Longman's Magazine, Volume 22

Longmans, Green, 1893
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Pagina 522 - I will do it if you will allow me; only you must resolve and not delay or dally — the wings of man's life are plumed with the feathers of death.
Pagina 438 - It may please your Honour to be advertised that Fitzwilliam is returned from Spain, where his message was acceptably received, both by the King himself, the Duke of Feria, and others of the Privy Council. His despatch and answer were with great expedition and great countenance and favour of the King. The Articles are sent to the Ambassador with orders also for the money to be paid to me by him, for the enterprise to proceed with all diligence. The pretence is that my powers should join with the Duke...
Pagina 42 - This day, being Sunday, January 28, 1727-8, about eight o'clock at night, a servant brought me a note, with an account of the death of the truest, most virtuous, and valuable friend that I, or perhaps any other person, was ever blessed with.
Pagina 36 - Do you know what ? when I am writing in our language, I make up my mouth just as if I was speaking it. I caught myself at it just now.
Pagina 374 - And sure no one will contend, that the epistolary style is in general the most proper to a novelist, or that it hath been used by the best writers of this kind.
Pagina 42 - I cannot call to mind that I ever once heard her make a wrong judgment of persons, books, or affairs Her advice was always the best, and with the greatest freedom mixed with the greatest decency. She had a gracefulness, somewhat more than human, in every motion, word, and action.
Pagina 379 - London is literally new to me ; new in its streets, houses, and even in its situation : as the Irishman said, " London is now gone out of town." What I left open fields, producing hay and corn, I now find covered with. streets, and squares, and palaces, and churches. I am credibly informed, that, in the space of seven years, eleven thousand new houses have been built in one quarter of Westminster, exclusive of what is daily added to other parts of this unwieldy metropolis.
Pagina 192 - A new invention is brought before the public, and commands success. A score of abominable imitations are immediately introduced by the unscrupulous, who, in copying the original closely enough to deceive the public, and yet not so exactly as to infringe upon legal rights, exercise an ingenuity that, employed in an original channel, could not fail to secure reputation and profit."— ADAMS.
Pagina 379 - About five and twenty years ago, very few, even of the most opulent citizens of London kept any equipage, or even any servants in livery. Their tables produced nothing but plain boiled and roasted, with a bottle of port and a tankard of beer.
Pagina 41 - ... now, cutting down willows, planting others, scouring my canal, and every kind of thing. If Raymond goes over this summer, you must submit, and make them a visit, that we may have another eel and trout fishing ; and that Stella may ride by and see Presto in his morning-gown in the garden, and so go up with Joe to the Hill of Bree, and round by Scurlock's Town.

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