Illustrated by 26 Anatomical Coloured Engravings on Steel.
On Physical Disqualifications, Generative Incapacity, and
Impediments to Marriage.

New and improved edition, enlarged to 196 pages.

Just published, 2s. 6d., or by post, from the Establishment, 3s. 6d. in postage stamps. HE SILENT FRIEND: a Medical Work on the Phy

Solitary indulgence, infection, and the injurious consequences of the abuse of mercury; with observations on the obligations of Marriage, and directions for obviating certain disqualifications.

By R. and L. PERRY and Co., Consulting Surgeons.

19, BERNERS STREET, OXFORD STREET, LONDON. Published by the authors; and sold by Strange, 21, Paternoster-row; Hannay, 63, and Sanger, 150, Oxford-street; Starie, 23, Tichbournestreet, Haymarket; and Gordon, 146, Leadenhall-street, London; Powell, 36, Westmoreland-street, Dublin; J. and R. Raimes and Co., Leith-walk, Edinburgh; D. Campbell, Argyll-street, Glasgow; R. H. Ingham, Market-place, Manchester; I Priestly, Lord-street, and T. Newton, Church-street, Liverpool.

Part I. treats of the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive organs, and is illustrated by six coloured engravings,

Part II. treats of the consequences resulting from excessive indulgence, and their lamentable effects on the system, producing mental and bodily weakness. nervous excitement, and generative incapacity. It is particularly addressed to those who are prevented in consequence from entering into the marriage state, and points out the sure means of perfect and secret restoration to manhood. It is illustrated by three explanatory engravings.

Part III. treats of the diseases resulting rom infection, either in the primary or secondary form, and contains explicit directions forstheir treatment. Illustrated y seventeen coloured engravings.




Part IV. contains a remedy for the prevention of disease by a simple application, by which the danger of infection is obviated. Its action is simple but sure. It acts with the virus chemically, and destroys its power on the system. This important part of the work should not escape the reader's notice.



Part V. is devoted to the consideration of marriage and its duties, The reason of physical disqualifications, and the causes of unproductive unions are also considered, and the whole subject critically and philosophically inquired into.

THE CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM is expressly employed to renovate the impaired powers of life when exhausted by the influence exerted by solitary indulgence on the system. Its action is purely balsamic: its powers in reinvigorating the frame in all cases of nervous and sexual debility, obstinate gleets, impotency, barrenness, and debilities arising from venereal excesses, has been demonstrated by its unvarying success in thousands of cases. To those persons who are prevented entering the married state. by the consequences of eatly errors, it is invaluable. 11s. per bottle, or four quantities in one for 33s.






THE CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ESSENCE, an anti-syphilitic remedy for purifying the system from venereal contamination, and is recommended for any of the varied forms of Secondary Symptoms, such as eruptions on the skin, blotches on the head and face, enlargement of the throat, tonsils, and uvula; threatened destruction of the nose, palate, &c. Its action is purely detersive, and its beneficial influence on the system is undeniable. Price 11s. and 33s. per bottle. The £5 cases of Syriacum or Concentrated Detersive Essence, can only be had at 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London; whereby there is a saving of £1 12s., and the patient is entitled to receive advice without a fee, which advantage is applicable only to those who remit £5 for a packet.





PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS constitute an effectual remedy in all cases of gonorrhoea, gleets, stricture, and diseases of the urinary organs. 2s. 9d.. 4s, 6d, and 11s. per box. Sold by all Medicine Vendors in Town or Country. Consultation Fee, if by letter, 1. Patients are requested to be as minute as possible in the description of their cases, stating age, habits, and position in society. Messrs. Perry, Surgeons, are in attendance daily at 19, Berner's-street, Oxfordstreet, London, from 11 to 2, and from 5 to 8; on Sundays, from 11 to 1.

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