Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 18

A. and C. Black, 1822

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Pagina 592 - MDFRS &c. &c. on the Influence of Artificial Eruptions, In certain Diseases incidental to the Human Body, with an Inquiry respecting the probable advantages to be derived from further Experiments [rule] By Edward Jenner, Esq., MD LL.DFRSMNIF &c.
Pagina 443 - A Treatise on the Diseases of the Chest in which they are Described According to their Anatomical Characters, and their Diagnosis Established on a New Principle by means of Acoustick Instruments, Transl.
Pagina 529 - This was separated from the sac by the knife ; and two arteries, which we feared might bleed, were tied with leather ligatures, and the omentum was returned. By continuing to pull out the sac, the ovarian ligament was brought out; it was cut off; two small arteries were secured as before, and the ligament returned. I then endeavoured to separate the sac from its adhesions to the parietes of the abdomen, which occupied a space about two inches square. This was...
Pagina 486 - ... of six months, he fell into a comatose state, and died in a few days. Dr Duncan junior and myself examined the body in the presence of some medical friends. On opening the head, we found that the internal table of the cranium did not adhere with the usual firmness to the dura mater, but instantly dropped off as soon as it was divided all round by the saw. The scull-cap, which was thus removed, was unusually thin through the greatest part of its extent; and this thinness was obviously produced...
Pagina 171 - ... appearance as might be produced by a red colour being dashed, from a painter's pencil, upon a somewhat darker ground. The internal coats of the duodenum were very dark coloured, with a slightly reddish hue, pulpy, thickened, and easily separated from the peritoneal covering, while in one roundish spot, of the size of a crown-piece, the villous and muscular coats were entirely wanting. Red patches were observed on the inner surface of the jejunum and ilium, the shape, size, and situation of which...
Pagina 389 - ... does not branch out to infinity? it is the nature of our particular scheme, and the single point of view in which we consider it, which ought to put a stop to our researches.
Pagina 306 - ... the nerves of the eighth pair were divided in the neck of a rabbit, and the ends not displaced, and the animal was allowed to live some hours, it was found that food swallowed immediately before the division of the nerves, was considerably digested, even when the divided ends of the nerves had retracted to the distance of a quarter of an inch from each other...
Pagina 529 - I then endeavoured to separate the sac from its adhesions to the parictes of the abdomen, which occupied a space about two inches square. This was effected by a slight touch of the knife, at the anterior part of the adhesion, and by the use of the fingers. The sac then came out whole, excepting where the puncture had been made, and I should think it might weigh between two and four ounces. The incision was then closed with adhesive plaster, and a bandage applied round the abdomen. No unfavourable...
Pagina 529 - ... was about eight pounds. Previous to puncturing the tumour, by introducing the finger by the side of it I ascertained that it adhered for some extent to the parietes of the abdomen, on the right side, between the spine of the ilium and the false ribs. After evacuating the fluid, I drew out the sac, which brought out with it, and adhering to it, a considerable portion of omenturn.

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