A Description of the Collection of Ancient Marbles in the British Museum: With Engravings...

W. Bulmer and Company, and sold at the British museum, 1818

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Pagina 5 - The novel sight of a man seated on a horse, and galloping over the plains with more than human velocity, might easily suggest to the minds of an ignorant peasantry, the idea of an animal composed partly of a man and partly of a horse ; and it was from this simple origin, according to some explanations, that the fable of the Centaurs sprung. We must remark, that we place no confidence in the proposed etymology of the word Centauros, and almost as little in the explanation of the story.
Pagina 7 - ... effects of wine, offered violence to the person of Hippodamia, the bride. This outrageous act was immediately resented by Theseus, the friend of Pirhitous, who hurled a large vessel of wine at the head of the offender, which brought him lifeless to the ground. A general engagement then ensued between the two parties; and the Centaurs not only sought to revenge the death of their companion, Eurytus, but likewise attempted to carry off the females who were guests at the nuptials. In this conflict,...
Pagina 102 - ... igne tremunt oculi, lunataque dentibus uncis ora sonant ; spectat pugnas de rupe propinqua venator pallens canibusque silentia suadet : sic avidi incurrunt ; necdum letalia miscent 535 volnera, sed coeptus sanguis, facinusque peractum est. Nec iam opus est Furiis ; tantum mirantur et adstant laudantes, hominumque dolent plus posse furores.

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