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When the wicked Man turneth Ezek. away from his Wickedness that he 27. hath committed, and doeth that which is lawful and right, he shall fave his Soul alive.

LORD, I have oft-times committed Wickedness against Thy



Ps. li. 3.

Divine Majefty, thereby most juftly provoking Thy Wrath and Indignation against me. Every unrighteous Thought and Feeling is Wickedness. Have Mercy upon me, O LORD, have Mercy upon me: blot out all my Sins in the Blood of Thy dear SoN; enable me by Thy HOLY SPIRIT to do henceforth what is lawful and right, and fave my Soul alive.

I acknowledge my Tranfgreffions,
Sin is ever before me.



It ought to be ever before me, but alas! I often act, talk, and think as one that had never felt

its Burthen. It is only when I stand at Paufe, that I find its dull heavy Weight about my Neck.

Hide Thy Face from my Sins, Ps. li. and blot out all mine Iniquities.


All, O LORD! It is much to Afk, it is much to Grant; but nothing lefs will fuffice. Blot out all mine Iniquities; from the First to the Lateft, from the Leaft to the Greatest,

The Sacrifices of GOD are a Ps. li. broken Spirit; a broken and a



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