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Pagina 405 - Letters from an American Farmer: describing certain provincial Situations, Manners, and Customs, not generally known; and conveying some Idea of the Late and Present Interior Circumstances of the British Colonies in North America. Written, for the information of a friend in England, by J. Hector St. John, a farmer in Pennsylvania.
Pagina ix - New Travels/ through/ North- America:/ In a Series of Letters;/ Exhibiting the History of the Victorious Campaign of the Allied Armies,/ under His Excellency General Washington, and the/ Count de Rochambeau, in the Year 1781...
Pagina 413 - It has never been contended that the Indian title amounted to nothing. Their right of possession has never been questioned. The claim of government extends to the complete ultimate title, charged with this right of possession, and to the exclusive power of acquiring that right.
Pagina 415 - Pennsylvania, the government of the counties of New Castle, Kent and Sussex, upon Delaware...
Pagina 404 - I made myself as tidy as I could and went to Andrew Bradford the printer's. I found in the shop the old man his father, whom I had seen at New York, and who, traveling on horseback, had got to Philadelphia before me.
Pagina 399 - Also, Narrations of the capture of General Burgoyne, and Lord Cornwallis, with their Armies ; and a variety of interesting particulars, which occurred in the course of the War in America.
Pagina 408 - Observations on some parts of Natural History, to which is prefixed an account of several remarkable vestiges of An ancient date, which have been discovered in different parts of North America.
Pagina 410 - A narrative of the incidents attending the capture, detention, and ransom of Charles Johnston, of Botetourt county, Virginia, who was made prisoner by the Indians, on the river Ohio, in the year 1790; together with an interesting account of the fate of his companions, five in number, one of whom suffered at the stake. To which are added, sketches of Indian character and manners, with illustrative anecdotes.
Pagina 128 - Valley, the yield is 25-30 bushels. A four-horse wagon hauls 40-50 bushels of wheat to the city, the price at this time being one Spanish dollar a bushel, or 7 shillings 6 pence Pennsylvania current. What with the quantity of land many farmers own, they can not work the whole of it properly, and therefore many acres lie fallow 5-6-7 years together. The usual practice is to plant maize the first year ; the. second year wheat is sown along with English grass seeds; and after the wheat is off, the field...
Pagina 102 - A great four-cornered stove, a table in the corner with benches fastened to the wall, everything daubed with red, and above, a shelf with the universal German farmer's library : the Almanack, and Song-book, a small ' Garden of Paradise,

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