Post-Growth Living: For an Alternative Hedonism

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An urgent and passionate plea for a new and ecologically sustainable vision of the good life.

The reality of runaway climate change is inextricably linked with the mass consumerist, capitalist society in which we live. And the cult of endless growth, and endless consumption of cheap disposable commodities isn't only destroying the world, it is damaging ourselves and our way of being. How do we stop the impending catastrophe, and how can we create a movement capable of confronting it head-on?

In Post-Growth Living, philosopher Kate Soper offers an urgent plea for a new vision of the good life, one that is capable of delinking prosperity from endless growth. Instead, she calls for a renewed emphasis on the joys of being, one that is capable of collective happiness not in consumption but by creating a future that allows not only for more free time, and less conventional and more creative ways of using it, but also for more fulfilling ways of working and existing. This is an urgent and necessary intervention into debates on climate change.

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Best for: Philosophy students and lecturers In a nutshell: Soper’s project is exploring how people can rethink their idea of the good life to fit in with the reality of our current consumer culture’s ... Volledige review lezen

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Why Alternative Hedonism?? Why Now?
Consumption Consumerism and Pleasure
Work and Beyond
Cultural Politics and the Alternative Hedonist
Reconceiving Prosperity
Cultural Revolution

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Over de auteur (2020)

Kate Soper is emerita professor of philosophy at London Metropolitan University.†She has worked as a journalist and translator, and has written extensively on politics, philosophy and feminist issues. During the eighties, she was a prominent activist in the END movement. She is a longstanding member of the†Radical Philosophy†editorial collective. Her previous publications include†On Human Needs, Humanism and Anti-Humanism,†and†Troubled Pleasures.

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