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Giberti, besides the Chrysostom of 1529, are the

following: CONTENTS.-No 106.

“Rossetti Blasii, Libellus de Rudimentis Musices, NOTES :-Giberti, Bishop of Verona, and the Giberti Press, Veronæ, MDXXIX. mense Septemtrio [sic] per Stepha1-Lord Hussey and the Lincoloshire Rebellion, 3-Gerunde num et fratres de Nicolinis de Sabio," &c. 4to. Family-Sir Thomas Lawrence's Father, 5–Death of Edward of Lancaster — Berengaria, Queen of Richard I.- Irish The printers of this book, as of the Chrysostom Popular Ballads—Danish Folk-lore, 6 -- Mumping Day On and other works of the Giberti Press, were invited the Works of Michel Angelo-"Fools' paradise"-A Misprint-"Pincushion Inn-A Proverb-Christmas Day on a

to Verona by the bishop, who established his Sunday, 7.

press in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral, QUERIES:-Courtesy Titles, ?- Darcy Family -"Ympe and furnished his printers with new type, both

tree” – Differencing Arms Danothy Hall"-t. Edmund Roman and Greek. The Chrysostom bears date of East Anglia, 8-Early Dated Book-plate-“Wonder Lord Chief Justice Hooper-Punishment for High Treason " quarto Kalendas Julias," 1529, so it would seem temp. Cromwell – Barnabas Oley-" Platepere "Rouffignac that not much time was lost in bringing out Family—“Was crucified," &c. -King Canute-Numismatic -Birnie of Broomhill — Fonts of the Restoration Period, 9– Rossetti's book, the author of which was organist Oliver Cromwell's Mother --Charterhouse School—Christmas of the cathedral, and dedicated his work to the Cards - Authors Wanted, 10.

bishop. After music came the turn of grammar, REPLIES :- A Protestant Indulgence of the Seventeenth

the next issue of the Giberti Press being the Century, 10—The Battle of Trafalgar-“Tristram Shandy," M—"Mare" (the Sea), &c., 12-Modern Prophecies-- Snutt following :bores-St. Paul's Cathedral, A.D. 2199, 13-Mistletoe and “Grammatica Latina in Volgare. In Verona MDXXIX Christmas-Morant, the Topographer-Glastonbury, "the town of oaks "—Whiskers=Moustaches -Sin to Point at the

per Maestro Stephano Nicholini et Fratelli. Adi 23

Decembrio (sic).' 4to. Moon, 14-Antiquary, &c.- English Translation of " Hora B. Virginis" – The great Gale at St. Helena, 15-Cardinal This work is of unknown authorship. Maffei Mezzotanti–Birch of Paradise-“ Beyond the Church""Fourth Estate "-"Let me light,” &c., 16 - The Hare an

thought it the first Latin grammar published in Easter Emblem-Names for the Coinage-Numismatic-A Italian. Fencing Match, 17—“Adeste Fideles"--Sir G. Griffith-Sir R. Bingham-Morris Dancers-Earls of Chester-Church

The year 1530 saw some important issues from Floors, 18 -" Single Speech Hamilton" and Junius's Letters the Giberti Press, both as regards typography and -Authors Wanted, 19.

subject matter. It opened with :NOTES ON BOOKS:-The Speaker's Commentary: New Test. Vol. IV.-Russell's “ Haigs of Bemersyde"-Cox and

“Euthymii Monachi Zigabeni, Commentationes in Hope's “ Chronicles of All Saints', Derby," &c.

omnes Psalmos de Græco in Latinum conversæ per Notices to Correspondents, &c.

R. D. Philippum Saulum Episc. Brugnatensem. Verona
per Stepbanum Nicolinum, &c., MDXXX.


A splendid edition, says Giuliari, in beautiful Notes.

type, and with ample margin. It is dedicated to GIOVANNI MATTEO GIBERTI, BISHOP OF


The next work published in 1530 belongs to the MR. CLARKE, in his interesting account of the

pastoral side of Bishop Giberti's character, and Library of Queen's College, Oxford (6th S. iv. 441,

throws a light upon the ecclesiastical history of

the times : 899.), has incidentally mentioned a specimen exist

“Giberti Gio. Mattheo, Breve ricordo di quello che ing there of the private press of a very distin- hanno da fare i Chierici, massimamente Curati, ecc. guished Italian prelate of the Reformation period, In Verona MDXXX. per Maestro Stephano ecc. habita and of which probably but few specimens are in presso il Domo, nel mese di Aprile.” 4to. this country. As I happen to have spoken of the This is the first book in which the locality of the Giberti Press in a paper on “ Veronese Typo-Giberti Press is stated. It is also the first pubgraphy, XVth-XIXth Century," read before the lished by the bishop on matters connected with Royal Society of Literature in 1874, I may perhaps the government of his beloved church of Verona, be permitted to place a few details before the as Giuliari writes. It was brought out in view readers of “ N. & Q."

of the bishop's first diocesan visitation, held in One word, in limine, as to the bishop's name. 1530. It was Giberti, as I have placed it at the head of To this year belongs also another Veronese pubthe present note, not Ghiberti, as written by Mr. lication, Fracastori’s very highly praised Morbus CLARKE. I have before me the elaborate and Gallicus (Veronæ MDXXX. mense Augusto), valuable monograph, Della Tipografia Veronese, which, however, bears no printer's name, and Saggio Storico-Letterario (Verona, Tip: Merlo, cannot, therefore, be certainly accounted a work 1871), by Mgr. G. B. Carlo Conte Giuliari

, Canon, of the Giberti Press. But the negative argument and Librarian of the Chapter Library, as an advanced by Giuliari, that no other contemporary authority alike for the orthography of the bishop's printers are known in Verona, is a strong one. Dame and for the publications of his press. Scaliger placed Fracastori at the head of the

The works named by Mgr. Giuliari as having modern Latin poets, and his poem ran through been published under the direction of Bishop six editions during the sixteenth century alone.

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