17 CHAMBERLAYNE (Edward), Angliæ Notitia : or the Present State of England: together with divers Reflections upon the Ancient State thereof. London, 1684. 2 parts in I vol. 12mo, with frontispiece (by Faithorne), the whole work inlaid at the time to QUARTO size, forming a thick volume, with very numerous MS. notes and references throughout in a contemporary hand, old calf, a remarkable and unique volume, Il. 4s.

This edition contains some curious matter omitted in later issues.

18 CHAMBERLAYNE. Angliæ Notitia: or, the Present State of England. The Twentieth Edition, with large Additions and Improvements. London, 1702. 12mo, with portrait of Queen Anne by R. White, old calf, rebacked, 8s. 6d.

The last edition of this popular work revised by Chamberlayne himself.

Present State of Great Britain

19 CHAMBERLAYNE (John), Magnæ Britanniæ Notitia: or, The with divers Remarks upon the Ancient State thereof. To which is added a Compleat List of the Queen's Household, etc. London, 1736. 8vo, portrait of George II, half calf, 10s.

This work, a continuation of the above, contains lists of Governors and other Officials, Missionaries and Schoolmasters, in N. America and the West Indies, etc.

20 CHURCHES. Returns of the Archbishops and Bishops, of what

Places of Divine Worship according to the Church of England there are within every Parish with a Population of 1,000 or upwards; and what Places of Divine Worship not according to the Church of England there are in every such Parish. 1811. Folio, half calf, 9s.

Bound in the some volume are Returns of Livings under £150, 1810; Reports on the Laws relating to Penitentiary Houses, 1811, etc.

21 [CLARKE (E. D.)], A Tour through the South of England, Wales,

and part of Ireland, made during the Summer of 1791. London, 1793. 8vo, (plates wanting), old red morocco gilt, gilt edges, 10s. The greater part of the copies were destroyed soon after publication.

22 CLINCH (George), Handbook of English Antiquities for the Collector and the Student. 1905. 8vo, cloth gilt, 6s. 6d.

23 [COX (Rev. Thomas)], Magna Britannia et Hibernia, Antiqua & Nova: or, A New Survey of Great Britain, wherein to the Topographical Account given by Mr. Cambden, and the late Editors of his Britannia, is added a more large History, not only of the Cities, Boroughs, Towns and Parishes mentioned by them, but also of many other Places of Note, and Antiquities since discovered. In the Savoy, 1720-31. 6 vols. 4to, frontispiece by Sturt, and upwards of 45 maps, russia extra, top edges gilt, fine set, 41. 45.

24 CRUTTWELL (Rev. C.), A Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain; particularly calculated for the use of those who are desirous of travelling over England and Scotland. London, 1801-6. 6 vols. 8vo, with engraved frontispieces and titles, 2 maps, and 125 plates, half calf gilt, 15s.

25 [DEFOE (Daniel)], A Tour thro' the whole Island of Great Britain; giving a Particular and Entertaining Account of whatever is Curious, and worth Observation. London, 1742. 4 vols. 12mo, old calf gilt, 16s.

26 DIBDIN (Charles), Observations on a Tour through almost the whole of England and a considerable part of Scotland, in a Series of Letters. London, [1801]. 2 vols. 4to, portrait of the author, and 60 pretty aquatint engravings, half calf, Il. 10s.


27 DOMESDAY.-Dom Boc. A Translation of the Record called Domesday, as far as relates to the Counties of Middlesex, Hertford, Buckingham, Oxford, and Gloucester: by the Rev. Wm. Bawdwen. [With an Index of places.] Doncaster, 1812. 4to, half calf, il. 45.

28 DRAYTON (Michael), Poly-Olbion. [The First Part.] London, [1612.] Folio, FIRST EDITION, with engraved title and full-length portrait of Prince Henry by W. Hole, and the 18 engraved maps in fine state, before the numbers, tall and clean copy, old calf, gilt edges, 71. 10s.

This first edition of the first eighteen Songs of the Polyolbion is all that was issued during the lifetime of Henry, Prince of Wales, to whom the work is dedicated. The second part did not appear till 1622.

