The British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review, Or, Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery, Volume 17

Samuel Highley, 1856

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Pagina 415 - Human Osteology : comprising a Description of the Bones, with Delineations of the Attachments of the Muscles, the General and Microscopical Structure of Bone and its Development.
Pagina iv - MR. JOHN HORSLEY. A CATECHISM OF CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY; being a Familiar Exposition of the Principles of Chemistry and Physics. With Engravings on Wood. Designed for the Use of Schools and Private Teachers. Post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d.
Pagina 298 - ... impurities arising from the exhalations of the river and adjoining marshes, a deficiency of electricity, and, as shown in 1854, a total absence of ozone, most probably destroyed by the decomposition of the organic matter with which the air in these situations is strongly charged.
Pagina 158 - By JOHN HUGHES BENNETT, MD, FRSE, Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine, in the University of Edinburgh, An Introduction to Clinical Medicine.
Pagina 249 - The use of almond-oil and of olive-oil was not followed by any remedial effect, but from cocoa-nut oil results were obtained almost as decided as from the oil of the liver of the Cod, and the author believes it may turn out to be a useful substitute.
Pagina 249 - Copperah or dried cocoa-nut kernel, and refined by being treated with an alkali and then repeatedly washed with distilled water. It burns with a faint blue flame, showing a comparatively small proportion of carbon, and is undrying. The analysis of the blood was conducted by Mr. Dugald Campbell. The whole quantity abstracted having been weighed, the coagulum was drained on bibulous paper for four or five hours, weighed and divided into two portions. One portion was weighed and then dried in a water-oven,...
Pagina 445 - MDFRS &c. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician Extraordinary to the Queen, and Physician in Ordinary to His Royal Highness Prince Albert.
Pagina 427 - ... and to perform any other duties of a like nature which may be required of him...
Pagina 298 - He found that the three epidemics were attended with a particular state of atmosphere characterised by a prevalent mist, thin in high places, dense in low. During the height of the epidemic, in all cases, the reading of the barometer was remarkably high, and the atmosphere thick. In 1849 and 1854 the temperature was above its average, and a total absence of rain, and a stillness of air, amounting almost to calm, accompanied the progress of the disease on each occasion. In places near the river the...
Pagina 19 - We might multiply quotations of the above kind to almost any extent, but shall only add the opinion of Dr. CB Williams, who states, as the result of extensive experience, confirmed by a rational consideration of its mode of action, that " the pure, fresh oil from the liver of the cod is more beneficial in the treatment of pulmonary consumption than any agent, medicinal, dietetic, or regiminal that has yet been employed.

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