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A HEAD of Apollo, larger than life, and crowned with a narrow diadem; the forehead and temples are ornamented with pendent ringlets of hair. From the hardness of the work, and the sharp lines of the features, there can be no doubt that this head is of very early Greek sculpture. It is probably a copy from an original in bronze, in which each curl had been separately cast, and then rivetted to the head, according to the conjectures of a learned writer on the subject of ancient sculpture.(1)

In the Capitoline Museum is a statue of Apollo, (2) the head of which so much resembles that which we are now describing, as to justify us in the belief that both have been copied from the same original.

The curls which originally descended on each side of the neck have been broken off.


Height, 1 foot 5 inches.

Specimens of antient sculpture, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman, selected from different collections in Great Britain, by the Society of Dilettanti, vol. i. pl. v.

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London, Lublished Feb 11817, by the Trustees of the British Museum. LMurray Albemarle S Mes Nel Pail Mali & Mejs Longman, Paternoster Row.

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