$29 DRAYTON.-[Polyolbion.] A Chorographicall Description of all

the Tracts, Rivers, Mountains, Forests, and other Parts of this Renowned Isle of Great Britain. With intermixture of the most Remarkable Stories, Antiquities, Wonders, Rarities, Pleasures, and Commodities of the same. Diuided into two Bookes; the latter containing twelve Songs, neuer before Imprinted. London, printed for John Marriott, John Grismand, and Thomas Dewe, 1622. Two parts in 1 vol. folio, with engraved title and portrait of Prince Henry by Wm. Hole, printed titles to both parts, and all the interesting engraved maps of the Counties, fine fresh copy, old calf gilt, 21l.

FIRST COMPLETE EDITION, comprising 30 Songs.

30 EDICTS et Ordonnances politiques de Elizabeth Royne d'Angleterre a present regnante, faictes en son dernier parlement tenu au palais de Ouestminster, Les Londres, en l'assemblée des Seigneurs, Cheualiers, citoiens, et Bourgeois à ceste fin conuoquez, pour decider des affaires, et police du Royme, le XIIme Jour de Janu[ier] 1562. MANUSCRIPT OF THE XVITH CENTURY, neatly written on 104 leaves of paper, with initials illuminated in gold and colours. Sm. 4to, the first page bears a title which is defective in the lower corner, morocco gilt, a most interesting and valuable MS., 12l. 128.

This little work by an anonymous writer is prefaced by a Latin dedication to Sebastian L'Aubespine, Bishop of Limoges. The Edicts and Ordinances are translated into French, and are accompanied by annotations also in French, giving interesting descriptions and explanations of English customs. Amongst these notes are "Comment la Principaulté de Galles ou Walles escheet au filz aisné du Roy d'Angleterre "; " Comment les Apprentiz d'Angleterre sont traictes et obligez à leurs maistres " "Irelandois ou hiberniens difficiles à faire obeir aux loix et coustumes des Anglois " Des habitans de Romney Marche"; "De Quent, qui est la premiere terre, ou l'on descend, quand ou s'embarcque à Dieppe, Boulongne, ou Calais pour passer en Angleterre."


31 FOWLER (William), Engravings of the principal MOSAIC PAVE

MENTS which have been discovered in various parts of Great Britain; also of several subjects in STAINED GLASS, in the Windows of the Cathedrals of York, Lincoln, etc. [With Appendix, No. 1.] Winterton, 1804-6. In 2 vols. atlas folio, 33 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED PLATES of mosaics and stained glass, together with a dedicatory plate to Sir Joseph Banks, List of the engravings and Subscribers' names, and 7 rare printed descriptive prospectuses, half bound, 81. 8s.

A fine copy of this grand work, seldom found complete, the plates having been mostly issued by subscription separately. Fowler afterwards published other Appendixes and additional plates, but it is said that not more than one or two absolutely!complete collections of his work are known to exist.


32 FULLER (Thomas), The Church-History of Britain; from the Birth of Jesus Christ, untill the year 1648. London, 1655. Folio, FIRST EDITION, 5 plates, russia extra, 41. 45. With the Supplements containing "The History of the University of Cambridge," and "The History of Waltham Abbey."

33 GEOGRAPHICAL GUIDE (The); a POETICAL NAUTICAL TRIP round the Island of Great-Britain, with entertaining and illustrative Notes, and a particular description of the General Appearance of the Country, as viewed from the Sea. London, Printed for J. Harris, 1805. 12mo, frontispiece and woodcuts, original half binding, 9s.

34 GILPIN (William), Observations, relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, on several Parts of England; particularly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland. 1792.-Observations relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, particularly the Highlands of Scotland. 1792.-Remarks on Forest Scenery illustrated by the Scenes of New Forest in Hampshire. 1791.— An Essay on Prints. 1792.-Three Essays on Picturesque Beauty, on Picturesque Travel; and on Sketching Landscape. 1792. Observations on the River Wye, and several Parts of South Wales, etc. 1792. 9 vols. in 4, 8vo, with numerous beautiful aquatint plates, FINE COPY in contemporary red morocco, gilt edges, 31. 10s.

