The Globe encyclopaedia of universal information, ed. by J.M. Ross, Volume 4

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Pagina 151 - No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his freehold, or liberties, or free customs, or be outlawed or exiled, or any otherwise destroyed, nor will we pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.
Pagina 40 - My father was a yeoman, and had no lands of his own, only he had a farm of three or four pound by year at the uttermost, and hereupon he tilled so much as kept half a dozen men. He had walk for a hundred sheep; and my mother milked thirty kine.
Pagina 232 - Embryology rises greatly in interest, when we look at the embryo as a picture, more or less obscured, of the progenitor, either in its adult or larval state, of all the members .of the same great class.
Pagina 126 - consists not in a mere cessation of the violent symptoms of a disorder, but an interval in which the mind, having thrown off the disease, has recovered its general habit. The party must be capable of forming a sound judgment of what he is doing, and his state of mind such that any indifferent person would think him able to manage his own affairs.
Pagina 3 - The third law, that the square of the periodic time is proportional to the cube of the mean distance from the sun, was discovered only after numerous efforts to establish other numerical relations which his lively fancy had suggested.
Pagina 144 - Fingal, an ancient epic poem, in six books: together with several other poems, composed by Ossian the son of Fingal...
Pagina 3 - The orbit of every planet is an ellipse, having the sun at one of its foci. (2) The radius vector of a planet sweeps over equal areas in equal times. (3) The...
Pagina 131 - God; therefore I may not, and will not recant, because to act against conscience is unholy and unsafe. So help me God ! Amen.
Pagina 5 - To unite the professors of the three different religions then followed in the populous country of Arabia, who for the most part lived promiscuously, and wandered without guides, the far greater number being idolaters, and the rest Jews and Christians, mostly of erroneous and heterodox belief in the knowledge and worship of one eternal invisible God, by whose power all things were made, and * Sale's PreL 4f.
Pagina 196 - Let me go," she wrote to Elizabeth; "let me retire from this island to some solitude where I may prepare my soul to die. Grant this and I will sign away every right which either I or mine can claim.

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