Dud Dudley's Metallum Martis: Or, Iron Made with Pit-coale, Sea-coale &c. and with the Same Fuell to Melt and Fine Imperfect Mettals, and Refine Perfect Mettals. London, Printed by T. M. for the Author, 1665.--

J.N.B., 1665 - 54 pagina's
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Pagina 29 - Now, if the coals and ironstone so abounding were made right use of, we need not want iron as we do, for very many measures of ironstone are placed together under the great ten yards...
Pagina 6 - The author erected a new large furnace on purpose, 27 foot square, all of stone...
Pagina 6 - Near which furnace the author discovered many new coal mines, ten yards thick, and iron mines under it, which coal works being brought into perfection, the author was by force thrown out of them, and the bellows of his new furnace and invention by riotous persons cut in pieces, to his no small prejudice, and loss of his invention of making iron •with pit-coal,
Pagina 32 - Natures, by finning or setting the finery, lesse transhaw more borrow which are terms of art, and by altering and pitching the works, and plates, the fore spirit-plat, the tuiron, bottome, back and breast or fore-plate, by...
Pagina 12 - Forrest of Dean, and after they had spent much in their Invention and Experiments, which was done in spacious Wind-Furnaces, and also in Potts of Glass-house Clay ; and failing afterwards, got unto them an Ingenious Glass-Maker, Master Edward Dagney an Italian then living in Bristow, who after he had made many Potts, for that purpose went with them into the...
Pagina 37 - That which is somewhat neerer the mark and Invention ; the Blacksmith forged all his Iron with Charcole, and in some places where they are cheap, they continue this course still, but small Pitcole and Seacole, and also Peat and Turff hath and doth serve the turn as well and sufficiently as Charcole.

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