35 GILPIN.-Observations on the Western Parts of England, relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty. To which are added, a few Remarks on the Picturesque Beauties of the Isle of Wight. London, 1798. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, 18 plates, calf gilt, 6s.

36 GILPIN.-Observations on several parts of the Counties of Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. Also on several parts of North Wales; relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty. London, 1809. 8vo, 20 aquatint plates, half calf, uncut, 8s. 6d.

37 GRANVILLE (Dr. A. B.), The [Northern] Spas of England, and Principal Sea-Bathing Places. Colburn, 1841. 8vo, frontispiece, map, and 19 vignettes, original cloth, uncut, 5s.

38 GUTCH (John), Collectanea Curiosa; or, Miscellaneous Tracts, relating to the History and Antiquities of England and Ireland, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, etc. Oxford, 1781. 2 vols. 8vo, FIRST EDITION, fine UNCUT copy in the original wrappers, Ios. 6d.

39 HARTLEY LIBRARY.-Sale_Catalogue of the Extensive and valuable Library of the late Leonard Laurie Hartley, comprising a Remarkable Series of County Histories, local topographical Books and MSS., Works on Family History and Genealogy, etc., etc. Puttick & Simpson, 1885-7. 3 parts in I vol. 8vo, (28 days' sale), half calf gilt, top edges gilt, 12s.

40 HOLLAR (Wenzel), The Kingdome of England, & Principality of Wales, exactly described with euery Sheere, and the small townes in euery one of them, in Six Mappes. Portable for euery Mans Pocket. Sold by Thomas Jenner at the South entrance of ye Exchange, 1644. Title-page and six large folio maps folded into sm. 4to, in the original rough calf binding, with clasp, 3l. 15s. These interesting and rare maps, which are carefully coloured, give all the rivers, main roads, etc., and show an immense number of small towns and villages. They were executed for military use during the Civil War.


41 HILL (Rev. Geoffry), English Dioceses: a History of their Limits from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. 1900. 8vo, maps, cloth, uncut, 6s.

42 LABOULLAYE-LE-GOUZ (François de), Les Voyages et Observations, où sont décrites les Religions, Gouernemens, et situations des Estats et Royaumes d'Italie, Grece, Natolie, Syrie, Palestine, Karamenie, Kaldée, Assyrie, grand Mogol, Bijapour, Indes Orientales des Portugais, Arabie, Egypte, Hollande, GRANDE BRETAGNE, IRLANDE, Dannemark, Pologne, Isles et autres lieux d'Europe, Asie et Affrique où il a séjourné. Paris, 1653. 4to, FIRST EDITION, with engraved portrait of the author, and upwards of 30 curious woodcuts, autograph of Edmund Wyndham on title, old calf (rebacked), 4l. 10s.

The woodcuts in this interesting volume are very curious, many of them occupying a whole page. The author's account of what he witnessed in Ireland is of great curiosity and interest.

43 LELAND (John), Itinerary [in England and Wales] in or about the years 1535-1543. Edited by Lucy T. Smith. London, 1907-10. II parts in 5 vols. Fscp. 4to, portrait and 9 maps, cloth, top edges gilt (published 31. 10s. 6d. net), 1l. 17s. 6d.

44 LOUTHERBOURG (P. J. de), The Romantic and Picturesque Scenery of England and Wales, from drawings made expressly for this undertaking. With Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Several Places [in English and French]. Printed for R. Bowyer, by T. Bensley, 1805. Roy. folio, with bright impressions of the 18 beautiful plates, COLOURED IN IMITATION OF THE ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, half calf, 4l. 10s.

45 LUCKCOMBE (Philip), England's Gazetteer; or, an Accurate Description of all the Cities, Towns, and Villages, in the Kingdom. With a descriptive Account of every County, pointing out the Camps, Castles, and other Remains of Roman, Danish, and Saxon Antiquity. London, 1790. 3 vols. 12mo, folding map, original calf, 7s. 6d.

