). (EH)

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