Principles of Zo÷logy : Touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement of the Races of Animals, Living and Extinct with Numerous Illustrations: Part 1, Comparative Physiology : for the Use of Schools and Colleges

Gould and Lincoln, 1860 - 250 pagina's
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Pagina 120 - ... (243.) 258. The production of animal heat is obviously connected with the respiratory process. The oxygen of the respired air is diminished, and carbonic acid takes its place. The carbonic acid is formed in the body by the combination of the oxygen of the air with the carbon of the blood. The chemical combination attending this function is, therefore, essentially the same as that of combustion. It is thus easy to understand how the natural heat of an animal is greater, in proportion as respiration...
Pagina 3 - The design of this work is to furnish an epitome of the leading principles of the science of Zoology, as deduced from the present state of knowledge, so illustrated as to be intelligible to the beginning student. No similar treatise now exists in this country, and indeed, some of the topics have not been touched upon in the language, unless in a strictly technical form, and in scattered articles.
Pagina 249 - Book of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities, etc.
Pagina 235 - But this connection is not the consequence of a direct lineage between the faunas of different ages. There is nothing like parental descent connecting them. The Fishes of the Palaeozoic age are in no respect the ancestors of the Reptiles of the...
Pagina 48 - This is called the vitreous humor, (h.) 77. The object of this apparatus is to receive the rays of light, which diverge from all points of bodies placed before it, and to bring them again to a point upon the retina. It is a well-known fact, that when a ray of light passes obliquely from one medium to another of different density...
Pagina 23 - ... adaptation to the supply of our wants ; but the Animal Kingdom, as a whole, has a still higher signification. It is the exhibition of the divine thought, as carried out in one department of that grand whole which \ve call Nature ; and considered as such, it teaches us most important lessons.
Pagina 250 - PILGRIMAGE TO EGYPT; EMBRACING A DIARY OF EXPLORATIONS ON THE NILE, WITH OBSERVATIONS, illustrative of the Manners, Customs, and Institutions of the People, and of the present condition of the Antiquities and Ruins. By JVC SMITH, MD, Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.
Pagina 236 - The link by which they are connected is of a higher and immaterial nature ; and their connection is to be sought in the view of the Creator himself, whose aim in forming the earth, in allowing it to undergo the successive changes which geology has pointed out, and in creating successively all the different types of animals which have passed away, was to introduce man upon the surface of our globe. MAN is THE END TOWARDS WHICH ALL THE ANIMAL CREATION HAS TENDED FROM THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE FIRST...

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