46 LUCKCOMBE.-The Beauties of England: giving a Descriptive View of the Chief Villages, Market-Towns, Cities, etc., in England and Wales; including the Seats of our Nobility and Gentry, and the two Universities. London, 1791. 12mo, map, old calf, 6s.

2 vols.

47 MCCLURE (Edmund), British Place-Names in their historical setting. 1910. 8vo, cloth, uncut, 5s.

48 [MIEGE (Guy)], The Present State of Great Britain, and Ireland. Containing an Accurate and Impartial Account of these Famous Islands. Of the vast, populous, and opulent City of London, etc. With Lists of the present Officers in Church and State; and of both Houses of Parliament. London, 1738. Thick 8vo, portrait of George II., calf, 9s.

49 NEW DISPLAY (A) of the Beauties of England, or a Description of the most Elegant or Magnificent Public Edifices, Royal Palaces, Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats and other Curiosities, Natural or Artificial, in the different parts of the Kingdom. London, 1776. 2 vols. 8vo, fine impressions of the 176 plates of noblemen's and gentlemen's seats, etc., old calf, Il. 6s.


50 [NEWTE (Thomas)], A Tour in England and Scotland, in 1785. By an English Gentleman. London, 1788. 8vo, 6 plates by Heath, fine copy in half russia extra, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, from the Beckford Library, 18s.

51 NICHOLS (J. Gough), The Topographer and Genealogist. Vols. 1-3. 1846-58. 3 vols. 8vo, original cloth, uncut, il. 5s.

52 ORDINANCE of the Lords and Commons for the speedy dividing and setling the several Counties of this Kingdom into distinct Classical Presbyteries and Congregational Elderships. London, 1647. Sm. 4to, Black Letter, unbound, 10s.

53 PARLIAMENT.-The Order and Manner of the Sitting of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall, as Peeres of the Realme, in the higher house of Parliament, according to their Dignities, Offices, and degrees. Also the names of the Knights for the Counties, Citizens, Burgesses for the Boroughs, and Barons for the Ports for the House of Commons, for this Parliament. London, Printed by Edward Allde for Thomas Walkley, 1626. Sm. 4to, with some contemporarary MS. corrections, half red morocco, gilt edges, rare, Il. 5s.

54 PARLIAMENT.-A Perfect List of the Names of the several Persons returned to serve in this Parliament 1656, for the several Counties and Corporations within the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. London, 1656.. Sm. 4to, a little cropped at foot, sewed, 8s.

55 PULLEYN (William), Church-Yard Gleanings, and Epigrammatic Scraps being a Collection of remarkable Epitaphs and Epigrams. To which are annexed, Some Observations on Churches, Church-Yards, Rites of Sepulture, Tombs and Mausoleums; with instructions for ascertaining the dates of ancient monuments. London, [n.d., 1830]. 12mo, frontispiece, boards, uncut, 6s.

56 [RAWLINSON (Dr. Richard)], The English Topographer: or, an Historical Account of all the Pieces that have been written relating to the Antiquities, Natural History, or Topographical Description of any Part of England. London, 1720. 8vo, engraved cuts of seals, old panelled calf, 15S.

57 RENNIE (John), Report and Estimate of the Grand Southern Canal, proposed to be made between Tunbridge and Portsmouth, by means of which and the River Medway, an Inland Navigation will be opened between the River Thames and Portsmouth. 1810. 4to, large folding map, original boards, 10S.

58 ROADS. [Bergier (Nicolas)], The General History of the Highways, in all Parts of the World; more particularly in Great Britain. London, 1712. 8vo, old calf, rare, Ios. 6d.

59 ROADS.-Cary's New Itinerary: or, an Accurate Delineation of the Great Roads, both Direct and Cross, throughout England and Wales with many of the principal Roads in Scotland. London, 1806. 8vo, large folding map, half bound, 6s.

60 ROADS.-A Collection of the Acts of Parliament now in force for regulating the Turnpike Roads in England. 1828. 8vo, original boards, uncut, 6s.

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