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" ... schoolmistress). In particular I mean a novel that evolves its own paradigms and myths, in the process (and here is the point at which true rivalry, even enmity, perhaps enters the picture) perhaps going so far as to show up the mythic status of history... "
J.M. Coetzee: South Africa and the Politics of Writing - Pagina 15
door David Attwell - 1993 - 160 pagina’s
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Pen and Power: A Post-colonial Reading of J.M. Coetzee and André Brink

Klaus Hammacher, Sue Kossew - 1996 - 258 pagina’s
...exclusion, the fear of loitering without intent in the vicinity of the revolution" (Attwell 1990b: 117). conflict, race conflict, gender conflict or any of...history and the historical disciplines erect themselves. [3] While pointing out the rival discourses of history and fiction, Coetzee, it seems, is also trying...
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A Comparative Analysis of the South African and German Reception of Nadine ...

Eva-Marie Herlitzius - 2005 - 384 pagina’s
...Novel Today", Upstream (6.l), Summer l988, pp. 2-5, p. 3-4. 447 Coetzee. "The Novel Today", ibid, p. 3. novel that is prepared to work itself out outside...which history and the historical disciplines erect themselves.448 However, Coetzee's own non-fictional statements on the relation between historical discourse...
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