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The actors in this comic tragedy are most of them alive. The Turks are in prison! the ship is to be seen! and RAWLINS himself dare justify the matter! For he hath presented it to the Marquis! a man not to be dallied withal in these things; nor any way to be made partaker of deceit.

Nay, I protest I think he durst not, for his ears! publish (concerning the substance) such a discourse to open overlooking, if it were not true! As for illustration, or cementing the broken pieces of well-tempered mortar, blame him not in that! For precious stones are worn enamelled and wrought in gold; which otherwise would still be of value and estimation; but published and receiving the addition of art and cunning, who doth not account [them] the better, and esteemeth himself the ruler for their possession.

So, then, entertain it for a true and certain discourse! Apply it! make use of it! and put it to thy heart for thy comfort! It teacheth the acknowledgment of a powerful, provident, and merciful GOD, who will be known in His wonders, and make weak things the instruments of His glory! It instructeth us in the practice of thanksgiving when a a benefit is bestowed, a mercy shown, and a deliverance perfected. It maketh us strong and courageous in adversity, like cordial restoratives to a sick heart; and our patience shall stand like a rock, against the impetuous assaults of affliction. It is a glorious sun to dissipate the clouds of desperation; and cheer us thus far that GOD can restore us, when we are under the pressure of discomfort and tribulation: for preferment comes neither from the East, nor the West; but from Him that holdeth the winds in His hands, and puts a hook in the nostrils of Leviathan.

So that if He do not give way to our contentment, it is because He will supply us with better graces, or keep us from the adder's hole of Temptation, whereat, if we tarry, we shall be sure to be stung unto death.

In a word, it is a Mirror to look Virtue in the face! and teach men the way to industry and noble performances; that a brave spirit and honest man shall say, with NEHEMIAH, "Shall such a man as I! fly? Shall I fear death or some petty trial; when GOD is to be honoured! my country to be terved! my King to be obeyed! Religion to be defended! the Commonwealth supported! honour and renown obtained! and, in the end, the crown of immortality purchased?"

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HE names of those [four] English Renegadoes as consented, and joined with the Slaves, in the recovery of the Ship, were these:

RICHARD CLARKE, the Gunner; called in Turkish, JAFAR.

GEORGE COOKE, Gunner's Mate; called in Turkish, RaMedam.

WILLIAM WINTER, Carpenter; in Turkish, Mus


JOHN BROWNE, in Turkish, Memme.

One Dutch Renegado.

Four Dutch Slaves.

One French Slave.

Five Englishmen and a boy, taken but three days before. Nine English Slaves, which they took with them from Argier.

In all twenty-four men and a boy: which were all safely landed at Plymouth, the 13th of February, 1621 [i.e., 1622].

They saved alive, of the forty-five Turks and Moors, the Captain, one HENRY CHANDLER (born in Southwark), an English Renegado: and five Turks more, who are at this present in Plymouth Gaol, &c.

THREE TO ONE. Being an English-Spanish combat performed by a Western Gentleman of Tavistock in Devonshire, with an English quarterstaff, against three Spaniards [at once] with rapiers and poniards; at Sherries [Xeres] in Spain, the 15th day of November 1625: in the presence of Dukes, Condes, Marquises, and other great Dons of Spain; being the Council of War.

The author of this book, and the actor in this encounter ;


Printed at London for I. T. and are to be sold at his shop.





FI were again in Spain, I should think no happiness on earth so great as to come into England; and at your royal feet, to lay down the story of my dangers and peregrination: which I tell, as a late seawrecked man, tossed and beaten with many misfortunes; yet, setting my weary body at last on a blessed shore: my hands now lay hold on your altar, which is to me a sanctuary. Here I am safe in harbour.

That psalm of kingly DAVID, which I sang in my Spanish captivity,

When as we sate in Babylon &c. [Psal. cxxxvii.]

I have now changed to another tune; saying, with the same prophet,

Great is Thy mercy towards me, O LORD! for Thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest grave! [Psal. xvi. 16.] And, as your Majesty hath been graciously pleased both to let

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