Some Observations Upon the Vindication of Homer, and of the Ancient Poets and Historians, who Have Recorded the Siege and Fall of Troy, Written by I.B.S. Morritt

M. Pote and E. Williams, 1799 - 96 pagina's

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Pagina vi - A Dissertation concerning the War of Troy;};, and the Expedition of the Grecians, as described by Homer ; shewing that no such Expedition was ever undertaken, and that no such City in Phrygia existed §, 1796.
Pagina vii - A Vindication of Homer and of the ancient poets and historians, who have recorded the siege and fall of Troy.
Pagina i - The History of Ilium or Troy : including the adjacent Country, and the opposite Coast of the Chersonesus of Thrace.
Pagina 124 - Xanthus' stream remain Creeps a small brook along the dusty plain. Whilst careless and securely on they pass, The Phrygian guide forbids to press the grass : This place, he said, forever sacred keep, "For here the sacred bones of Hector sleep. Then warns him to observe where, rudely cast, Disjointed stones lay broken and defaced: Here his last fate, he cries, did Priam prove; Here, on this altar of Hercsean Jove.
Pagina 34 - O'er hills, o'er dales, o'er crags, o'er rocks they go: Jumping, high o'er the shrubs of the rough ground, Rattle the clattering...
Pagina 26 - Grecians," and various objects, " with the course and fords of the river, are distinctly marked, so that the very landscape presents itself to the eye of 'the reader. — The poet also" mentions " several" subsequent " events — in medias res non secus ac notas auditorem rapit — " all which " casual references seem to have been portions of a traditional history well known in the time of Homer, but, as they are introduced almost undesignedly, they are generally attended with a great semblance of...
Pagina 125 - He said ; and hasted to his fleet away, Swift to repair the loss of this delay. Up sprung the wind, and with a freshening gale, The kind north-west fill'd every swelling sail; Light o'er the foamy waves the navy flew, Till Asia's shores and Rhodes no more they view. Six times the night her...
Pagina v - Observations upon a Treatise, entitled a Description of the Plain of Troy by Monsieur le Chevalier.
Pagina 123 - Once by great Neptune, and Apollo, rear'd :• There stood old Troy, a venerable name ; For ever consecrate to deathless fame. Now blasted mossy trunks with branches sear, Brambles and weeds, a loathsome forest rear...
Pagina 123 - Forever consecrate to deathless fame. Now blasted mossy trunks with branches sear, Brambles and weeds, a loathsome forest rear; Where once in palaces of regal state Old Priam and the Trojan princes sate.

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