The Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal, Volume 27

E.S. Gaillard, 1879

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Pagina 578 - The National Dispensatory. Containing the Natural History, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Actions and Uses of Medicines, including those recognized in the Pharmacopoeias of the United States, Great Britain and Germany, with numerous references to the French Codex.
Pagina 84 - That the brain is the organ of the mind, and that mental operations are possible only in and through the brain, is now so thoroughly well established and recognized that we may without further question start from this as an ultimate fact.
Pagina 127 - Francisco, treated over four hundred cases of diphtheria with a solution of nitrate of silver, in the proportion of a drachm of the salt to an ounce of distilled water.
Pagina 568 - The Association was called to order at 9:30 AM by the President.
Pagina 480 - A gentleman having lost nearly all his hair after fever, consulted a French doctor who had acquired great reputation in the treatment of such affections. The prescription was a drachm of the tincture of phosphorus to one ounce of castor oil; the bare scalp to be rubbed with this mixture three times weekly for half an hour each time, after the skin of the head had been thoroughly cleansed with warm water without soap.
Pagina 560 - The same when finally adopted to be added at the end and to constitute a part of said Paragraph 1, of Article 1. The proposed addition is in these words : " and hence it is considered derogatory to the interests of the public and the honor of the profession for any physician or teacher to aid, in any way, the medical teaching or graduation of persons knowing them to be supporters and intended practitioners of some irregular and exclusive system of medicine.
Pagina 280 - The Principles and Practice of Surgery, being a Treatise on Surgical Diseases and Injuries. By D. HAYES AGNEW, MD, LLD Professor of Surgery in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania.
Pagina 456 - By EDWARD ELLIS, MD, late Senior Physician to the Victoria Hospital for Sick Children. With a Formulary.
Pagina 213 - Overtaxing the digestive organs soon deranges their functions, and is a common and efficient cause of dyspepsia. If the food is not absorbed from the digestive apparatus into the system, it rapidly undergoes chemical decomposition in the alimentary canal, and often putrefies. Large quantities of gas are thus generated, which give rise to flatulence and colicky pains. Dyspepsia, constipation, and intestinal irritation causing diarrhoea are produced.
Pagina 237 - We cannot fail to see," he said again, " that just as astrology has given place to astronomy, so theology, the science of Him whom by searching no man can find out, is fast being replaced by what we may not improperly call theonomy, or the science of the laws according to which the Creator acts." And again : "As if faith did not require exercise as much as any other living thing, and were not all the better for a shaking up now and then. I don't mean that it would be fair to bother Bridget, the wild...

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